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a journey from me to us (Raglak) ff by pavani (Episode 3)

Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support hope u will enjoy this part too

Next day
Rag came down late in the morning nd saw her nd sankys family were talking something nd stopped after seeing her .rag signed Sanky nd swara what’s going onn Sanky nd swara gave a don’t know look

Sumi:u came come we were waiting for u only

Rag(lazily):any thing special y all were in a meeting that to early in the morning
Sanky:it’s 11am do u feel its early morning??
Rag:what ever !!!
Shekar:we want to talk with u ragini
Rag:yaa dadd
Shekar:can we talk personally
Rag:y is there any problem?
Shekar:not a problem but I think u will bee free there
Rag saw Sanky who was hiding his laugh nd suspected that something is fishy
Rag:noo problem u can say hear
Dayal:u know my brother ram right??
Rag:yaa who lives in mumbai
Dayal:u know his son right?….
Rag:ya I know him I have seen him before 10 years
Sanky:yaa he say u in my fb page nd liked u nd want to marry u

Rag was shocked .
Sanky(by laughing):I also wondered first that how can anyone love u but see at last it happened .I didn’t understand till now y people used to call this yug as kali yug but by seeing this I can say that’s y they were calling this as kali yug

Every one laughed at his joke nd rag gave a dead glare
Shekar:he will come in this week he will bee there for a week he want to do engagement too

Rag:what the hell dad?
Every one became serious at once
Rag:what did he think of him self he saw my photo in fb nd liked it so he talked with u directly about marriage and u agreed without asking me once
Dayal felt little bad (about his brothers son right???)
Shekar:soo whats wrong in that
Rag:marriage is not a game if I fail one time then also I can return again .it’s my life’s main decision nd I need some time to think about it nd I don’t want to be in hurry nd u r talking about engagement?? .nd main thing is I don’t want to marry now
She left from there angrily
Shekar looked at dayal who was little upset
Shekar:iam sorry
Dayal(with a pale smile):noo need of sorry
Sanky:I know how she feels as it was all of a sudden to her don’t worry I will talk to her nd he looked at swara who gave a assuring look nd follwed ragini

Rag went inside her room nd closed the door nd Sanky came running nd knocked the door
Rag:I don’t want to talk with any one
Sanky:I know that nd I know u want to talk with mee
Rag rooled her eyes.
Rag:ok ok (she went nd opened)
Sanky:soo what is ur problem?
Rag:my dadd how can he fix my engagement with out asking mee that too with an unknown person who atleast tought to meet me nd know about mee?y to blame him my dad only didn’t fave me imp how can I expect from otheres
Sanky smiled
Rag(irritated):now stop laughing nd plzz don’t try to convince mee
Sanky:u r kid now also start hadleling things with meturity .he is ur father he gave u weak time to decide for ur engagement nd then also u will have lot of time btwn engagement nd marriage till then u will get time to know about him if u don’t like him u can reject then nd see about my case I our case was also same swara accepted mee naa then y can’t u give him a chance .
Rag:ok I will try for u nd mu family nd u know how to convince nd laughed
Sanky:that’s my sweet girl now come down nd tell them that u r ready to meet him

Rag went down nd said every one that she is ok with this proposal then everyone becomes happy .but rag was tensed to meet that person
Epi ends Screen freezes with smiling faces of every one
I know it’s a slow going ff hope u will enjoy it

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