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You are just mine only swasan (episode 5)

Swara get redy in a blue and red color half saree and puts kajol to her eys. Thats only her make up and goes to hall and waits for sanskar.

“sanky wht are u doing till now? We’re getting late.”


“i’m ready! Says sanky says while aproaching her.

SHe looks at him and says “how many times i told u don’t be late.

“even i got late i’ll be there for u. U know” says sanky smilingly.

“she too smiles at him and holds his arm and they leave for party.

Party venue.

“viren is everything ready. While entering all flowers should fall on her” says arjun.

“everything is ready dude. Bt, why are u trying to impress her. Is there any something something between you two? Asks viren while giving him a suspicious look

Arjun blushes and leaves From there without saying anything.

Swasan are in a three wheeler and it stops middle of the road. The driver says that the wheel is broken down. they get out from the it and starts wlk

Suddenly swara says “sanky there ate much time to start the party right? So shell we have a competition.?”

He gets confused and asks” competition.? Now??”

She points toward a panipuri vander
“i’m 17 now” says sanky having mouth full panipury.

“me too. I’m done. I cant eat more.” says swara finishing it.

“even i’m done” sanky says while paying the vandor.

“Why? Bt u can eat more na? ” asks swra

“yes. Bt, i dont want any lose or win inbetween us. Even if there is someone to win its should be u who will win” says sanky while walking. He sees swara still standing near the vandor.

“shona wht happen? Come we are getting late.

Swara runs toward him and hugs him with full force by which he loses his balance. Bt some how manages to stand and hugs her.

“wht did i do to get you in my life sanky.why are you treating me as your princess”

“bcz you are m……”


its a kulfi vandor who spoiled their lovely moment.

“sanky! We are getting late. Shall v go?” says swara looking at him and he nodes his head and stars to walk while holding her hand. After some distance swara says

“sanky from childhood i had a wish to play in children park.”

“ya i know. This sunday i will take you there”

“no. I want to go now its self. Plz. Look there, there is a park over there.”

“bt shona we are getting late for the party”

“just five minutes plz… ”

He sighs and says ok. He takes her there and she starts to enjoy. After sometimes he too starts to have fun forgetting time.
“oh shona its 9.30 now. By this time party would have over. Wht to do?

“lets go back to apartment. Come!”

They open thire aprtment door and look at each other mischievly and starts to run toward there belconey.

They both fall on the metress which has arranged by themself for enjoying the full moon sky.

They laugh like mad for sometime and gets quiet aftet some time bcz of tird.

“shona look over there. My parents has come” says sanky pointing toward two stars.

“do u know where parents are?” asks swara looking at sanky.

Sanky looks at her and doesn’t say anything.

“they are here only” says swara points toward sanky while having tears.

He gets emotional and wipes her tears and comes top of her.

“are u happy shona? ” asks sanky while his one hand careses her hairs and other hand careses her cheeks.

“i’m very happy when you are with me” says swara while caresing his ckeek.

He smiles and about to get up bt she holds his hand and says “plz be with me”

He nodes and lays down beside her while she puts her head on his chest hugs him tightly.

He too hugs her and starts to care her hairs and both fall in sleep in each others arms.

Credit to: Misz

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