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Aankhon mein teri tasveer (an os by preeti)

Hlo guys its me preeti here with an os on shraman.I had thought to post it after pprs but I did a big mistake by telling this story 2 my cousin she came here she knew about my tu journey .I narrated her this story and she was behind me that I have to post it today only .I want to study but she said that they will give u wishes which will make ur paper happen good and secondly ninth first term is quiet easy I have learnt whole syllabus so posting on my sis saying.She is here only.

Leave it let’s start my first os.
One girl and a boy was going .They both were lost somewhere. They were moving and they both crush in each other.
The girl in anger said:u stupid have u lost ur eyes.
They both look at each other.
Both were shocked seeing each other.
(The boy and the girl was shravo and sumo)
Tears falls from both’s eyes.
They both without saying a word starts moving again
Suman POV
Mai aaj usse phir mili.He again came into my life.How dare he .Aaj woh phirse mere sahmne tha .shravan malhotra I hate u.
Shravan POV
Suman aakir hm phir mil gye I m sorry u meant a lot for me I m really sorry I will now not lost u this time u will be mine now .Suman I love u
Suman and shravan studied in same college.
Shravan was a brad of the college he always runs behind girls .even girls were mad for him
Suman was simple and intelligent girl.she was a girl of beauti with brain .He knowz about shravan and not like him


One day she came to canteen
Shravan saw her.he was mesmerized with her beauty.
He liked her and now was behind her.
Shravan:suman I love u
Suman:u say these wording to every girl.U r a very bad boy
Shravan:sumo I have changed when I saw u my heart stopped really I have changed
He sits on his knees he really romantically propose suman
Suman was melted and agreed but took a promise that he will never ever watch any other girl .
Shravan agreed
Shraman loves each other a lot

But shravan se ek glti ho gyi
One day sumo was finding shravo he saw him with a girl and they both were sitting very close .
Sumo saw this.Tears starts falling from her eyes .Shravan saw her .She came and slapped him . She run away from there.
Shravan was feeling guilty
They both left the college.That was last meeting of them.
Sumo ws in her room crying
Sumo:why u came again

Shravan ws also in his room
Shravo:suman this time u will become mine sorrryyyyy
From next morning shravo starts finding information bout sumo
He got her address and also got to know that she is unmarried
He sent flowers in sumo house.
Sorry was written on it.
Sumo was emotional but threw away the flowers.
Shravan tried everything but was fail .
He then thought to talk to sumo
He went to her house.he hold sumo from her arms and start taking her out
Sumo:leave me
Shravan didn’t listen and take her to a lonely place
Sumo hold his collar in anger

Sumo:why did u bring me here.u cheap meri zindagi kharab krdi .u broked ur promise u r liar cheater .
She starts crying
Shravo:mai tumko pichle 3 saal se paglo ki tarah doondh rha hoon.that WS my mistake I know I regret I really love u sumo
Sumo:mai kaise mano u said this last time too but u
Shravan:kaise btao tume that how much I love u kaise dikhao Teri tasveer meri aankon mei kaise btao tume u meant a lot for mee
He starts crying
Sumo too gets emotional
She says promise me u will never ever try to do anything which will break us again.
They both hug each other.
Os ends

Love u all

I don’t think I would able to reply ur comments.
Ok byee
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