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A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18

Thank you Nidhi for giving me such a great idea.

Ragsan + New guy scene
Ragsan saw someone, which shocks Ragini. “Rahul Gupta, is that you?” Shouted an annoyed Ragini. “Yeah, baby it’s me!” Rahul answered with an arrogant smirk, which Sanky didn’t like, cause Rahul was flirting with Ragini. “Hahaaaahhaa.” Raghul started to laugh like mad people. Swalak came out of their hidingplace and Hifived with Rahul. “Was that you guyses plan?” “Yes, cause I got to know that my Bestfriend is getting married and she didn’t tell me anything about it.” “I’m happy to see you!” While hugging Rahul, Ragini said that making our handsome Sanky very jealous and Rahul didn’t make it better he was looking at Rags with full love, which Sanskar didn’t like at all.


Rahul’s pov
“How many years I have waited for you and now you are getting married to someone else, you are only mine.” “I will ruin you relationship with your fiance, that he hates you forever, you will come to me and I will give you all the love you deserve, slowly you will forget him and start to love me?” “You will that you never would have loved him.”

Ragsan’s separate pov
“Our date got ruined by Rahul, eventhought he’s my bestfriend since childhood/I just dislike him and he is flirting my queen, if he again flirts with her, he’s gone.” “I hope that Sanky and Rahul will be friends eventhought Ruhul is a snob and arrogant infront of other people or strangers.” “I hope to never see that Rahul again.” “We should go home, it’s very late.” Ragsan said together.

Swalak convo
“I don’t like that Rahul!” “He is allright.” Swara told Laksh. “Ok, I will be nice to him, but nothing else, cause I don’t trust him.” An not so impressed Lucky said. “Ok, Jaanu.” They all drove home and straightly after saying good night went to sleep.”

The next moning
Shekshom had a naughty smile and asked Ragsan: “Did you guys have fun at your date?” “Yes, it was perfect.” They lied. “A day after tomorrow Sanky, you will be a married man, so no fun anymore with your girl after marriage, before marriage everything was perfectly beautyfull, cause the love with your partner is new, but you will regret it after few years of marriage.” Shekher joked around, making Sanky uncomfortable and then he started to laugh very loudly like Shekher told him some jokes. Everyone came in and asked: “what happend Sanskar?” “Sasurji told me not to get married to my princess.” Sanky innoncently said, while the rest was angrily glaring at Shekher and he was glaring at Sanky like?????you are dead, suddenly like a little child Sanky did??that to Shekher, but that was a mistake, cause Shekher started to run after him snd others were laughing very loudly that no one heard the doorbell.

Rahul’s pov
“I’m ringing the door of my new neighbours, since an hour but no one is openning it, but I can hear laughter from inside, so I rang again, someone openned it and it shocked me.” “Hi, Rahul what a pleasent surprise.” A sarcastic Sanskar said, behind him there she was my dreamgirl, hugging tha guy infront of me. “Come in.” “Yeah, sure thank you.” I came in and everyone welcomed me, talked to me until someone said: “We have to shop the clothes for today’s ceremony, for tomorrow’s and for the wedding.” And it was none other than Sankskar Mehaswari, who announced it, I was shocked, I to do something asap. To break this marriage, cause I can’t live without her.

At the Mall
The men went to one shop and the ladies in another shop.

Sanskar’s dresses

Ragini’s dresses

Swara’s dresses

Laksh’s dresses

Ragini’s jewellery

Swara’s jewellery

After shopping everyone was tired, so they went home, to prepare for the first two ceremonies and its time for Henna and haldi ceremony, tomorrow night its Sangeet time and after that its time to get married.

Swaragini convo
“Wow, Laado you look amazing, jeeju will have a heartattack when he sees you!” “Thank you very much Shona, but my jeeju’s eyes will fall out, when he will see his angel in that dress which he bought for you and that one you are wearing.” “We have to go down, or they will think that the Bride and Groom ran away and took their siblings with them.” “Yeah, let’s go.”

Sanlak convo
“Bhai, you look very handsome.” “Will Ragini like my clothes?” “Yeah, she will, I’m 1000% sure.” “Will Shona like my style?” “Yes, you look very hot my bro.” “Ok!” A realived Laksh said. “We should go.” While they were walking the bumped into Swaragini, both girls were going to fall, but our handsome Sanlak saved their ladies, both couples had an long eyelook, until someone shouted: “What a coincidence that our perfect couples, Ragini and Sanskar, Swara and Laksh are wearing similar colored clothes.” Poor Rahul wasn’t to happy seeing the girl he loves, blushingly looking at her fiance and smilling at him.”

Rahul’s pov
“Tomorrow, Sanskar Maheswari will get to know the truth about his past and his past will ruin his present and future life, he will hate every member of his family, oh sorry his uncle’s family.” “Let the countdown beginn of the destrucktion of Mehaswari Family, hahaha?.” “I will ruin Mr. Sanskar Mehaswari, by taking away the love of your life and everything you love.”

Rahul Gupta played by Karan Singh Grover

I hope you guys will like this part of the story??

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