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You are just mine only swasan (episode 16)

Hello friends. Thank you for your valuable comments??. I cant post long episode untill my exams could over. Plz bear me ??

Swasan apartment


Swasan are watching film in their room. They are sitting in bed and enjoying the film. But sanky is in full of romantic mode.

Sanky holds her waist makes her sit on his lap. Her back is touching his bare chest. He is shirtless and just wearing a shorts and swara is wearing a loose t shirt and shorts. He is holding her belly under her t shirt and tracing his fingers on her belly. She closes her eyes and feels his touch. He is kissing on her shoulder. He hugs her tightly and whispers

“shona! will you not protest me when I’m romancing with you?”

Swara breaks the hug and turns. She puts her hands around his neck and gets more closer.

“why should i? I’m just yours only. Just you have the rights to touch me. More over you are the only one who loves me. It is your way to show your love on me. So i wont protest it. In fact i love it. Your touch makes me feel that you are the only one who loves me in the world. I love you so much sanky.”

Sanky is touched by her words. He pulls her more closer and captures her lips and starts to kiss it. Slow and sweet kiss later turned into a passionate one. He caresses her waist and tightens his grip. She caresses his hair and pulls more and more closer.

Ragini is in college and tries to find out sanky’s address. She goes to principle’s room.

“hello sir, i want 1st year MBA student sanskar’s address.” say ragini.

The principle signs his assistant to look for the address.

“sorry sir, we don’t have his address” assistant says making ragini disappointed.

Swasan break the kiss and breath heavily. They have an eye look. Sanky slowly caresses her cheeks with his thumb. She can feel butterflies in her tummy. She slowly rubs his bare chest making his all hormones to active mode. He holds her waist and pulls her more and more closer. Each others hot breath touch their face making them lose their sense. He nuzzles his face on her neck and gives her a love bite and wet kiss.

“oh shit. Whenever i try make a step toward sanky he is going away from me leaving 10 steps between us” ragini murmurs being frustrated.

Sanky raises his head from her neck and says

“not now shona, after our mission is succeeded i will mark you as mine officially” he pecks her lips.

“im waiting…” swara says leaning for a long yet passionate kiss.

“oh god! Today swara is also on leave. Does it mean they are together.?” ragini calls swara. But, all in vain. Its also switched off. Ragini is restless

“wht if they are in a relation. Wht if sanky loves swara?” ragini is getting worried.

“from when you started to think about others? You are ragini godadia. I’ll make as sanky mine. He is just mine only(???) if swara is coming between us, then I’ll show her wht ragini godadia can do” ragini thinks evilly and leaves the college.

“sanky when we have to submit the tender.? ” swara asks making circles on his bare chest.

“we have 3 months time. And we have to register our company. It will be better if we start our work from today its self.” sanky says caressing her head.


Next day at college.

Ragini is waiting for sanky near the gate. He gets happy seeing him. But in the next moment her happiness vanishes. Swasan are coming in hand in hand and lughing. Ragini gets angry seeing them. Ragini goes to them

“sanky, why didn’t you come to college yesterday? I was missing you”

“so you didn’t miss me ragini?? Swara mocks.?

“no no. Nothing like that, i was missing both of you. You two have vanished from party also…” ragini covers and tries to divert the topic.

“nothing much, some PERSONAL issues” sanky says.

“hey swara wht happened to your hands.” ragini takes her hand in hers.

“a small cut” swara tries to free her hand.

“but what this scar? Seems like a fire injury?” ragini points swara’s hand near her elbow.

” i think it happened in my childhood. ” swara frees her hand.

Bell rings informing them first subject.

“this scar… This scar… I have seen somewhere. But, when and where?” ragini is confused.

“shona may have forgotten. But i didn’t forget yet. I didn’t forget scar or the wound which now turned as a scar or the person behind the scar. I will never forgive them.” sanky thinks.?

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