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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 38

Hi my dear di, choti, bro and friends ( including silent reader ) thank you so much for ur love dears. Again sorry for my late update. Love you all, let’s get into the story.

Episode starts with Uv enters into the party. He called one person in his phone.
Uv- this place is open area so you all can hide come inside.
Person- ok sir we will come within a minute
Some group of guys came inside with mask
Here Pragya, Ishani, Rv and abhi trying to to unite ragav and Kalpi.
After sometimes Sakshi and Karan too came.
Rabhi and ishgya make ragav and Kalpi to dance. They both can feel their presence.
They both started to dance
Abhigya and ishveer felt very happy…

All the one started to dance
Abhi❤pragya and Ranveer❤Ishani also started to dance romantically while tere sang yaar plays.
Suddenly one gun shot sound heard
All the one was panicked
Every rowdy gathered and came front with gun
All the one was shocked.
Abhi and Rv was standing front.
All the rowdy took their gun and knife
Abhi and Rv looks each other and looks ishgya.
Ishgya understood and make all the crowd to go inside. Some boy followed them
Abhi and Rv looks each other
Every rowdy aim Rabhi ( guys inTheri Vijay movie therrriiiiiiii song when Vijay fight in restaurant ) abhi and Rabhi started to shoot below their kneel
They just hit all the one
Uv was shocked by their strength.
While fighting screen is shifting Rabhi fight and Uv face
Finally Abhi and Rv caught all the one( song ends therrriiiiiiii……)
Goons who followed people was hit by ragav, Karan and Raman.
Abhi and Rv gave hifi

They saw uv was standing alone but couldn’t see him bcoz he wears that mask.
Abhi and Rv followed him. He panicked and started to run.
Rabhi chased him. They both caught him and removed his mask.
Rabhi was shocked to see Uv
Uv pushed them and ran from that place
Rabhi chased him again but they missed.
Rabhi came back. Ishgya too came
Ishani called ambulance.

Karan took Sakshi with him and went to house.
Soon ambulance came and took all the one
Ragav and Kalpi looks each other and was about to go but Pragya and Ishani stops him by holding his hand.
Abhi, Rv was shocked
Pragya- plz bhai don’t hide your feelings let her know about you.
Ragav looks her.
Ishani- i know bhai that you are going to leave Kalpi mam. If you leave her whether she could be happy Never bhai. Plz hear my words and pragya’s words.
He looks at kalpi.
Kalpi with crying ran and hugs him
Ragav too hugs her. Then they both broke the hug.
Ishani- wow it was super i want to go to party.
Pragya- me too
Abhi- but know only we enjoyed
Ishani- if you are not taking us then I will not come to house.
Rv- no problem i will lift you
Ishani gave a stern look.
Pragya-bhai plz plz plz…..
Ragav- ok we all can go
Abhi and Rv was surprised by ragav behavior.
Abhi and Rv called Karan and informed about this. First they hesitate but they accepted
Karan and Sakshi too came back
They all went to one party.

It was enjoyment party
There were enjoying the party mainly Ishani enjoying more.
Ragav- thanks choti for making me to understand.
Pragya and Ishani smiles.
Pragya and Ishani took the glass and started to drink.
Ishani identified it was alcohol. She looks Pragya to stop but she completed two glass.
Ishani came to Rv and abhi and narrates everything.
Before they could stop Pragya.
She went to stage. All the one was surprised by Pragya’s behavior.
Pragya- bhai can I speak one matter

Person looks her different and says ok
Pragya holds the Mike and says
Pragya- hello guys i am Pragya khanna. I am having more person who is important in my life.
All the one was looking surprisingly
Pragya continue i have to dedicate this speech to my pyaari bhai
Rv was surprised, Abhi smiles widely, Ishani eagerly hears, Karan, Sakshi, Kalpi and ragav too eagerly hears her.

Pragya- actually my bhai never scold me, he always makes me to understand everything by his love. I am really lucky to have him as my bhai. Commonly bhai Always separate choti’s love but here my bhai only unite with my Abhi. I love my Abhi crazily. I love you so much Abhi
Abhi become more emotional and gave plain kiss to her with happy tears.
Pragya- i got it abhi. Thanks for ur kiss dear. And Now my bhai got one angel her name is ISHANI who is my close friend. She will always be my side. She gave me more happiness. She cares my bhai. I know that She will never leave my bhai at any cost. Is i am correct?
Ishani nodded with tears and holds Rv hand.
Pragya- yes i know bcoz my bhai is best. I got new relationship who cares me even they are not blood relationship. In love there is no rules that only blood relation can love more. If we start to love our sister, brother and friends even unknown face then also it is love.( this line is dedicating to my pyaari di, choti, bro and friends). I know i am talking more. Actually I got more love from my bhai. Even my mother didn’t show this much love. So only i am saying that my bhai is special to me. Each and every one will jealous by me bcoz no one can get like my bhai.
Rv looks Pragya with teary eyes
All the girls nodded and shouts yes……….
Pragya smiles and says

Pragya- you know guys long ago i am also unlucky bcoz that time i don’t know that i had bhai.( Rv got teary eyes and looks her) Bcoz of my parents we separated but destiny… no..no… my Ishani make me to lucky. She only drags me to that college so only i got my bhai and my Abhi.
Abhi, Ishani and Rv smiles with tears.
Pragya(tears)- bhai promise me that you will not leave me hereafter…
Rv nodded no with tears
Pragya(tears)- Thank you bhai. I love you so so so sooooooo…. much bhai.
Rv become more emotional. He went to the stage and hugs his choti.
Pragya smiles with tears.
Here all the one was surprised by their love.
Rv- you know choti i am very lucky to have you as my choti.
Pragya smiles with tears.
Boys- we will also be like you to our choti bro, we understood about this relationship.
Rv, Abhi and Ishani smiles

Karan, Sakshi, Kalpi and ragav was surprised
Pragya- my love and my bhai’s love plz come and my di, jiju, bhai and bhabhi you too
Abhi and Ishani came to stage. And Kakshi and ragav and Kalpi too came.
Pragya- this are my family, my parents and one more di, jiju was in home. Thank you so much for hearing my bak bak…
Crowd says this is not bak bak true love
Pragya smiles.
Pragya- one more thing it is about my future bhabhi. She has no one. Actually I have to take care her but she only took care me. I just want this love forever……
Ishani smiles and hugs Pragya tightly.
Ishani- i love you honey

Pragya- i love you too darling
Rabhi- hello we also there.
Ishgya smiles. Ishani hugs Rv and pragya hugs Abhi tightly
Ishgya- i love you sooooooo….. much
Rabhi- love you too……. ❤❤❤
They all shares group hug
Karan, Sakshi, Kalpi and ragav hugs around them.
Screen freezes on their hug

Guys nearing to climax scenes. Love you all my sissy, bro and friends. Take care.

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