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Your space part1 -NAGALAKSHMI

Hi guys how are you all? First of all really really thanks to you Aman bro for letting me know about Nagalakshmi. Here are some more interesting infos about her.

Nagalakshmi wife of seshnag who incarnated as Urmila in thretha yuga and Revathi in dwapar yuga. When she incarnated as mila she did a very big sacrifice which can neither be compared nor be equalized by anyone. Ram ordered a throne to be installed in Ayodhya’s court for her. But Mila said she doesn’t want any throne. Instead she asked a boon from him that she’ll always remain as his selfless devote. Ram said she’ll become a tree in his temple where she’ll be worshipped by all.[Aman bro once gave this story as a post here so I just gave a short summary.] . Today this tree is in Puri Jaganath temple. After being served to this tree only the Prasad prepared here becomes mahaprasad. This tree is called as Bimla tree. The people who come there call it as Bimla devi. This is how her name got changed from Nagalakshmi to Bimla.


When lord Vishnu took avathar as Krishna. Sheshnag incarnated as Balram. How many of you are aware of the fact that he had another wife other than Revathi. Yes he had another wife varuni daughter of varuna. In isckon temples he is still worshipped with his two consorts. That’s why people say Urmila was varuni’s incarnation/ Bimla is varuna’s daughter

Anyway its not true that seshnag’s wife is daughter of varuna because as you all know Sesha was son of kashyup and kadru and varuna and all other devtas are sons of kashyup and aditi which means varuna is seshnag’s step brother.and his daughter is like seshnag’s daughter as for as I know he wont marry his own daughter can u all get what im saying??

But Sulochana is seshnag and Nagalakshmi daughter there is no debate in that point she is not vasuki’s daughter. You can confirm it by the folklores in telugu and marathi


I love to research on unanswered questions of myths [of any religion} I don’t mean to say I can answer all the questions but I’ll try my best to answer them. The comments section is all yours now ask the questions that are in your mind I’ll try my level best to answer them.

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