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Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 8)

Hi guys…..i am fine now…tHanks for all the comments and concern??

Episode 8;
The episode starts with abhi going inside pragya’s room and his heart ached to see his fuggy lying on the bed pale with wires,ventilator and big bandage on her head.
Abhi;fuggy get up fuggy.These few hours were hell for me.I know i hurted you very bad and you have all the rights to be upset but i am selfish.I cant allow my fuggy leave me like this.(There was no change or movement in pragya.)
Abhi;You want to go then take me with you.Now abhi becomes angry as pragya was not at all respnding and he started shouting;I love u fuggy..I love you very much please come back to me i will giv you the happiness you deserve.I will never scold you and take care of you like a princess and he starts crying badly.


Suddenly pragya starts breathing heavily and abhi gets panic.
Abhi;dr dr dr
Doctors come rushing and stabilize pragya’s condition.
Abhi;What happened to her dr?Is she alright?Is anything serious?
Doctor smiles seeing abhi’s concern.She is perfectly fine mr.Abhi.This is just a miracle.She was not responding to the treatment a while ago but now she is.I must say you love her very much and she is indeed a fighter.
Abhi smiles and apologises for his behaviour towards dr.The doctor nodded and replies that she will get consciousness by tomorrow morning and not to disturb the patient.
Screen shifts;

Tanu;WHAT the hell?Can’t you do any work properly?Now that abhi is safe and pragya is in hospital?
Person;Madam we did our job perfectly but when it was about to fall that lady came and pushed abhi.What could we do?
Tanu;Just get lost from here.
person leaves.
Tanu(to herself);It’s ok what if abhi is safe,I will kill pragya so that abhi suffers and i will enjoy seeing him in pain(smirked a devilish grin)
Screen shifts;
PUrab;Thank god pragya di is safe now.but i did not understand one thing how did that pillar fall?i was the one who made all the arrangements.
Aaliya;Purab i think this is tanu’s plan
Purab;Tanu??How do you know?
Aaliya explains her conversation with tanu

Purab;Aaliya when you know all things why didn’t you inform us?We would have made some precautions
Aaliya;I am sorry purab.I thought all are very happy and not to disturb them but bhabhi is in this state because of me(starts crying)
Purab gives her a side hug.
Aaliya;Now i won’t leave tanu purab.sHe has crossed all her limits.Since tanu dont know i did changed i will play my game.
Purab smiles.
Aaliya comes to mehra mansion and sees tanu happily sitting.
Aaliya;Hey tanu(controlling her anger)
Tanu;Hi aaliya(gives her a hug)How is behenji?Did she die
Aaliya;No tanu she is fine.(her hands turned into fist)
Tanu;What so i will plan something else now?
aAliya;Did you plan everything?
Tanu;Yes aaliya with nikhil.

Screen shifts to hospital.
Abhi was sitting near pragya holding her hand when puab came in and said all came to meet pragya.Abhi nodes and walks out.
Purab came near pragya and kissed her forehead;Get well soon di.At Least for abhi
All were seeing pragya and becoming emotional.
Purab;Abhi i want to ask you something?
Abhi nodes.
Purab;Why did you call pragya as fuggi?Do you remember anything?
ABhi;I don’t know purab even i was thinking the same.Why did i call her fuggi.When i saw her in that state that word came into my mouth.
Purab;Do you love her?Why did you say love you?
Abhi;Common purab.I said that to make her respond. That’s it.She is not my type i am rockstar she is just a secretary(i know many people will hate me for writing this line…….sorry??)
Purab left out a disappointed sigh and walks away.

Pragya gains consciousness and sees abhi sitting holding her hand.And automatically smile appears on her face.Abhi opens her eyes and sees her smiling.He wakes up with jerk.
Abh;R u fine chashmish?Do you need anything?
Pragya;No abhishek.I need some water.
Abhi makes her drink water
Abhi;chashmish why did u push me?If something happened to you.
Pragya smiles seeing his concern nd says what if something happens to you?
By the time he could reply purab walks in and gives pragya a side hug.
pURAB;di you really scared us?Don’t do this anymore?
Pragya smiles and nods.
Abhi walks out of the room.

Then everyone started meeting pragya and talked with her.At Last the witch came
Tanu;Hi pragya.
Pragya;What are you doing here?
Tanu;Just wanted to see you before you die
Pragya;Die?What rubbish are you talking
Tanu;You may be saving abhi and save yourselves.But you are going to die very soon.
Pragya;Wait a second!How do you now all these things you were not present in the concert and no one informed you.That means you were the one who planned everything
Tanu smiles and walks out while pragya gritted her teeth in anger
Pragya watches from her room that everyone are chatting happily.
Pragya(to herself);I can’t say anyone about tanu as they won’t believe me.And everyone are happy about my recovering.
Abhi’s pov;

I am sorry everyone.I need to do all this.
SO such a boring episode you may be not reading in your life.wHAT to do i am stupid and dumb and my ff is stupid.
Thanks everyone for supporting this stupid ff.

Bye guys

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