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Abhigya – Happy love Episode 11

Hi guys !..Thank u so much for ur comments ..Really love u guys a lot . And one more thing i want to mention. Yesterday when i was free i read some of the ffs ..But i didn’t comment as my chachi got a labour pain . Only i was there at home so i called my parents and we all rushed to hospital . Now today my chacha and chachi blessed with a beautiful baby boy !..This is my chachi’s second child first child is a cute angel and second is a cute prince ..My parents appreciated me for that good job !..So yesterday i failed to comment !..Really all the OS and ff writers r doing a very great job !..Keep rocking guys !.. Ok let’s jump to the next episode …

The episode starts with Abhi thinks abt Pragya saying I love u while driving his car .
Abhi – Why i am continuously thinking abt her and feeling very happy when she said I love that too for a joke !.
Pragya thinks while driving her car why i said like that to him !?.Am i in love with him ?
Abhi thinks Am i in love with her ?.
Abhigya thinks abt each other and smiles .. Tere sang yaara plays ..

Abhi reaches MM ..
Dadi and Ishani welcomes him ..
Abhi – Hi Dadi and Ishu !
Ishani – Welcome home bhai !..
Dadi – Why so much late ?
Abhi – Areyy Dadi got stucked in a meeting !..
Dadi – Ok beta you will be tired go and sleep !
Abhi – Yes Granny !
Suddenly abhi thinks Arreyy abhi u have to speak to Ishani .
Abhi – Ishu i have to speak something important to u !..
Ishani – Sure bhai !.

Ishani and Abhi speaks in balcony .
Ishani – Haan bhai boliye !..
Abhi – Today i met a boy !..Very nice man . he will be a perfect match for u
Ishani – Bhai why this much hurry ?..
Abhi – Ishu Do u love someone ?
Ishani – (Stunned and thinks abt Rv)
Abhi – Ishu don’t hide from me !.I am not going to scold u !
Ishani -Bhai woh woh !..
Abhi sees Ishani’s eyes ..
Ishani – n…n..nno bhai !.(she stammers)
Abhi thinks Fuggy is ryt !..My behen’s happiness is mine too Ishu u r my little princess for u i will do evrythng !
Abhi – If something is there u can tell to me !.
Ishani – Sure bhaiya !..I will ..
Abhi – Good nyt sweety !..
Ishani – Good night !.

The next morning Pragya waits for Abhi in the same coffee shop . Pragya thinks Y still he didn’t come ?..She calls him but Abhi didn’t attend .Pragya says y he is not attending ? this means Ishani didn’t love Bhai . Oh no !..Ok i am moving from here . Pragya starts to move but bumps with Abhi . Pragya was abt to fall but Abhi holds her ..Saiyaara plays …
Abhigya came to senses ..

Abhi says come let’s have a coffee…..Abhigya went inside and Abhi orders a coffee .
Pragya – Abhishek what Ishani said ?.
Abhi – Wait wait !! ..First drink the coffee ..
Pragya – No i don’t want coffee..
Abhi – Ok i will drink ..
Abhi sips the coffee and made some funny antics.
Pragya – Abhishek now r u going to say or not ?
Abhi – She said no !.
Pragya is shocked – What ?..and gets sad ..
Pragya – Ok then i don’t have any work here bye !.
Abhi – Hey fuggy she said no but do u know for whats he said no !..She said no for marriage !
Pragya – Really !?
Abhi – Yes!!
Abhigya shouts ..
All the people looks at them ..
Abhigya – So sorry !…

Abhi – Team Abhigya is on mission !..
Pragya – Who is this Abhigya ?..
Abhi – Abhi + Pragya = Abhigya !
Pragya – Woow !!..nice name !.
Abhi – Thank u fuggy !..
Pragya – Welcome !..
Abhigya – We team Abhigya will win this mission !..and smiles ..

Precap : Abhigya tries to get Ishveer locked and they too gets locked in another room ..Ishveer and Abhigya scares !..

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