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A new love story…(Twinj/Sidmin)

Hey friends! We are Anushey…Zuha … And Rafaya! We are here to express our fictional stories!

Well u must be aware of Zuha ? The devil’s workshop, also writer of “Twinj ki Tashan-e-shaadi” and “U can fall in love many times…But it is not true always!!”


Well, I Anushey previously wrote an OS for Twinj/Sidmin named as “Imprisoment!” And I am really very happy with your response. Thank you everyone for your support ?

I, Rafaya am not much into TEI but I wrote a Fan Fiction on ThaHaan (Thapki – Bihaann from Thapki Pyaar ki) and AsYa (Asad – Zoya from Qubool hai) this is my 1st experience for TEI, so I hope I am able to entertain you all!

And we 3 have join our names as AnuZuRa ?

We have a few stories in our mind so we would love to share with you all ? The one you like please choose that and only one option would be acceptable, so please co-operate ?

1) Title : Love with a touch of hotness
Main characters: Kunj Sarna, Twinkle Taneja, Yuvraaj Sarna, Mahi Taneja.
Plot : Starring Siddhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin the story opens as Siddhant playing Kunj Sarna a spoilt brat, and a play boy. Is doing his last year of MBA studies.
While Yuvraaj Luthra played by Zain Imam will be playing Kunj’s elder brother, strict with his rule. Ex-boyfriend of Twinkle. Shows himself as a stone-heart person but loves his brother a lot.
Twinkle Taneja portrayed by Jasmin Bhasin, playing a con girl here. Hates her family especially Mahi and wants to prove herself better from Mahi. She is least-bothered with her studies in contrast of Mahi.
Shritima Mukherjee stared as Mahi is a very obedient daughter of her parents. Concerned for her sister Twinkle. Position holder in her badge. is a book worm. Hates modernism. Sweet and simple.

Story will proceed as of Twinkle and Kunj’s master plan against each other and end up in loving….or…..

2) Title : 7 births…7 promises…7 vows
Main characters : Siddhant/Kunj , Jasmin/Twinkle, Rocky
Plot: A couple separated…Now meets…As said ages pass, time changes, relations are given a new name but love it never changes!!! How will the 2 unknown souls meet???

3) Title : Old is Gold…A new chapter to begin…
Main characters : Kunj and Twinkle
Plot : Kunj and Twinkle are celebrating there 30th anniversary, at the age of 55!! They refresh their memories of the part…and there starts the story of Sadu Sarna and Siyaapa Queen ?


So how are our ideas…Well we were confused as of which story you will like so we leave the decision over you! We hope that you all had a good time reading ? Please share your views regarding the given story lines ?

Credit goes to : Anushey , Zuha, Rafaya ?

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