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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 37

Hi guys. I know you all can scold me whatever you want but plz one request scold this school also then I will be so happy. sorry for my late update. Plz forgive me. I am really happy bcoz i got new di and choti. Love you all

Now coming to the story,


Episode starts with pragya came to her room and took her puppies and talking with that.
Abhi, Ishani and Rv came to ishgya room.
Ishani- hello madam we all there right come and talk with us
Pragya didn’t care about what all saying
Abhi- what happened feeling jealous?
Ishani- shut up idiot
Rv- what happened you also want dog?
Abhi laugh silently
Ishani got angry. She threw them out
Abhi and Rv came out
Rv- Abhi think and see if murder saw this whether they will obey us
Abhi- no way between i am feeling sleepy.
Rv- come we can go to sleep.

Ishani fed up by seeing Pragya conversation to puppies.( guys think how we all fed up by seeing kkb tanu track )
Ishani shouts- Pragya….. shut up and sleep
Pragya- idiot see my puppies got up, don’t worry puppies i will say that story again.
Ishani was shocked.
Ishani- omg… impossible.
She went to Rabhi room and knocked the door.
Rabhi opened the door
Abhi- what happened? Whether Pragya threw you out
Ishani, shut up abhi, and you rv come with me. She drags Rv
Abhi- omg what are you going to do. My friend is innocent leave him
Ishani- shut up you too come with me
She drags abhi and Rv
Rabhi was shocked to see still Pragya didn’t leave that puppies.
Puppies started to sleep. Pragya smiles
Abhi- Pragya… what are you doing
Puppies got up. Pragya smiles went off.

Pragya- you idiot see again puppies got up, don’t worry i will say again.
Ishani was shocked again
Ishani- see Rv what you done. That puppies are so innocent. Confirm puppies are going to lose their control and going to bite her.
Rv and abhi laugh
Abhi- by your talking itself this puppies going to lose their memory.
Pragya got angry she threw all out
Rabhi remembers what happened on that day. Before they could go. Ishani went to their room
Rv- today also we are going to sleep in hall
Abhi- yes tomorrow is duty. Want to gather information come we can sleep
Finally all the one slept
Morning Rabhi rushed to station
Pragya rushed to see the case
Ishani rushed to collect news
Rv and abhi came to Vijay
Vijay- hi my favorite ACP
Abhi and Rv gave a stern look

Vijay- why what happened you cannot do anything
Rv- just shut up you are going to be in jail
Vijay laughed.
Abhi and Rv got angry. They both went outside the locker.
Abhi- what i am thinking is only you also thinking?
Rv- of course come we can call
Abhi nodded. Rv called Ishani, Abhi called Pragya.
They both reached the place
Abhi- you don’t want to handle this case.
Pragya and Ishani was shocked.
Ishani- you both didn’t believe her
Rv- you have to handle Vijay
Pragya and Ishani was shocked
Ishani- you both trust her this much.
Rv- yes we both trust you both
Abhi- Ishani you should collect information

Pragya- no need for that Ishani itself saw him so she will talk
Abhi and Rv says ok
Ishani- you both submit this case
Pragya- forget to tell today there is party
Rabhi looks confused and ask for what?
Ishani- for uniting Kalpi madam and ragav sir
Rabhi- what? Commissioner sir and Kalpi madam are to unite
Pragya- yes they both are husband and wife
Rabhi was shocked and asked husband and wife?????
Abhi- you both giving more shocking news.
Ishani- we also shocked like this only
Pragya- ok.. ok… come fast
Rabhi- ok…

They both went to Vijay
Vijay- what you both want
Abhi- we both going to handle this case
Vijay was shocked
Rv- what happened shocked???
Vijay gave a angry look.
Abhi and Rv smiles which makes Vijay to angry.
Here we can see Ankush and uv,
Ankush thinking how to release Vijay
Uv- i will come at night.
Ankush- why where you are going
Uv- dad don’t worry i will come back
At evening, in party
All the one coming to party
One girl is distributing face mask
Kalpi and ragav too got it
Uv came to that place
He got the mask and enters into party
Screen freezes on Uv place.

Guys today it will be bore bcoz i am writing this with half sleep. But next episode i will give nice episode.

Take care.

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