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A humorous conversation in swarglok (chakravartin ashoka samrat) OS by Vanshika

Author’s note:- Guys it’s just for fun and enjoyment. I’ve no intention to insult any historical characters.
Bindu, Ashoka and Sushim are sitting in the Swarglok, watching Chakravartin ashoka samrat ??!!
The show ends and they start talking..
Sushim- Prasad Gavandi loves me the most..
Su- See he has provided me with an invincible black magic doing mother..She can save me from even death!!
Devi n Kaurwaki cum there….
Kvk-no no Prasad ji loves me the most..

Kvk-he’s making such a cute luv story of me n Ashoka.. Jus lyk ekta Kapoor does it…
Devi-No Kaurwaki, Prasad ji hates u d most. In fact, ur Luv stry seems sooo boring. Prasad ji loves me the most.
Ashoka takes out his sword.
Kvk- how does Prasad luv u d most??
Devi- See, after so much of drama, ashoka had to marry me. N fr ur role, he kept such a dumb actress.. N he has made fun of ur father.
Ashoka-That director Prasad has harmed me n my motherland. He has insulted my Guru n Ma. I’ll kill him. I’ll put him in jail.
Bindu- this is Swarglok, not Magadha.
Ashoka- I’ll reincarnate as a scientist and provide Prasad a time machine, so he can view the history as it happens ??..
Acharya RG comes with a pen n paper.
Bindu-what’re you doing???
RG- I’m writing a new script for CAS.


RG- So u don’t have to reincarnate as a scientist. I’ll reincarnate as a scriptwriter.
Dharma n Charu cum there next..
Su-Mata u never told me u know black magic..
Chru- I don’t know black magic. Otherwise that Prasad wouldn’t hv been alive..
Ashok-See Mata , that Prasad is insulting my motherland. Give me blessings so that I cn tk my revenge..
Dharma-My aashirvaad always wid u Putra.
Sushim- I was thinking abt incarnating as a police officer ?.. So that v cn put that director in Jail..
Ashok-then what’re v waiting fr.. Lets goo..


M sry if I wasted ur tym or made sum mistakes.. Bt if u read, do leave a comment, whether appreciating or criticism..

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