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Yours lovingly (episode 1)

Hello guys. Meet me moni joined newly in tellyupdates. I am so excited to share with you people my story. So i will start now please wish me luck & i hope u will surely love my story.

Scene starts with showing one big house naming malhotra’s guest house. Screen shows each & every room clearly & they will lastly show one bedroom which is so big & so modernly decorated.


Next screen goes on bed where there will be seen a dead body. The person will be seen keeping hand on heart & did not even closing eyes he is facing towards washroom.

Slowly police will come to guest house & they starts checking & searching for proofs. Just then inspector daya entersm

Daya: Mr.khanna what’s the case?

Khanna: Sir he is Rahul. Son of keshav malhotra one of the famous business magnets. It seems like natural death. Doctor said that death is caused sudden heart attack.

Daya: I think his age is between 20-25. Then how can he get attack. I think this case can be solved by only raman.

Then he calls him & then screen shifts to raman’s house.

There ishita will be seen coming from shopping & sitting in sofa & closing eyes to relax.

Then raman will be seen coming slowly from back & holds her shoulders & will massage. Ishita feels relaxed.

Ishu: Thanks raman you r so sweet.

Raman: What to do because i love my wife.

Ishu: Oh wow today you are talking to me so sweetly. That means u want to say something to me which makes me angry.

Raman: U know what ishu that is y i love u so much. U will read my mind so easily. How will u do it?

Ishu: Raman what is the matter?

Raman: Dnt get angry ishu matter is we are not going for manali trip.

Ishu shocks. It was her dream to go their. She is waiting for this trip since six months.

Ishu: What this is not fair raman? How can u do this to me?

Raman: New case ishu sorry.

Ishu sees upset & raman looks with sorry expression.

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