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A story written on falling leaves (one shot,prolouge) ”TASHAN-E-ISHQ”

A story written on falling leaves



”muma!!what does the soulmate means???”
ria asked her mother.
Ria is only and very much pampered 6 yrs old daughter of twinkle serna. TWINKLE SERNA:WELL-KNOWN AND SUCCESSFULL BUSINESS WOMEN

twinkle covers her with blanket and sits beside her thinking how to answer this question..it was a mature question asked by child so it should be answered with maturity…

”ammmm!!!!soulmate means the one,with whom ur soul is connected. one who understands u well.
One whom presence u always feel with u, no matter how far he is.
One who never leaves u alone nd the one who dont need words to understand ur feeling”

she finished her answer and kiss those lil hands of her angel with smile..

”papa!! Was also ur soulmate na then y he left u??? ”

this question fade away twinkle,s smile..
She place the gentle kiss on ria,s forhead ”GOOD NIGHT!”
and leaves

its scary night,there is storm out side with snowfall.in the silence of night only winds waves are echoing…
And that veiw of night is observed by twinkle from window of her room, her gaze is looked at tree, the one infront of her house,its an old tree it has almost lose its all leaves and standing alone in storm,,, but it was not like this from begining,once it was enough green scattering its shade till miles..
Just like that HER story was not like this from begining it was happiest once upon a time……

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