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a journey from me to us raglak)epi7~pavani

Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love and support nd really sorry for not replying to any one I was in a hurry to update next part

Voice:soo what r u doing hear?? Nd what are u planing ?
Laksh(by rubbing his hair):trying to impress my love babhi..

(Yes some of u guessed right she is swara)

Swara by folding her hands:then y u lied to her
Laksh:I didn’t lied but I was just hiding the truth there is lot of difference between two

Swara:if she comes to know the truth that u r the same person who loved her by seeing her in Facebook then ??
Laksh:till then I will try my best to make her impress
Swara:if I tell her???(naughtily)
Laksh:plzz babhi I will do what ever u want atleast not now .I took a week leave to impress her u know how busy iam

Swara:k but who told u that she is hear
Laksh:who ever can tell mee
Swara:then she will definitely kill him (by laughing)

They were talking casually nd rag saw them talking from far

Rag(In mind):what is swara doing with him
Swara saw rag seeing them but acted normally like nothing happened

Swara(in mind):how should I cover now

Rag:what r u doing hear swara nd what is he talking with you??

Swara:voo voo nothing just like…… wait a min what u said what is he saying to u ?it means u know him first only

Rag(in mind):ohh noo if I say her the truth she will spread this news faster than BBC

Rag:noo I don’t know him
Laksh looked at her with shock
Swara(in mind):she lied to mee??
Laksh:u don’t know mee??
Rag(by avoiding eye contact with laksh):noo nd she hold swaras hand nd dragged from there

Swara:I have seen u both talking then y r u lying

Rag:ohh god so u have seen it k then there is nothing to hide he is just a tasteless fellow who is following mee

Rag:common nd plzz now don’t spread this news to whole family like a kid
Swara:u called mee kid???(angrily)
Rag:yes ofcourse ur actions were like a kid only
Swara:now see what I will doo?
Rag:what else u can doo u will tell this to Sanky??
Swara:noo I will go nd help him
Rag shocked
Swara went away from there
Epi ends

I know its very small one but defnitely I will update next part very soon
Sorry once again

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