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a journey from me to us raglak)epi6~pavani

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Rag came to senses by swaras voice
Swara:how much time u need .?nd she saw the bangle on rags hand
Swara:woww yarr such a nice design where u got it
Rag(in mind):noo if I tell her she will tell this to Sanky nd he will tease mee.nd who is this guy how dare is he to talk like that I won’t leave him if he again meet mee
Rag:haa voo iam sorry I was lost some where now let’s goo its becoming late


Next day
rag nd swara went to beach nd they X-Menenjoyed a lot swara got a call nd went aside
Rag was playing alone nd saw a group of girls discusing

Girl1:hey my marriage is fixed yar
Girl2:woww congratulations what was the boy doing??
Girl1:he is an engineer
Girl2:good how much dowery yar ?
Girl1:10 lakshs money nd remaining gold nd marriage about 20 lakshs nd 2acares of land on my name
Two girls shovked by seeing her reaction all of a sudden
Rag:iam sorry to interfear in middle but if marriage is for both then they should spend money equally what is the need of dowery
Girl1:they didn’t asked but dad is doing this as he want to do something for his daughter
Rag:these fathers bee naa ok then u asked about his details??
Rag:haa like how much he earns,did he have any bad habits like drinking ,smoking etc and is his job perment nd what about his external affairs

Girl1:what r u saying di
Rag:u should know each and every thing about the person before marriage only as after that we will surrender

Girl1:u r right but is it necessary to know about external affairs and all
Rag:yes ofcourse if he start going to that person again after marriage means then we will cry for our whole life
Girl1:yes dii now only I will get the information and every detail of him
Girl2:but dii our parents will see about all those naa
Rag:they will only see about family ,caste nd job security but what if he is maintaining some one without knowledge of family??
Girl2:yes but??
Rag:ok I will explain u y it is necessary in detail for example we go to shop nd buy a milk packet nd there first of all what we will see??

Rag:that’s what many people see but they will not see the main things .like now we saw companies name first like that only we gather information about his family nd will leave the main things I mentioned like u left manufacturing date /expairy date .if with out seeing expiary date we buy that then we will get spoiled milk only like a use less husband

Girl:woww di u r absolutely right nd thank u very much

Rag:it’s my duty but don’t trust men ok
Girls by saying thank u left from there

Voice:so u think boys are sold items
Rag(turning back):yes they were bought by girls by giving dowery (nd is shocked by seeing the person)
Voice:hiii u r right girls should be very careful for buying a bride

Rag(rolling her eyes):we r not buying but u people are getting selled

Voice:soo what exams should ur groom pass to gain ur trust ??
Rag:it’s none of ur bussiness
Boy:ok let me introduce my self (by extending his hand )laksh!!!
Rag with out uttering a word left from there
Laksh follwed her
Rag:y r u following mee??
Laksh:I didn’t get ur name??
Rag:I don’t want to tell u
Rag:because I don’t like u
Laksh:ok y u don’t like mee?
Rag:because……(she is not getting any reason) she searched her purse nd took the bangle out nd kept it on his hand
Rag:I don’t want this bangle from u
Laksh :common u liked it nd I gifted
Rag:who the hell r u to gift mee??who gave u that right
Laksh:I have right to gift a person whome I like
Rag (irritated):ok then I don’t want ur gift nd I rejected ur praposal now plzz can I leave nd don’t follow mee

Laksh(smilling):u r looking cute in anger

Rag(was more irritated):shameless she turned and leaving

Laksh(loudly):if I get ur name by myself ??then will u accept this bangle??

Rag:iam not gonna accept any of ur challenge ok

Laksh:r u afraid that u will fall for mee?

Rag:I don’t boather what u think about mee I just don’t care

Laksh::this nature of only attracting mee more towards u that is y I started loving u

Rag(in mind)(shocked):really she said it again the girl with whome every boy was afraid to talk .

Laksh:I didn’t get my ans
Rag:turned with out telling any answer
Rag(in mind):it’s very nice feeling that some one is there who likes u other than ur parents nd friends

She started blushing nd left from there

Laksh saw her leaving nd smiled nd turned back nd is shocked to seee the person standing behind him by closing their hands
Epi ends

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