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a desire of star to get moon episode 13 ”ek duje ke vaste”


Epi starts…..
“GIRL FRIEND??? ” suman,s eyes got widened and she just look at sharvan
who frees himself from urvashi and signs suman to ”hv patience i,ll explain”
suman ”i,ll kill u sharvan” in mind,,
and sharvan read it from her eyes ”plz dont ” by his gestures…
And there secret talk got disturb by vihaan….
Vihaan:ok now lets go inside we cant spend whole night standing here right????
Vihaan, urvashi and shanya go ahead and sharvan start to go but then saw suman fix at her place fuming in anger
sharvan:what????? Come!
Suman:what will i do like vihaan and shanaya remain in thier world u r also with ur gf i dont want to disrturb


and she moves to go when sharvan holds her hand ”enough” and pulls her inside

inside there is high music dim light, smell of alchol and all, its strange atmosphere…
She is feeling disgusted when sharvan whisper in her ear ”dont worry we will be out from here in few mins,, shanaya insists for this so”
and urvashi screams disturbing their moments
”hey!!! Guyzzz what r u doing here lets go on dance floor”
and she gives one glass of wine to suman and suman takes it with fake smile..
Just then sharvan takes a glass from suman
”actually she dont drink”
he said to urvashi
”awww still baby girl” urvashi taunts suman
”enough!! ” sharvan in anger tone and he does not realise in which movemet suman grab the glass from him and gulps it
”sumo” sharvan whisper in shocked way and holds her by hand as her head was eating circles now….
Then it was just for a moment when sharvan looks at vihaan and shanya who just join them and there suman disappers….
”hell man!!! Where she went??” sharvan said looking around worriedly
vihaan inquired ”what happen”
”sumo gulps the wine yar she was feeling dizzy and now she is missing”sharvan replied to vihaan

and then

Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
Common common start feeling
Dance dance everybody

spot light falls on floor and when sharvan turns his mouth was left open
yeah there was suman standing placing her hand on her waist and then she start her moves

Bhagre di queen main taan
Kudi so haseen main taan
Meri hai gazab galbaat

sharvan looks at other side and unknowingly he smiles coz sumo was looking damn cute

Figure hega kaint mera
Thumka excellent mera
Groovy groovy hoja mere saath

and there he joins her

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar

he holds her hand and spins her


Ae jhanjhran da sound
Te hilda ground
Main cham cham nachdi firra

and she leaves herself in his arms and again shrvan makes her stad

Akhan meri tight
Javan main left right
Ke mundeyan ton bachdi firra

and there comes some moves of sharvan and all girls go flatter

Munda hoga woh to lucky
Jiske liye tune rakhi
Apne ye ankhon ki sharab
Dil mera theek hega
Ishqe ch weak hega
Karde tu isko faraat

sharman together has set the floor on fire

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karle thoda sa pyaar

and there suman falls unconcious in his arms he lifts her and comes out

sharvan:vihaan u drop urvashi and shanya i,ll take suman

all leaves
he parks the car infront of her house and comes out of car then lifts her in his arms she is completely unconcious.
He takes her in her room and lay her on bed slowly, removes her shoes and covers her with blanket…….
then he sits on couch and he passes whole night looking at her and soon dozes off….

Then morning arrives spreading sun rays sharvan wakes up and rub his eyes and looks at suman who is still sleeping..he smiles at her and pulls off the curtain and goes out………
And after a while suman woke up hving extreme headache….
She sits on bed holding her head ”ahhhhhhhhh!! ”
and then sharvan comes with lime water ( guyzzz idk hangover utarne ke lye kya use krte hn tough i hv saw in movies but at a moment mjhe yad nh araha islye lime water laga diya ? )

sharvan: ”have this” extending glass towards her
suman was closing her eyes coz of pain she just open her eyes nd was suprised to see him
suman: y this???
Sharvan: to get rid of ur hangover
Sharvan: hold!!! He forcefully give glass to her
she was gng to drink but then remembers
”is urvashi ur gf???” she asked…

Sharvan takes a deep breath and leaves himself on couch..
He interlock his fingers and place his chin on them,, and with a cute smile looks at suman.. Who notices him for a while and throw a pillow at him ”stop looking at me like this ”
sharvan catches pillow and laugh….

Epi ends

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