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? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 1

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode1

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. I don’t know how long will the Fan-Fction be. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Don’t worry, the characters will be given importance and there will be name given along with the characters dialogues.


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Prologue link :Prologue

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

The sun has risen and is playing with the children on the street and everyone starts on their journey towards their work and the light falls on a house named “Kapoor Villa”.

Dadi : Vandana, Why haven’t you lit the diya in the temple yet? And where is Ragini and Tripthi.
Vandana : Maa, why are you shouting? Ragini is coming and today Swara will do the Pooja. She has the right to do it. She got married yesterday.
Arnav : But where is Swara? She still didn’t come? Don’t know why God did this. In such a hurry and under such situations they got married. I never wanted my son to be married like this.
Dadi : Listen, Vandana and Arnav, that girl will not do the pooja. If you say that the daughter-in-law of this house has to do it, then Tripthi will do. But not Swara.

[The camera rolls upto the stairs from where a beautiful girl is descending. Her long hairs reach upto her waist, those black smoky eyes with kajal and eye-liner, those pink lips with a pretty mat finish lipstick. And down comes the girl who’s wearing a beautiful pink and golden colour Dress and has worn matching earrings. Behind her comes another pretty female, who has worn saree : a beautiful red and golden color one, with matching jewellery and smoky eyes and red mat finish lipstick. She has pallu over her head and bangles in her hand.]

Ragini (girl in dress) : Dadima, Swara will do the pooja today. I mean.. Bhabhi. She has the right to do it. She is newly married and its our custom that the bride does the pooja.
Dadi : Laado, even you are with her? How do you think I will allow her? This girl who has no character..
Sanskar (interrupts) : Dadima, I have never raised my voice in front of you, but I will not bear a word against my wife and my family. Don’t point on her character.
Dadi : Sanskar, Even those are your family. Abhay and Tripthi. Why don’t you stand for them? Just because of this girl you raised your voice? See, she started showing her true colours.
Arnav : Maa, don’t you dare take their name. I have separated the house. My family will stay this side. They should be thankful that they are staying in this house. And you stay where ever you want. But once they enter this side. I will leave the house with my family.
Ragini : Swara Bhabhi, you start the pooja and don’t worry, we are with you always. You don’t need to worry about anyone. Bhaiya, you come here. Do the pooja with bhabhi.
Sanskar (Wisphers to Ragini) : Doll (Ragini) come with me. We will cook the prasad and lunch for everyone. We got to help Shona, she doesn’t know to cook. By the way from tomorrow both Saas Bahu won’t let me enter the kitchen.
Ragini : Aaye Haaye, Sanskoo Bhaiya. So much love on Bhabhi haan? Shona and all? Come let’s go. She is my best friend also. So. I should help her.

[Sanskar pulls Ragini to the kitchen and goes away. The family doesn’t see them going. They sneak away.]

Dadi : She won’t do it. That is final. Anyways I have to go to the temple. Go knows whose face I saw right in the morning.
Arnav : Maaaa.. (gets interrupted by Vandana) Maa, why are you saying like this? She is my daughter. Ragini and Swara are both my daughters. If you have accepted accepted Tripthi as the daughter-in-law of this house, then why not Swara Maa? Why do you keep hurting her?
Vandana : Arnav, Mr. Mehra had called, regarding the partnership with them. You check the files and take a decision asking Sanskar, I will come. And Maa, you had to go to the temple, Pandit Ji had called that today there is some bhajan there. So it will take time. The car is ready outside, you can go. He will drop you and come and don’t worry about the Diya, that will be lit.
Dadi : Vandana but. And listen, let that Daughter-in-law of yours not come near by Laadoo. She is a bad sight.
Vandana : Maa, you are getting late it is already 7 o clock.

[Swara was standing near the in house temple and she has heard everything and has tears in her eyes. Vandana comes to her and even Arnav.]

Arnav : Swara, beta where is my princess? And why are you crying? These tears don’t look good and where is Sanskar, I have to discuss about the meeting with him.
Vandana : Come here Swara, come with me and they go near the stairs and sit on it. Why are you crying haan?
Swara : [wiping her tears] Nothing Maa, Papa woh something went in my eyes. And Papa your Sanskar and his darling sister might be outside in their garden. Maa, I will send Ragini to light the diya of the house.
Vandana : Swara, you will do it today.
Swara : But Maa, Dadima.. [Looking to the other side]Vandana : Swara.. Am telling na.. You do.

[Sanskar and Ragini come from kitchen and Ragini comes near Swara and stand while she’s doing Pooja. After the pooja and after giving prasad to everyone, Swara goes and gives it to her Jeth and Jethani.]

Arnav : Swara, what are you doing? Why are you giving them the Prasad?
Swara : Maa, I don’t want to start my first day in this house without anyone’s blessings. I don’t have a problem with them. They are my BigB and bhabhi.
Vandana : Okay, Swara you have to prepare lunch and sweet. It is your Rasoi Rasam today and you can give it to your BigB and Bhabhi also. We stay in the same house.

[Swara gets tensed and Ragini comes to her]

Ragini : Swara Bhabhi, don’t worry. Everything is almost ready and we have kept every ingredient on the table and I will help you. Don’t worry. By the way you are very Lucky Sanskoo Bhaiyaz Shona. Oh ho.. Someone’s blushing haan? Haaye Sanskoo Bhaiya ne dekh liya toh mar jaayenge. Kya jadu kiya hain Bhabhi?
Arnav : Swara Go beta. We are waiting for your handmade food.

[Sanskar’s Shona cooks food with the help of her beloved husband and sister-in-law and makes a variety of dishes : Roti, Dal, Paneer Sabzi, Kaju Gravy, Pulao and Kheer and Laddoo. She serves everyone and all give her gifts.]

Abhay : Swara, this is your gift.
Swara : BigB, I don’t need any gift. You ate my handmade food, that’s enough for me. I don’t need anything.
Sanskar : So Mrs. Swara Sanskar Kapoor, you are lucky to get a husband like me, who helps you and loves you so much. He learnt cooking for his college days but he is using it now to cook for his wife. So now I need a gift. (He moves closer to her)

[Ragini, comes and they move apart embarrassed]

(Singhania Family will be introduced a little later and even Tarun. It will take another few episodes for the introduction of Singhania’s)

Tomorrow’s Episode : SwaRagKar Bonding. Reason for hatred Abhay and Tripthi’s.

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☺Credits : HisPrincess

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