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A flight of love (intro)

Hiiiiiiii guys kaise ho sab guess wt aj kon aaya hai

Ur bulbul and Angita
Shock LGA na mujhe bhi
But Chalo koi ni aj haum ek ss ke sath Aapke dar pe hain
It is basically a twinj ff with a pinch of devak,shi
The story will revolve around twinj who r senior pilots in Indian airways
How their life got changed after meeting each other and more suspense drama romance …..baki khudh hi padha lena okk Ab character sketch lo enjoy


A smart handsome person kind hearted loves to do fun but when comes to work he is the most serious person at the same time he is 24 years old and works as a senior pilot in Indian airways he knows a big secrets that will be revealed later

A beautiful girl with a big heart she is very serious abt her work but funky with her friends she loves to read books and have a habit of sleeping cuddling with her bunny ( are !! Teddy’s name ) she is 23 years old and works as a senior pilot in Indian airlines

Dev s a smart and good looking guy but a shy person also doesn’t open up easily with others ..works as a senior pilot in Indian airways. He is 24 years old and a very serious person…best buddy of Kunj

A smart girl good looking but a bit shy always help others friendly also she is 23 and best buddy of tw and works as a senior pilot in Indian arines

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