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A Horror story (TWINJ) ~OS

Hello see I’m backkkk!!! And that too with a horror story guess kiya kaun hoon mei I’m telling u all first only the persons who r faint at heart plsss don’t read this its not that scary but still if u want to read then ur wish abb iss bak bak se toh guess kiya hoga nahi toh aur ekk clue bohut zyada ziddi hoon mei
OK so let’s start our os journey n plsss note that this os is in my voice and for the first time I’m trying something different soo sorry for the mistakes let’s start

A girl was walking on a road she was depressed as she was bearing the punishment for a sin which she didn’t do n for which her patents disowned her. She wanted to die but something stopped her from doing so-hope it was night no one was on the road she was walking in distraught she was walking like a lifeless body she feared death the most to be frank she wanted to die naturally rather in an accident many thoughts were roaming in her mind n she was least bothered about whats going on around her streets were empty except she n the yellow street light reflections Or the trauma through which she was going did not allow her to notice what was going on in the surroundings
She was crossing a road now a car was speeding towards her but she was least bothered and same was with the driver of car. While she was crossing she was hit by the car the driver was in a shock and it was same with the owner of the cat who was seated at the back For a moment they were in a shock they thought the girl was shot dead
But she was alive the owner came out of the car and saw her she was bleeding very badly and her hair covered her face the last person the girl saw was the owner after seeing him she was dead the owner as well as the driver were shocked they simply took the car and moved away from that place leaving the girl all alone lying dead there but was she really dead??? The owner gave the car keys to him n told the driver to throw the car some where from a cliff where no one can find it n removed all the evidences that belonged to the girls murder we may think he is a cruel beast but the situation in which he was made him to do so not only him v may also do the same thing some may argue that they won’t do that but the reality is in that situation the fear in us does not let us do anything rather than escaping which he did but will the truth hide for many days???


After a few days…..
The person went to an apartment
The owner of the apartment warned him saying that beside his flat there is another flat which is locked and has no number and he shouldn’t even look into it nor try to open the door n also not to come out of the apartments after 10:00 the owner addressed him as Mr .kunj sarna and kunj agreed to all the conditions but really did he agree?? Kunj did not question the owner n simply walked away from the reception to his room. He was restless the whole night he couldn’t sleep he rather say he was trying to solve the riddle or a mystery which was told by the apartment owner

Next day morning……
He was passing by the same flat which he was warned not to look into it but the curiosity did not allow him to do sooo he finally decided to peep into the room anddd When he peeped into the room he found a person or say a girl who skin was white in colour b was combing her black hair with the comb she was going on combing he did not understand what he saw so he simply walked away from there the whole day in the office he was thinking about the sight he saw in the room who was she??
He came back and while passing through that flat his mind provoked him to look into the room but his heart resisted him to do so this time he followed his heart n walked away from there he spent one more sleepless night

Next day morning …..
He was again passing by the same flat this time once again decided to look into the flat he was looking through the key hole all the time now also he did the same he peeped through the key hole this time he saw a red colour which was blank without any designs and it was unmoving he did not understand anything again n it was the same as previous day in the office the same restlessness the same curiosity the same fear …… Again night he went back to his room after 2 sleepless nights he was thinking about the words told by the apartment owner suddenly some thing struck to his mind the apartment owner also told him not to roam on the streets after 10:00 pm
He decided to go out he saw the watch it was 11:00 pm he slowly went out of the room then apartment and was walking on the road . he was walking and then he saw a girl he was moving as if she is not in her senses then he moved towards the girl observed her moves then overtook her all the while kunj wanted to see the girls face but failed in doing so then he walked he walked very fast that soon he reached the street corner then decided to cross the road and get back to his apartments but once again the curiosity came out and once again turned back to have a glance at that girl he was sure that she wouldn’t be close to him as he walked very fast…..
As soon as he turned his face his face became pale he was sweating badly and fear was clearly visible on his face the sight which he saw was terrific

The girl whom he was thinking would be very far away from him was just 1 foot away from him and her face was completely covers with her hair same as the girl who died in the car accident made by him. After seeing this he ran like a cheetah reached his apartment n just slept not even sleeping just lying down in his bed…..
Next morning kunj went to the owner and asked about the room the owner gave him a stern look n simply asked him 2 questions — did u peep into the room n did u go out of the apartments after 10:00 and for both of the questions kunj answered yes and he also asked the owner why did he warn him??
The owner told him the story before u came to this flat just 2 days ago a girl was in depression n she was hit by a car and she turned into a ghost and one thing about her is she stayed in the flat beside yours n she has a white skin n combs her hair I mean when we look into the keyhole she appears to be like that and has red eyes the word red eyes echoed in kunjs ears the second day the red colour thing he saw which was unmoving were her eyes as he was thinking the owner continued and they even tell that she roams in the street after 10:00 so we warn not to roam in the street after 10:00 kunj was shocked for a second everything flashed in front if his eyes the accident he made the girl combing her hair and her eyes in the room n yesterday night encounter with that girl he was in a shock then brought all his thoughts to a stop as he was modern boy belonging to 21st century n did not believe in these ghost stories all that he wanted to get rid of all these and move to a new apartment which was far away from this street n he was successful in doing sooo he went to an apartment and he was living in the last floor 6th floor
He was working from home and

One day………
While working he got a sudden message from an unknown person greeting him hiii
Kunj replied back hii n also asked the person how does he/she know him he got a reply saying that I’m a girl and my name is twinkle and u know me very very well and u will know that when I meet u he was shocked as well as confused reading the message but still proceeded saying nice talking to u and I will also see when I meet u and reply came back saying that u will be shocked when u see me like this they chatted for a long time and kunj was thinking about twinkle and when did he meet him and like this everyday they used to chat and one fine day twinkle asked kunj His address so that she could meet him n kunj gave her his address and twinkle told she will be meeting him at 6:00 in his apartments tmrw evening OK said kunj

Next day evening 6:00
Kunj was waiting for twinkle in the balcony it has very long corridor but only there is a single flat which was kunjs and twinkle came he saw her coming n was looking at the corridor as soon as she came to the starting point of the corridor kunj saw her face the same face of that girl who met with an accident through his car her face was bleeding and she has a yellow teeth with a crack on her right cheek as she was coming closer all the lights were flickering making the situation ever more scary and as she passed by the lights the bulbs were blasting off kunj was hell scared he ran to his flat closed the door then ran to his room closed the door then under his bed he was hiding himself. Twinkle reached his flat n smiled evilly and with one bang she broke the door

Then she was searching for kunj ,kunj could hear her sound she was moaning she was making all different kinds of sounds which made kunj to fear much more and then twinkle saw the closed door and broke that too in a one go then she was searching all over the room and found kunj lying under the bed she was laughing like a mad girl then made an angry expression with a groan and dragged him out she dragged him out to the balcony n he was begging her to leave him n then picked him up and threw kunj down from 6th floor n he died….

Why did twinkle kill him agar appko answer pata hai toh mujhe batayeye okkk

Sooooo how was it did I manage to scare you all plsss tell me through ur comments so that I can post my next horror os which is roaming in my brain n to say frankly I read the starting part somewhere n ending part once my cousin Sissy told me so exactly I don’t remember where when n how just came to my brain I wrote it adding my own masalas sooooo plssssss tell me through ur comments was it scary?????
And coming to my ff I’ll try maximum to post 2 episodes okkkk I did a lot of bakwas I’m leaving u all now n don’t forget to comment
Love u all
I’m sorry if I scared anyone too much !!!! N did u all guess me??? Accha okk byee

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