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A sory starts from Game~swaragini (Part 1)

“Sometimes u hide urself from world just to save urself”

A story starts in kolkata a big house is shown where we see a girl in floral long red frock is talking


Girl: u knw maa baba i m very very happy today u knw finally i got what i want from years my appointment letter yes yes they send me letter(she shows letter) i knw u both are very happy for meee (her moist eyes is shown) and i knw that i will b select too soo bless ur princess (her shivering lips are shown who wants to speak alot) ok so bless me she bow down her head n says always b happy to her her littery crying face is revealed

She is our swara talking to the frame of shek shomi

Swa(crying): i knw one day u both will bless me n wish me all the happiness i will just wait for that day maa baba n sees herself through mirror

Swa:nooo swara gadodia is not weak she wipes her tears n says who dnt cares about me i also dnt care about them she made a normal look without smile n takes her bag n leaves

Scene shift to a big building we can see a big name board written’MM industries’

A boy in cream blazer is sitting in a cabin n checking some files rotating his chair

Boy:where is he

Employ:vo.. Vooo

Boy:i dnt give u money for stammering speak up u idiot… The boy rudely shot

Employ:sir he did not come yet

Boy sees towards the employ in anger(his choclate eyes are shown)

Boy:send him whenever he came

Employ nods n leaves

After sometime an old age man knock

Boy: come in

He sees the old man n shouts

Boy:what the hell u r doing here i said u clearly in the morning that dnt come here

Man:sorry sirr

Boy:i just hate sorry get lost n dont show me ur face again i just hate imperfection

Man:sir my wife is in hospital thats y i came late plz  forgive me he pleads

Boy:i dnt say anything repeatedly got that n i damn dnt care about u n ur wife so just get lost

Man:sir last tym plz he fold his hands

Boy:ofcourse its the last tym bcz ubr fireddddd got that n mark my words never ever come here leaveeee he shouts angrily leavesss
Man:sanskar sir
Yes he is our sanskar

Boy:i said get lost he shouts

Man jerk n cryingly goes out

Sanskar hits his hand on table n huffs

Scene shif to a cafe

A group of girls n boys are sitting n gossiping

Boy1:hey u… Yes u waiter come here n look my frnds come here for the first tym so bring the best dish u have n it should b the best

Waiter(boy) smiles n leaves after sometimw he comes with expresso coffee n choclate Brownie

Waiter(boy):sir this is thd specialty of our cafe hope u all enjoy it

Girl eat one bite of cake n spilts it on the boy n shouts what hell is this yuckk its sooo disgusting who eat this n throw cake on his face n insults him
Boy(waiter):sorry mam this is not the way to treat human he says calmly

Girl:ooh so now u will teach me she shouts manager where the hell is this manager i will make ur cafe closeeee she shouts

Manager: yes what happened mam plz dnt shout our customers will b distrb plzzz

Girl:let them also knw how cheap waiters u have here u dnt knw who am i… I will buy u all in 1 sec she angrily

Manager:sorry mam what did he do

Girl:he insults mee infront of my frnds n when i said to say me sorry he shouts on me she lies

Boy:noo sir shee

Manager shouts:shut up laksh dnt intrpt

Yes the boy (waiter) is laksh

Mangr: say sorry to mam is this the way to treat them

Lak:sir she is lying first she spilt food on me i just say her this is not the way but she shouts on me

Boy1:what do u mean she is lier enoughhh now u all will wait what will i do

Mangr:no sir i m sorry n laksh say sorry to her or else u r fired

Boys n girls smirked

Lak:but sirr he sees them

Mangr:no but say sorry or get lost right nowww

Lak:sorry sir but i m not going to say them sorry bcz i knw what they want n when i did not do anything wrong then y should i i m sorry sir he takes off his apriel n cap which he wears n says sorry sir i cant bow down infront of wrong ones he goes

The boy n girls huffs in anger

Laksh goes n sits in a garden where he could get peace where he can forget all his sorrows n pain where he can forget the cruel world his parents who never thought his all insults which he bear without a single word without any fault he survive… He close his eyez n feels the cool wind releasing all his sorrows n pain a tear of pain shed from his eyes

Scene shif to a chawl like beautiful house written outside “happy home”

A girl in red sleevless kurti n black jeans with a camera on her hands.. her back is  shown 

Girl:todays latest newss an oldage man n women caught by me romancing under a tree…. On todays century where young generation is ahead on these things on compare to them oldies are 2 steps ahead of them what influence of it would b on children what they will though about them wher…????  Before she could complete someone caught her ears

Girl:aaahhhh dida leave meeee

Dida: no way u r getting very naughty day by day u will b punished she squeeze her ears

Voice:leave herrrrr right now

Girl:grannyy bacahoooo

Grany:shobha leave her otherwise everyone will not leave u

Dida leaves n says this is last tym i m leaving nxt tym u will b punished

Grany:ragu r u okay

Yes the girl is ragini

Ragini fakes smiles n says yes granny i m okay n dida u knw na i m future journalist i m just practicing n dnt worry i did not record ur romance in my handy cam n winks

Dada comes n says:soo what if my lado recorded we r still Young haina

Rags get numb for a min after hearing a word “lado” she get some flashes n control her emotions

Dada: i think u did not think i m still young n makes a face

Rag:uffuuuu dadu dnt think u r still young fit handsoms n cute dnt worry n if some one says u old na then tell me i will punch him left right then he will b see she smiles hiding her emotions

Dadu laughs: ok then hit ur dida

Rags n dida stays silent then burst into laughter while dida glaressss

To b continued….

Precap:not decided

I kwn its short but plz bear me for few months then i will b regular plz comnt n like it n show ur love


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