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A Story of Love and Revenge(Naagin+Kawach) Part:1

Hye everyone, this is my first fanfiction naagin and kawach. Hope you all will like it. So lets start.
The episode starts in raheja house. Servants are seen doing arrangements of Rithik and Tanvi. Rithik is seen comimg downstairs in bridal dress. Tanvi too comes in Bridal dress. Tanvi thinks, today I and Rithik will be married. Rithik thinks Oh! Shiv Ji, you know I don’t believe on you but first time , I’m praying you, please we don’t her marry with each other, as I can’t want to spoil tanvi’s life, as I don’t love her, I love Shivanya, please shiv Ji, please do a miracle. Tanvi is seen happy while Rithik is seen sad.
Shivanya is seen going to yamini’s room. She goes and says nor that all are waiting for her, so please come. Yamimi says OK! Ankush comes. Yamini says come anky Ji! Anky and yamini leaves.
Shivanya thinks as this marriage will start , my revenge will too start.I’ll not spare my enemies. And my first target will Saleish.
She gets someone phone and calls saleish. Saleish picks call. Saleish says who is? Shivanya says one which you need. Saleish thinks girl’s voice. Saleish says where to meet. Shivanya says in garden. Saleish says wait for me, I’m coming. Call ends.
Shivanya calls Shesa. Naagin tune plays. Shesa comes. Shivanya says our first target is coming. Shesa says yes.
In Bundela House, a girl enters and say my revenge will soon. She goes to Pari and says Hye, Do you remember me? Pari says no, well , who are you? Girl says I’m your childhood friend,kaira(played by Sara khan). Who read together till fifth together. Pari says how can I forget you, they hug. Pari says I’m very happy to see you. Kaira says today is your sangeet and you don’t invite me. Pari says sorry, I forget. Kaira says OK!
Kaira thinks today, I show you you how to enjoy real sangeet. She says today is your sangeet, let’s enjoy! Pari says of course. Kaira says I dance first. She says with your husband. Pari says OK! She takes rajbeer and dances on aaj phir Tum pe pyar aaya hai, be Haad aur beshumar aaya hai….
Kaira goes to Pari and says I’ve to go , my parents are been waiting for me. But I promise you that you that I’ll come on your marriage. Kaira leaves. Bundela enjoys sangeet ceremony.
Saleish comes , Shivanya and Shesa comes. Saleish says 2 in 1 time. Shesa says yes killer, its not one naagin revenge in fect, its two naagin’s revenge. Two naagins are here to kill you. Saleish says in shock , what? They change into half human and half naagin form. Naagin ki shakti plays. Shivanya says yes, we are naagin, those naagin, whose parents were killed by your dirty hands.
And now you will be killed by us. Saleish tries to run but both catch him and bites him. He shouts and falls. Shivanya says my next mission is to marry Rithik. She leaves.
All hears and comes outside. Tanvee and ramya are shocked seeing saleish’s body. Ramya says no! Tanvee shouts papa. Ankush says we’ve to take him hospital. Yamini says what of rithik’s marriage? Ankush says we’all see that later. Yamini thinks Rithik haepve to marry before 12:00 o’clock other wise….. No , o can’t happen that! I’ve to do something. Yamini is seen tensed.
Kaira is epseen entering a old haveli. She goes to a old haveli. She goes to a hall and says I’ve to promise, I’ll take that today, and I come taking that! She shows a hair.
She sees at a grave. Voice come from grave, yes swalika, when my teachings will help you!
Swalika thinks , FB starts….
Swalika is seen dancing with rajbeer. She puts her hand on rajbeer’s neck and reads some thing and sees in rajbeer’s eyes. Rajbeer too sees in her eyes. She pulls a hair and leaves. rajbeer comes to his senses.FB ends.
Voice again comes from other daughter? Swalika laughs and says you’ll soon come out of this grave and we will
take revenge from that bundelas and rahejas. A girl comes inside. Swalika says come , manjaulika. (Kawach’s) vamp tune plays. Screen freezes on Yamini and manjaulika.

Precap: Rithik comes. A girl comes in veil in Bridal dress. Tanvi and all are shocked seeing them.
Swalika opens the lock of grave , smoke comes out. Saudamini appears.


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