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a cursed college (kb) episode 1


Haii friends…remember me??? I m so sorry that i cant give any updates as i m busy with my studies but i started missing this site and my friends so thought to give u a short horror story as u know that i m good at giving horror stories..so lets make a move towards my story…


Story begins with a man starts knocking the door repeatedly..a lady shouts that she is coming and opens the door…its our sarla maa. She opens the door and enquires who is he? He hand overs a letter and leaves from there. Sarla maa opens it and gets shocked to see it an offer letter from college. She reads the college name and was hell shocked. She leaves the paper and shouts “pragya”. But pragya didnt respond to her so she leaves to pragya’s room and learns that pragya is not at him. Sarla maa thinks where is pragya? And she picks the letter and worries about it.

Other side,
In mumbai, a guy is listening to songs and getting ready..its our abhi. He goes to dadi and intimates about his joining in the college but he hides the name of college. Dadi blesses him as she is not aware of college. Aaliya too joins in the same college (here abhi wastes 1 year so both are same class)

A girl is shown who joined her hands and praying in temple. Its our pragya. She prays hey devi maa!! I didnt hide anything from maa but for the first time i have secretly applied to that college as maa will not allow me to join if she comes to know this and today i will get letter from college . I m really worried how to face maa plz give me strength to convince maa. She asks for blessings and leaves from there. Pragya enters into the house. Sarla maa throws the paper and asks her why did u do this? Why u didnt inform me about applying to that college? Pragya says sorry ma!! Its my mistake to hide from u bt actually i love to study in that college. Sarla maa says stop it pragya!!! U already know that place is danger and reading many stories about that college in newspaper bt still u opted that college. Pragya says maa! Actually those are fake i really dnt believe about that news plz allow me to read in that college. Sarla maa says nothing doing pragya ur not going anywhere. U will stay here. She leaves from there. Pragya thinks how to convince maa.

Other side,
Aaliya opens her wardrobe and selects to pick a dress meanwhile she gets a call from her friend. Aaliya: hey!! Whatsup?
Friend: haii dear!! I heard that u are joining in that college.
Aaliya: yes me and my bro is joining
Friend: but
Aaliya: what?
Friend: i heard that college is very dangerous and many students lost their lives as there is a ghost in that college.
Aaliya: oh! Just cut the crap. How can u talk like this in these modern day? Just think once.
Friend: but its better to enquire na
Aaliya: no need i m excited about that college so dont discuss further about this.
She hangs up the call and thinks people are crazy at their belief.

In pragya’s home
She thinks to convince sarla maa at any cost and thinks an idea. She picks her mobile and makes a call to someone and explains about her problem. She cuts the call and thinks now maa will agree.
A lady comes to pragya’s house. Sarla maa is busy in kitchen. Lady keeps her hand on sarla maa’s shoulder. She turns back and feels happy to see malini who is her best friend from childhood.
Malini speaks to sarla maa about pragya’s decision.
Sarla maa: what malini ur also talking in the same way like pragya? U know about that college na
Malini: not like that sarla how can u believe all those its just rumours as there are no ghosts in real even my daughter nidhi is going to join in that college along with pragya so u need not to worry.
Sarla: but malini

Malini: now u just relax and send pragya as nidhi too accompains her.
Meanwhile pragya too requests and finally sarla maa agrees. Pragya gets happy and thanks malini. She makes all arrangements.

Epi ends here..

i dont know guys whether u like this or not just post ur valuable opinions about this. I hope u dont feel bore if so dont hesitate to share i will stop this story..hope i will get a little support from u..waiting for ur comments..byee guyzz…

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