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A Hidden Love Episode – 2

Hi ? friends
The episode begins with Pragya was busy with her files. Ram brings dinner for her. He asks her to keep everything away and have dinner. Pragya says, pappa.. why did you bring dinner here ??? If you have called me, I would have come down to eat.. Ram looks at her and asks, where is your spec??? Pragya says, I might have missed it somewhere. I searched for it but, couldn’t find. So, I was little worried about it pappa… Ram says, that’s okay beta… You are “The Ram Kapoor’s daughter”.. should not be worried for this and all.. Pragya says, no pappa.. , maa.. has brought it for me… I don’t know how I missed it.. Ram says, you don’t worry about it.. your maa will return it back to you.. Pragya smiles on hearing it. Ram, takes all the files and keeps it aside. He then feeds dinner for Pragya..

In MM, Akashya sees all the things are scattered in abhi’s room. She sees abhi is sitting in one corner of the room. She comes nearer to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder. He says, maa.. if you have come here to speak about dad, then I am really sorry maa.. please leave from here. I am not ready to hear anything. He continues, maa.. do you remember, when dad came to home last time??? Dad has completely forgot that he has a family. For him, we are not important. Each and every day, I am looking at the door step by thinking, atleast dad will come home today…but, at the end of the day, I was disappointed. All this disappointment has now become, hatred.. He sits on the bed..


Aakshya sits besides him and says, abhi just tell me onething. If suppose, I am in a dying situation… Abhi interrupts and says, maa.. for a instance too don’t ever say like that. She keeps her hand on his and says, just imagine.. if I am in a dying situation and you are taking me to the hospital but, the doctor says, I am sorry… my duty time is over and its time for me to meet my family…What you will do at that time???

Abhi says, I will slap him hard and ask, is your family is more important than my mom’s life…??

Mom says, exactly abhi… She continues saying, now only you are sticking with my point.. So, by this, what you are telling is, for a doctor, his patient is more important than his family… Abhi looks at his mom and says, maa.. don’t try to convince me.. Aakshya says, I am not convincing you.. I am just saying the real fact. Your dad is one of the best heart surgeon in India. For him, obviously his patients are more important.. Abhi was not satisfied with this answer.
Aakshya continues saying Okay, your dad didn’t come to see us because of his commitment.. but, why you didn’t try to see him??
Abhi remains silent for a minute and says, maa.. I have done a mistake.. now I realised it… Shall we go and meet dad, tomorrow morning??? Mom smiles and says, okay.. She bids good night to him and leaves from there..

In KM, Pragya says, maa.. i feel bad for missing the specs. Pappa said, you will return it back to me. Will you ma..??? Please maa.. do something and return the specs to me..

Pragya is in her bed with books, thinking about the incident happened in the flight.
In MM, Abhi in his bed, takes pragya’s specs and asks, who are you??? Will I meet you again in my life??
Pragya thinks, who is he??? She says, whoever he may be.. I should not meet him again in my life..
Abhi says, don’t know why, I feel that I have lived with you for years.
Pragya says, I cant spare even a minute with him..
Abhi, by looking at her specs and asks, what is your name??? How to call you??? Shall I keep a name for you???
Suddenly, Pragya says, “Pragya”..
Abhi feels weird…
Pragya wonders, why i took my name now??? By thinking like this she slept..
Abhi too sleeps by holding her specs in his hand..

Next day morning

A guy ( Purab Khanna, an actor ) comes to a beautifully decorated place. He hears a group of girls laughing sound.. Without his knowledge, he is walking on the direction of the sound. Purab could see a group of girls from behind but, his eyes was fixed on only one girl ( Bulbul Arora, an actress ). He was longing to see her face.

Someone called Bulbul, so she turned to purab’s side. Her hair falls on her face. She moved it and has a cute smile in her face. She has a red rose bouquet in her hand.
Purab lost his thoughts in her beauty. He feels like an angel has come down to earth from heaven.
Bulbul goes nearer to a guy.. The guy too comes nearer to bulbul. They standstill for a moment. She gets shy, by looking at the guy’s eye. She then says with a cute smile, I Love You.. and gives bouquet to him..

Purab was stunned and shocked by seeing it.
The guy with a smile gets bouquet from bulbul and says, I Love You too… They hugs each other…

Purab was shattered and thinks, bulbul already loves someone.. Without knowing this, I have created feeling for her, a year before.. But, accordingly to her, I am only her friend.. I should now hide my feelings forever…

Purab turns back and tries to leave but stops by hearing clapping sounds. He sees all are appreciating bulbul.. For a minute, he couldn’t understand anything… The guy sees purab standing there. He then comes nearer to purab and says, hi purab.. How are you??? Its been days seeing you… I didnt expect, that i will see you in my shoot..

Purab was confused.. and says, shooting… which means, few minutes back, the proposal scene is for a flim shooting??? The guy says yes, offcourse.. Purab has a broad smile on his face…
The director calls the guy for shoot. So he leaves from there.
Purab thinks, how I thought that Bulbul will fall in love with someone else??? My bulbul is only for me…. I love her, more than myself.

Bulbul sees purab standing there, she comes nearer to him and says, purab…what are you doing here??? Purab says, I have come to meet you but, I think you are busy now. Bulbul says, yes, now I am little busy. So, in evening shall we meet in coffee shop??? Purab without having a second thought, says yes.. Bulbul smiles at him and says, bye.. meet you in evening…

In KM, Pragya is getting ready to office. She tells Ram, pappa… Today I am having important work in office.. So I will be late in evening.. Ram says, okay beta.. but, have your food at the right time. Pragya says yes pappa.. She hugs him and leaves to office in her car..

Abhi and Aakshya leaves MM to see abhi’s dad.
In a shopping mall, Yash ( Abhi’s Manager ) roaming here and there by talking to someone in his mobile.. In his opposite direction, Yashoda ( Pragya’s Manager ) comes towards him. She was texting in her mobile. They didn’t notice each other. So, they get collided. Her mobile falls down. She didn’t look at yash initially.. Yash looks at her surprisingly. She bends down to take her mobile. He says, Yashoda… She looks up to see, who it is.. Yash was smiling at her. She gets surprised and says, oh my god !!! Yash… What a pleasant surprise.. She continues saying, I think, its nearly 2 yrs since we met. Yash says, yes, I am happy to see my friend after years.. They recollect their happy moments.
Just then Yash and Yashoda gets call from Abhi and Pragya respectively.
Abhi tells yash, I will be on leave today, to office..He asks yash, to check a hall, and give him the details about it.. He then disconnects the call.
Pragya also tells Yashoda, to check a hall and give her the details. She then disconnects the call and drives to office.

Yashoda tells yash, I have to leave now..as my boss has given work for me.. Yash too says the same.. Both bids bye and leaves from there..

Abhigya was driving car parallely in the same road.. They didn’t see each other.. Pragya is driving on the left side of the road.. Abhi is driving right side of the road.
In the signal both the car stops side by side. Pragya puts Right Indicator ON, to take right turn.
Abhi puts Left indicator ON, to take left turn.
Pragya gets a call from her dad.. She picks it and started to speak.
Just then she sees a signal turned green. All the vehicle started to move. Pragya, by talking to her dad, takes right turn. Since, she is speaking in mobile, she didn’t notice the car standing nearby hers..
Abhi takes left turn. Since, they are moving parallel, while they take respective turns, their car get collided. Abhigya gets down from the car. They still didn’t see eachother. Both of them, looks at their car, it was damaged due to collision.
Pragya by seeing the car says, how dare are you??? She then turns to abhi’s side and stands still by looking at him….
The screen freezes on pragya’s face….

Sorry guys, I know this episode is not that much good.. Don’t know why, I was not satisfied with this.. But, still I am posting it..
Guys, if possible I will update another episode by tonight… Else meet you all by next week end ?? with much interesting episode..
Thank you all for your valuable comments, love and support..
Riya, I will really miss you a lot.. You know pretty well that you are my energy booster.. Don’t know how I am going to continue this ff without you..

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