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A love story by Sunitha.k (Intro)

A love story

Manik Malhotra a businessman son. He has two sisters elder one is Manju and younger one is mamatha.
Nandini Mishra is a college girl friend of Manju
Story is about a man who loves a lady truly madly and forever, in spite of many hurdles and tough situation
Story of a sister who want to rule the family at any cost
Story of a mother who left her life to make her daughter grow safe
Story of two best friends who challenged the society
Story of a father’s sacrifices to make his daughter live happily
It’s is a story of a girl who
sacrificed her own dignity, fame and life for love

It is a extra ordinary lovestory
No boundaries
No costumes can make them a part
Love is eternal

Guys I know you all angry on me
As my health was not well I couldn’t continue that story I will complete it soon
It’s my new story

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