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A Hidden Love Episode – 3

The episode begins with, Pragya shouts by looking at her car, What the hell it is???
Abhi says, What!!!
Pragya turns to see who has hit her car… She sees abhi and standstill… She thinks, oh..no.. not again, with this guy…
Abhi thinks, why I feel that she is the one I met in flight.
Akshaya looks at pragya by sitting inside the car.
Pragya says, where is your thought Mr… How can you hit my car like this… Is this is the way to drive a car ???
Abhi says, it’s your mistake. Not mine.. Because of you, my car got damaged… and you are blaming me with a lengthy dialog..
Pragya says, oh..ho.. is that so..!! I know pretty well about you guys, they are good in blaming girls.
Abhi says, even I know very well about girls, they are good in screeching.
Pragya says, hello Mr…….. Mind your language.
Abhi says, hello Miss…… first you, Mind your language.

Yuvi, on the opposite side of the road, sees pragya shouting. He can see only pragya. Yuvi thinks, what my Baby Doll is doing in road??? and with whom she is speaking.. no.. no.. she is fighting. He says, I should go and help her now.. But, due to traffic, he was unable to come, where pragya is… Yuvi was tensed by seeing the argument going on…


Pragya raised her fingers towards abhi and says, you have done a big mistake by accusing me, you will pay for it definitely.
Abhi says, how dare are you to raise your fingers towards me???? You don’t know who am I…
Pragya says, I don’t want to know, who you are and I am least bother about it..
They stares at each other..

Akshaya sees everything by sitting inside the car.. At one point, she feels, their argument is going beyond the limits.. So, she gets down from the car.. Abhi sees Akshaya and says, maa why did you come here??? You be inside, I will handle this girl..

Akshaya goes nearer to pragya and says, beta.. mistake is on both of us. so, let’s solve it here with peace. If you want me to ask sorry for hitting your car, then okay.. I will.. Abhi interrupt and says, maa.. what’s the need for you to ask sorry.. That too, to this girl??? Akshaya asks Abhi to be quite for sometimes..
Pragya remains silent on seeing Akshaya’s politeness… Pragya then says, i am sorry.. for whatever happened. It’s my mistake too. By staring at abhi, she leaves from there.

Akshaya tells abhi, come lets go..

Pragya, while driving thinks, yesterday he has spoiled my mood, and today, he has spoiled my day.. I have met him morning itself so, definitely this day is going to be a worst one… Pragya thinks, if his maa.. didn’t come in between, I would have showed who am I.. and what I can do…

Abhi while driving he thinks, what type of a girl she is?? Why I thought that she was the one, whom I have met in flight?? She can never be my sweetheart..
Abhi tells mom, maa..see that girl, how rude is she… Akshaya says, she might be rude but, she is good at heart.. She continues, have you noticed one thing?? She didn’t even speak a word against me.. which means, she respects elders.. Abhi says, if Miss. Rude has opened her mouth against you, then I would have showed her, how hell will be…
Akshaya says, Miss Rude !!!!
Abhi says, yes maa.. she is Miss. Rude… and I am sure no one in this world can be like her.. Akshaya smiles..

Pragya reached office, she was in hyper.. She gets a call from Yuvi.. He says, Baby Doll.. what happened in the road?? I saw you shouting at someone.. I am unable to come there since, I was in the opposite road and traffic too. Pragya says, awh.. that’s okay Yuvi..and ya.. a guy, such an irritating character.. She tells him, what has happened so far..
Yuvi gets surprised by her attitude. He says, I wonder that you didn’t do the guy anything till now. Pragya says, because of his maa.. he escaped else, he would’ve seen the real me, there.. Yuvi laughs and says okay.. okay.. chill..I hope, that guy won’t come Infront you, herethen.. Pragya says, dont know why yuvi,on seeing at his maa.., my mom comes to my mind. so, I was speechless Infront of her. Yuvi says Baby Doll.. I know, you miss your mom very much..but,… Pragya interrupts and says, okay.. okay Yuvi, I am having an important work so bye will catch you later. Yuvi says okay.. and disconnects the call..

Abhi and Akshaya reached city hospital.. Abhi says, maa.. you go in, I will park the car and come. Akshaya goes in and asks the receptionist, can I meet chief doctor Mr. Pratheek Mehra, now ??? Receptionist says, Mam, without prior appointment no one can meet him.. Akshaya asks the receptionist, is he busy now?? Receptionist says, he is not busy now but, you can’t meet him. She says, I am his wife, Mrs. Pratheek Mehra. Akshaya continues, now shall I meet him??? Receptionist says, sorry Mam.. you can. Just then, abhi comes and joins Akshaya. Abhi was very happy that he is going to see his dad after years.

Abhi and Akshaya goes to the 1st floor and knocked a cabin door. They heard a voice saying, come in.. First, Akshaya goes in. Abhi standing out and thinks, how will I see dad?? I was angry on him, till yesterday…

Akshaya sees Pratheek was saying, where I kept my pen.. I was searching for it, since long. Akshaya says, it’s in your hand. Pratheek looks up and standstill.. Akshaya says, suniye.. how are you??? Pratheek comes nearer to Akshaya and says, i have to ask this question to you… but, you are asking me. I am sorry akshaya, because of my commitments, I am unable to take care of you and…He pauses for a while and his eyes are searching for Abhi..

Akshaya says, he is standing out.. He is little angry of you, as you didn’t come to home, these many days.. Pratheek goes out of his cabin to see abhi..
Abhi was sitting in the stairs and says to himself, still for what you are waiting abhi. Dad is very nearer to me, I should leave my ego and go to him now.. He gets up from the stairs and turns to go to meet Pratheek but, standstill by seeing his dad there.. Pratheek says, abhi how are you beta.. ?? You have grown up.. Pratheek tells Akshaya, see my son looks like me… Akshaya smiles.. Abhi gets emotional and hugs his dad..
He says, I am sorry dad.. I misunderstood you.. Pratheek says, leave everything abhi.. I am happy that I see you here.. and I have heard that, you are doing business of your own.. Abhi says yes dad… Pratheek says, all the best beta… Abhi says, thank you dad.. Pratheek says, today I am going to spend the day, with my dear son. Abhi gets happy by hearing it.. but, his happiness didn’t last for a second too. since, just then an emergency case has come and Pratheek has to attend it immediately.
Pratheek looks worried but abhi says, that’s okay dad.. you carry on. we will meet on some other day. Pratheek hugs abhi and bids bye to abhi and Akshaya..

Yashoda reaches the place, where pragya asked her to go. She sees the manager there and asks about the hall. The manager was explaining about the place to her. Yashoda likes it and books the hall for the contract, which pragya has signed recently..

Just then, yash comes there since, Abhi has asked him to look for the hall. Manager asks yash, what can I do for you??? Yash tells the manager, sir.. Mr. Abhishek Mehra has spoken to you about the hall for a wedding on this Sunday.. I have come to look for it. Manager says, but sir.. just now only the hall has been booked for this Sunday. yash gets confused and says, I couldn’t understand.. how can you book the hall for someone else when we were negotiating about it??? Manager didn’t say anything.. Yash asks him, can I meet who has booked the hall?? Manager says, sure sir..

Manager shows Yashoda to him.. yash gets surprised to see her.. He asks her, what you are doing here?? She says, came to book this hall for a event.. Yash doesn’t know what to do.. So he calls Abhi and informs him about the hall. Abhi says, I will be there in few minutes…
Yashoda too calls pragya and informs her. Pragya says, I will there in few minutes…

The screen freezes partly on Abhi and Pragya’s face

Guys, I will be back by next weekend. Herethen I will try to update 3 epic a week?.

guys, I thought my previous epic was not good, but most of liked it.. thank you all. Honestly, prathi, still now I am not satisfied??
Riya, I am really happy on seeing your comments. For 2days, my mind was completely stuck with you. and I am not in any social networking site since, my mom doesn’t like it ????. honestly riya, I too won’t forget you.. not only you, all the guys who are commenting here. because you guys are doing an indirect favour to me by your comments.. All your comments bring smile in my face, which I am longing for.. I forgetting everything in it.. I am thankful to all. I know riya, you will be back someday

Surbhi, suhani, varshavenkat , don’t be sorry guys. I can understand, you are all having work.i also know that you will read my FF for sure.
Thank you varsha mokshi ani Priyanka rithu Madhura princess rosy sandy haritha Saranya Divya Nasima prathi maha di asmithaa Reshma mone… nirmal
and my dear Manu….??.

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