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Abhigya- Love and pain can’t hide (OS)

Hi guys Monesha again. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment in my previous post abhigya- without pain there is no love. This is my another thought. Now coming to the story,

One play ground showing. One 6 years old boy and 6 years old chubby girl was playing in the ground sorry sorry fighting in the ground. Boy says hey fuggi come and take your dirty doll. Girl says shut up Abhi give that to me. Abhi ran to one house. Girl too goes behind him. One lady came and shout Pragya come we have to go. Pragya says but ma my doll. Abhi says ok take this dirty doll with you itself. He threw that doll. It falls and broken down. Pragya got teary eyes. Abhi says i am sorry. Pragya didn’t reply she ran by crying.


Sarla says leave her. She is always like that only. Ok bye Abhi. Dadi came to them. Sarla says bye. All the one went. Abhi took that doll and holds it. Screen goes upwards and shows sky and coming downwards and shows the same house with fully decorated. After 17 years.

One boy is shouting Abhi….. Abhi…. Dadi came and says purab thank god you came go and see him. I couldn’t do anything. Purab says ok Dadi. One girl hugs him back. Purab says bulbul all the one is there. Bulbul says so what i am your wife right. Purab turns and says yes but now I have to go and see abhi. Bulbul says ok don’t do over. Purab smiles. He kissed her in cheek and went to abhi’s room. Bulbul smiles. Purab came to abhi. He sat in front of mirror. Purab says arey what are you doing here. Abhi says purab i am not interested in this marriage. Purab says when tanu came to your house to give marriage proposal to Dadi you too accepted this right. Abhi says arey i accepted this for my dadi. You know right i just hate that girl. Purab says there is no way you have to do this. Come i have many work to do. Abhi got ready uninteresting.

He came down. Dadi says thank god you came, see your friend came. Abhi ask who? (Uninteresting). Dadi says arey you forgot your puppy friend Pragya. Abhi asked fuggi? (Excitement). Dadi says yes. Without wasting time he started to search Pragya. Sarla came to abhi. Abhi got excited he hugs her and got blessings from her. Sarla says bless you child. Abhi smiles. He ask where is that chubby fuggi. Sarla smiles and says chubby? You itself see her. Sarla shows one girl. Abhi was curious to see her face. She turned. Abhi was mesmerized by her. Abhi ask she is fuggi? Sarla says yes. Saying this she started to do the work.

Abhi went to pragya and shouts fuggiiiii…… Pragya was feared and turns to look. Abhi says hi. Pragya says Abhi? Abhi says yes it’s me. Pragya smiles. Abhi says arey what happened you become fuggi from Leanny. Pragya smiles. Abhi says what happened ma didn’t gave food to eat. Pragya says stop kidding me. Abhi ask ok where is my gift? Pragya says gift? For what? Abhi says arey for me marriage. So for friend you have to buy the gift. Pragya says wo..wo.. gift. Abhi ask what wo…wo…

Pragya says wo.. gift. Abhi comes front Pragya panicked and goes back. She says don’t come front. Abhi smiles and goes front. She went back and hits the wall. Abhi was mesmerized by her innocent fear look. Abhi says say me. Pragya just pushed him and says there is no gift for you. Saying this she went. Purab looks that and think why Abhi behaving like to her. He will never do like this but what happened now.

Abhi follows Pragya. Pragya says arey why you are following me. Abhi holds her hand and turns her Pragya was shocked. Abhi ask what is this you saw your friend after 17 years. Now i am rockstar. All the girls are crazy about me but you are not even talking with me. Pragya says ok we can talk night. Abhi says super idea. Ok bye fuggi. Pragya says don’t call me fuggi. Abhi says i will try my best fuggi bye. Saying this he went. Pragya smiles.

She helped in every work. It was night Pragya try to talk with Abhi but sarla drags her to sleep. Abhi and pragya both was in great disappointment. Pragya says to sarla ma plz ma after sometimes I will sleep. Plz… plz… sarla says ok ok come fast soon. Pragya says thank you so so much ma.

Saying this she rushed to see abhi but abhi was not there. She felt bad. She thought to go outside and see the stars. Abhi too came outside and was surprised to see Pragya. He hugs her from back. She was about to shout but Abhi closed her mouth. She looks surprisingly. Abhi turns her. They both shares eyelock. Suddenly they heard some sound. They both came to scenes. It was fully dark. They thought to go outside. They went to garden and shares everything. They both understand each other and shares everything within one night.

Abhi says one gift for you. Pragya ask what is that. Abhi gave one gift box. She opened that. Smile formed in her face. Pragya says my doll. Abhi says yes your dirty doll. Pragya hugs him tightly. Abhi and pragya both felt very comfortable with each other. Then she broke the hug and says thank you. Abhi smiles by seeing her childish. They both started to talk again.

Slowly Pragya slept in abhi’s shoulder. He looks her. He makes her to sleep in his lap. His eyes were roaming around her attractive eyes, rosy lips and reddish cheeks. Her hair falls on her face. She tugged her hair in back. She smiles cutely. Abhi smiles by seeing her cuteness and lifts her. He goes to the room and makes Pragya to sleep in bed near sarla.

In morning Pragya got up from the bed. She thinks how i came here…. and realized that Abhi makes her to sleep in the bed. She smiles and got up from the bed. She got fresh up and rushed to see abhi. Suddenly she clashes with Abhi and was about to fall but Abhi holds her. They shares eyelock. Then they came back to sense. Abhi says you are looking beautiful. Pragya says thanks with shy. Abhi smiles by seeing her. Pragya says thanks. Abhi ask now for what. Pragya says now thanks for make me to sleep in bed. Abhi smiles.

Sarla called Pragya so she went to help. Then they both spends time together. They both slowly slowly started to fall in love. Pragya thinks i am really feeling happy when I am with you. Abhi thinks i am feeling comfortable with her. Pragya thinks i want to be with him and sleep in his chest. Abhi thinks i want to see her eyes my life long. Pragya thinks no Pragya he engaged with Tanu. Why i am thinking like this. No i can’t do this. Abhi thinks i want Pragya my fuggi. How can I get her. Why she came very late in my life again. I want to be with her. Both were going through big pain.

Two days passed it was evening. Tanu and her family arrived. All the one was busy with talking. Abhi thinks why this fuggi didn’t come still. He went upstairs and went inside her room without knocking. Pragya trying to tie her saree dori. When she heard sound she turns and shocked to see abhi . Abhi was mesmerized by her look. It was his first time see her in saree. She wears baby pink saree and pearl jewellery. Abhi couldn’t take his eyes from her.

He moved front. Pragya moves backwards. Finally she stopped by the wall. She couldn’t avoid his gaze. Abhi ask can I help you. Pragya looks into his eyes with full of pain. They both can feel their love. Abhi stretched his hand to tie the dori. Pragya turns towards wall. He touches her back. Pragya holds the wall. He slowly tied the dori. Pragya came back to sense and says thanks. Without wasting single second she went from that place. Abhi didn’t move from that place. He just thinks about pragya. Pragya thinks i should hide my love and my pain

All the one came down side. They arranged dance. Tanu ask Abhi to dance but he says no mood. He saw Pragya standing. He went to pragya and stretched his hand. Pragya holds his hand. Tanu got angry. Abhi holds Pragya’s waist. She looks his eyes with shock. They both dance very very romantically. While dancing Pragya try to hide her love and her pain but she couldn’t. He realised her love and pain through her eyes. Tanu was at peak of anger left that place. Dance end. Pragya went from that place. Abhi went to his room. He ask why you came to my life, really I can’t live without you, i want you fuggi. Plz come as mine. Here Pragya is crying. Pragya thinks why god you make me to fall for him. Now i can’t live without him, now what can I do. She cried bitterly.

It was morning marriage day. All the one came except Pragya. Purab and bulbul was also present. Tanu came and sat first. Abhi couldn’t bear that bcoz he want Pragya to sit in that place. He shout stop this marriage. All the one was shocked even Purab and bulbul. I don’t want this marriage. All the one was super shocked. Tanu ask why what happened Abhi. Abhi says i never loved you Tanu. I accepted this marriage for my dadi. Dadi says Abhi i didn’t forced you even i didn’t like her. Abhi looks confused and ask Tanu said that you only want me and tanu to marry. Dadi says no beta Tanu said you falls in love with her so only i arranged this marriage. Abhi gave a stern look to Tanu. Abhi says now i am saying i hate this girl. But i love my fuggi. Sarla was shocked. Abhi says i love Pragya Dadi plz i can’t live without her, i thought to hide my love and pain but I couldn’t. Pragya came inside marriage hall. Abhi looks her with tears. Pragya ask what happened? Why you are standing here Abhi. Abhi didn’t utter any word.

Tears rolled from her eyes but she controlled herself. Pragya says see i brought gift for you. You asked me right you brought gift or not now take this. She stretched her hand to give gift. Her eyes filled with tears and pain but her lips is smiling. Suddenly Abhi hugs Pragya. Pragya was shocked. Abhi says i love you fuggi. I love you so much. Pragya couldn’t control her tears. She burst out her tears. Sarla came in front of Pragya. She looks sarla with teary eyes. Sarla with tears nodded her head. Without wasting time she hugs Abhi tightly. Purab and bulbul felt very happy by seeing them.

Abhi’s fan and their relatives surprised to see this much love. Tanu got angry and jealous by seeing Abhigya. They broke the hug. Abhi cups her face. They both smiles with tears and again they both hugs. Bulbul says it’s enough time to marriage. Abhi and pragya got marriage with all blessings.


I hope you all like this. If i torcher you by giving bore OS then I am really sorry. Love you all dears

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