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Zuha!!! (Tashan-e-Ishq… Swaragini… Qubool Hai) Part 1

Hello everyone, this story is a true story and we would like to bring it out for you so you could also know.

So babesss ?? get ready for the ride!
Two shots/Part 1:


The story opens up with the sun rising in a country which makes the sky looks beautiful, a girl wakes up and gets ready.

“Oh no, I’m going to get late.” The girl says and runs with her backpack.

“Zuha, have your breakfast.” A woman shouts.

“No Ammi, I don’t have time.” The girl says.

The girl is revealed to be Zuha and the woman is her mother/Ammi.

“Zuha…” Zuha’s Mum says but Zuha is long gone.

Zuha is seen running down the streets trying to catch her school bus, she then slips and falls down in to a mud.
Zuha: Allah! Why does this always happen to me!

Zuha stands up and then tears escape her eyes. She is revealed to be a 12 years old school girl. Zuha then starts walking back towards her house.

Zuha: Now teachers are going to phone Ammi again and then abbu would shout.

Zuha couldn’t stop her tears flowing out, she enters her home and Zuha’s Ammi sees her.

Ammi: Zuha? What happened?
Zuha: Ammi, I was catching the school bus but I fell and my clothes got dirty.
Ammi: Go get changed, I’ll talk to your abbu.
Zuha: Nahi Ammi, don’t.
Ammi: Go get changed.

Zuha nods and leaves to her room.
She gets changed and sits on her bed.
Zuha: Now what should I do? It’s boring without going school.

Zuha then picks her phone up and starts searching on Google. She finds a site called Telly Updates/ TU and starts reading and writing FFs. This continued for 6 months and Zuha got addicted to it.

Zuha: OMG, they’re actually liking my FFs? Wow, 100 comments and I made friends, Nusz and Sunehri.

Zuha is excited and starts reading more FFs, she then started commenting on others and became friends with Halima. Zuha also added Halima into their group which was called (SuNusZuRahLima)

Zuha: Wow, I made friends with Halima, she seems like a nice person.

And this continued for 4 months. Then one day Zuha came back from school upset and sat down on her bed and started thinking.
Zuha: What the hell! Why are my comments decreasing?!

Zuha was very angry and one day she got bashed.
Zuha: What the hell?!
Zuha then told that basher to not say this and gets upset about that as her comments decreased from 100.

Zuha then started writing FF’s on Swaragini, she then wrote a OS about RagSan and uploaded it.

One day Zuha was thinking about something.
Zuha (thinks): If I Bash my self then would I get more comments?

Zuha then commented on her RagSan OS as XYZ and bashed herself. She wrote all those dirty words and people started defending her, even her friends.
But little did she know that her friends are not stupid.

Zuha: Yes! I got more comments.

Zuha made one mistake, she commented on Halima’s FF as Zuha but by using the email of XYZ and recommended her own FF.

Zuha: Oh shit! What did I do? Now they’re going to get suspicious.

Zuha then commented on her other and OG account to save her self but she actually put her self in the suspicion angle.

Then her friends suspicions was confirmed as Zuha herself proved she was the basher ?

Zuha: Actually, if I comment as others then they won’t suspect me.

Zuha then started making fake accounts.

Then Halima, Nusz, Sunehri, Jo, Sanju and Kriya started discussing it and found more proof and the most shocking proof was that Zuha made fake accounts and commented on her FF and bashed her self as the princess of dreamland has XYZ’s email.

They then decided to get the truth out.

One fine day Zuha thinks to get Skype, she downloads it and adds the group. Halima asked her if she was XYZ then she denied it. Everyone asked her but she kept on denying it.

Zuha: Oh god, they’re getting suspicious.
Zuha then clears the doubt and her friends still know she’s lying. Then they find other ways to get her to say it. Then two new entries came into the group. Halina ??? and Hasina ?✨

Both of them hated on Zuha and eventually Hasina got Zuha to say the truth.

Zuha: Oh god, I feel so guilty for lying to them… I hope they don’t hate me.

Halima then asked Zuha to tell the group and Zuha did but she made a false story.

Zuha: What should I say? If I tell them that I done it for comments then they would hate me. I’ll tell them a story.

Zuha then told them that she was blackmailed by her bench/classmate Sarah and Sarah said that if you don’t bash yourself then I would tell everyone that the male teacher has a crush on you and that you like him, Zuha then lied she got scared and had to do it because of her parents.

Halima, Hasina and Halina kept asking her and eventually she blocked them. Halima then asked Zuha why she blocked her.
Zuha: My mum blocked you.
Halima didn’t believe her and Zuha blamed it on her mum.

Then it was SURPRISING how she added Sunehri and Nusz but not Halina, Hasina and Halima!

Then she wasn’t satisfied with the comments.
Zuha: Oh god, I used to get 100 comments and now I got 1?

Zuha then started writing different types of FFs but her comment hasn’t reached till 50.
So she made a new account.

But still they don’t believe her and think she’s lying. She quitted 1 FF due to less comments and skips to the next one.

Zuha: Halina and Hasina are b***ces, I hate them!

Part 1 ends on Zuhas shocked, upset and sad face.

Precap: Proofs and proofs and proofs to prove Zuha is a liar!

We know you wouldn’t believe us but Part 2 would only contain proofs and we will mention who to go to for more proofs and information.

Do comment and tells us what you think!

Take care guys and Zuha, who would you hide from?! You know we all know and seriously?! Another account?!! Don’t you get tired? It was our duty to stop and warn you!

Do try guessing who we are!

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