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Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche- a Shraman Ts

A big college is shown, frm class rooms to ground evry1 is discussing only 1 thing, teachers:kya unhone shadi karli?
Students: unki shadi ho gayi, impossible!
Stuffs: ye kya bol rahe ho
girls:keh do ki ye jhoot hai!
Boys: itna bara jhoot bolne se pehle unke bare me nai socha!
Just den a girl nd a boy come holding hands, shocking evry1
evry1: matlab ye sach he! Shravan nd Suman ki shadi ho gai.

Fb: sme1 stills Suman’s purse nd runs, Shravan beats d goons nd snatch d purse frm him, Sumo enters late nd thinks Shravan stole d purse
Sumo slaps him hard: hw dare u, u think u r lambu so u can steal anything frm any1, den u r wrong, u cant steal Suman’s purse, huh (she dont let any1 talk anything)
Shr: hey u, just shut up, nw just see wat I can do!’he leaves frm dere’
some1: wat did u do Suman, he snatched ur purse nd u slapped him
sme2:-P: dont u know who he is, he is d grt Shravan Malhotra!
Sumo: I dont care who he is, Shravan or Shabun(soap) nddd he steals frm d robber, it means he is daku nd u all r supporting him
sme3:-P: are he is nt any daku he is our senior nd d mst pwrful(pwrful ka matlab takat se nai paise se tha) prsn, secondly he saved ur purse frm d robber nt stole it.”’
Sumo: oh accha ‘suddenly gets shocked’ wat he didnt stole my purse nd i slapped hi, why didnt u guys speak anything
evry1: bcs u were nt letting us speak anything!!!
Sumo: oh no, nw wat do i do???
Some4:-P: go nd stop him, may b he didnt go far!
Sumo runs frm dere nd comes infront of Shr
Sumo: pls sir dont complain abt me to principle, pls pls pls nd holds his hand
Shr:’gets shocked’ wat r u doing?
Sumo: u didnt like dis way den i can even hold ur leg, fr dat i dont even need to bend much
Shr: r u mad or wat
Sumo: ok sir i become mad if u want just forgive me
Shr: ok ok, i forgive u nw leave my hand
Sumo leaves his hand nd forward her hand to him: frnds


Shravan:wat! Nd thinks in mind’ if i say no den dis mad girl may kill me, no no better to b frnds with her
Shr: ok nd handshakes with her
Sumo gets happy: coffee
Shr says yes being scared
de have coffee in d canteen
Shr thinks:’ kaha phas gaya yar
fb ends
whole clg together: impossible!!!!

Precap: Shraman dance on d song Kaun Tujhe frm M.S. Dhoni the untold story (jisne nai suna wo sunlo jisne suna wo nacho:-P)

Hello my dis di is my first two shots nd it can become three shots also so d title would b Ts (two or three shots;-)), Maro di congrats fr completing 20 epis of ur ff, Aru di congrats fr completing ur ff, thank god Kaya di u read my ff, i write in English only fr u warna i am really weak in English:-P nd baki sare dis awsome, splendid kya kahu ab so beautiful
sry fr nt cmnting bt i read each nd every ff so pls forgive me nd dis is a Eid gift frm dis gadhi bt if i could send d my pics with d cow u would really say two cows r standing together:-P
sry i know dere r many mistakes bt as i said im really weak in English so forgive me
may b i will post my nxt prt late cs today is Eid
Eid Mubarak, luv u all:-* – Leeti (late+Neeti)

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