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Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 2)

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Episode 1


Sanskar’s POV ..

I woke up early in the morning. My jaan was still sleeping. After taking shower , I got ready for my office .. I looked towards her.. Sun Ray’s was falling on her cheeks.disturbing her, she turned and . Her nighty was slightly shifted to upward exposing her thighs .. I move towards her and cares them.. She smiles even in sleeps she reminds my touch.. I slighty moved my hand upward

” aww baby ” she cried ..

Baby she never called me that , she always called me hubs..

” jaan r u OK ” I asked

She rubbed her eyes ” hubs u r ready , Y don’t u wake me up ”

” I don’t have dare to disturb u, ” I smirks ” jaan Y u cried ..”

” nothing hubs I’m alright”

I looked towards her thigh ” jaan what is this, this marks here .how it came here ”

” hubs I don’t know , but it’s paining ” she hugged me

These marks were as if someone bit her there , sanskar U r again doubting her . since the time, I returned back I found some difference in her behavior..

” hubs , I love u .” she kissed on my chest

These words melts my doubts . ” jaan I m getting late bye ” I left ..

Sanskar’s POV ends

After sanskar left for his office swara went , to take shower

Swara’s POV

Yesterday night my hubs returned back after 5 weeks .. Earlier I badly missed him , but latter sahil came to give me company. I get fully bored here , there is no one this house is in quite far away from city . I looked towards me through mirror. Oh these marks, hubs want to make love with me , but I can’t untill I get rid of these marks Only 3 days more. , then I’m all ur hubs .. Sorry I lied to u ..

It’s been a long time we haven’t eat together. Today , I thought to give him surprise. By all his favorite dishes .. Then suddenly I feels two hands caressing my belly . dipping index finger on my navel … He nuzzles his nose on my hair . I closed my eyes in pleasure

” hubs , u came so soon ”

” not hubs , I’m baby ” he replied

“Sahil u , ” I jerked him ” how dare u .. , get out of my house ”

” relax baby , don’t forget it’s my house and u r tenant . of this house .. But owner of my heart ” he smirks and pulled me closer. And smelled my fragrance

” u r soo tempting.. Jaan , let’s be together ”

I jerked him harder that he fell down ” sahil go , from here and don’t call me that , only my hubs call me that ”

” I hate him , u had always preferred him over me .. ” he showed his anger ..

Before I could say anything, hubs called me

” how’s u jaan , ?”

” hubs u just saw me 2 hour ago. And now ur asking me how am I,Y ” I questioned

” jaan , I feel like ur in trouble, as if someone snatching u from me . ” he showed his insecurity

” hubs I love u, today I have surprise for u I’m coming to ur office ”

” I’m waiting jaan love u ” he cuts the call

Sahil was staring me as if he would. Kill me … I moved towards kitchen he followed me ..

” hubs, hubs, only thing u know , after his arrival u r ignoring me ..”

” he is my life sahil , I know u helped me . but I can’t hear a word against him ”

” this all preparation, foods only for him and for me ” I looked towards me with hope

” nothing, I have already told u my first priority is my hubs , now u may leave , because this time if he will see u there I’ll not going to save u like last night ” I warned him ..

He grab my hand and pull me towards him ” u r so smart shona ”

” only my hubs call me shona , now leave I have to do so many preparations.. “He leaves with dissatisfied face ..

I reached to my hub’s office nearly 2:10pm..

I knocked the door .

” I’m busy , meet me in the evening ” he said without looking at me

” hubs do u really want me to go ” I asked him sweetly

” jaan , sorry I thought it was someone else, u come na ”

“Hubs enough working , first eat something..” I closed his laptop and removed all the files from the table .. I servered him the food ..

” all this for me .. ” his happiness is clearly seen in his eyes.

. We had lunched together. After that he engaged in his work. Seriously I hate his work.. All the time . Mr mohan sengupta doesn’t show mercy on my hubs .. I quite fell jealous when he gave more importance to these case files than me . I sit on his lap and placed my head on his chest .

” jaan it’s late , u should leave .. I’m doing my work ”

” hubs who told u not to do ur work ” I hugged him more tightly ” let me like this , I missed this a lot ” I closed my eyes rested my head on his heart

” my condition was also same, but tonight I’ll tell u how much I missed u ” he showed his desires to me.. I’m very much tensed for how would deny him tonight.

He was checking out his mails, I just looked at his laptop.. I saw I mail .. ‘ hi sanskar it’s a offer to choose one ‘ click on it to read it ‘ of the girl, she will make ur night beautiful.. ‘ three pics were seen ..I looked towards him , he knew me how I would react

” hubs what’s this ? Whose r these girl ? Tell me which one u choosed !” Like this I shouted on him

” jaan it’s ….. Its…nothing like that, they r our.. Clients.. ” he stammered..

I don’t know but I thought he was lying ” I can’t see my hubs with anyone else. ” I kissed on his cheeks ” I love u ”

” I’ll not cheat u ” he confirmed

Just then ragini came inside the room without knocking. She was staring me , she didn’t like that I was in his lap.

” I need to talk to u , alone ”

” hubs I think I should leave ” I left from there .

In the night , I was looking outside . just then hubs came out from washroom . I was admiring him, only a towel wrapped around his waist. His wet hair from where the water falling in his body.. I couldn’t able to control my self , I hugged him from back ” hubs.. ”

” my jaan is loosing her control ” he released the hug .. His eyes was clearly saying what he wanted.. He was moving towards me , and we fell down on the bed . he was on me .

” jaan I love u ” he started kissing on my collar bone. And his hands was searching my body. I current was passing in my whole body . I also want this , but I stopped him

” don’t hubs ” I denied

” r u OK , jaan Y r u denying me ” he asked

” hubs , I m not well today just wait for three days ” I lied

” OK , only three days .. Not more than that but till then how will I pass my night ”

” just remember our first night ” I winked ..

He kissed on my forehead ” good night jaan ” and sleep at his place .

Hubs even don’t like lying to u , but Y lied me about those girl.. I’m not doubting on U , but this heart is not listening me .. I trust u hubs.. I sleep on his chest .. Please don’t leave me hubs , else I’ll die….

Done with another part … If u like this part please comment and for any writing mistake forgive me.. I’m not so good in English.. Your friend nilu ?

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