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You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 9

Abhi, I am very confused after seeing her in college….She is surely hiding something from me…..Not only her but all those who are around me….I am suspicious of this right after my accident but I thought they are all like that as they were very worried of the accident happened to me and thats why they behave towards me differently…..but something is mysterious….That day someone asked me about how are u feeling without your love in the concert? I was confused with the question before I could answer Purab made me to move to caravan…..What does that question means? I was in love before?? With whom?? And now this Chasmish!!! She is making me even more confused….Why her ID card have her name as Pragya Abhishek Mehra??? Or was it my illusion? Did I imagined seeing that?? Let me just call the college principal (a family friend of Abhi’s family)

Abhi ” Hello Uncle! Abhi here! I need to ask u something important!” Principal ” Yes! Its very sudden of u to call and what’s the matter?” Abhi ” Did anybody named Pragya is working at your college?” Prinicipal ” Yes! And she is a very hardworking person just like u” Abhi ” I know that but may I know what’s her marital status?” Prinicipal was silent for a while and this made Abhi suspicious…Abhi ” Uncle!” Principal ” Haan Abhi! She is single only….” Abhi ” Ok thanks uncle! And bye!” He ended the call saying that and Abhi realised that he is not telling the truth….


Abhi, So it means all are hiding the truth…I know who is the only person who will tell the truth! I will ask that person!

Pragya was thinking about Abhi’s sudden visit to the college to meet her….Pragya, I really didn’t expect him to come and this makes me only to love him even more…not only love but actually to live with him even more….

If hiding is their way then I will also hide myself to show my way!

I know its short but the next one will be longer….Sorry for the short update…

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