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You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 6

First the story of Abhigya then I will share my story…..

Pragya, It feels good that he is willing to talk to me but how will he react once he knows the truth?


Abhi, I want to talk to her whenever I feel that I want to see her…..It means she is important to me right? Just a few meetings with her makes me feel that she is important to me…..Why is that so?

Pragya, Every time I meet him it only makes me feel that I am important enough to be admired….Admired just by him….

After thinking about the few meetings with Pragya, Abhi slept peacefully with her thoughts…..

Pragya too slept peacefully thinking about him but she felt it would be even more peaceful if he is beside her…..

The next day……

Abhi was hugging his favourite pillow and was smiling in sleep….Dadi came there and was wondering why he was smiling even in sleep….Dadi ” Abhi! Wake up! Abhi! Its already 11! And u are still sleeping!” Abhi “Let me sleep for a while so that I can see her….” Dadi ” Who?” Abhi ” My favourite fan!” Dadi pinched his ear and Abhi ” Ouch! Why Dadi?? I cant even sleep peacefully…” Dadi sternly said ” Already its late!” Abhi ” For what?” Dadi ” To meet our relatives!” Abhi ” Huh? Oh ok! Let me freshen up first!” Dadi with a worried tone ” By the way who is the girl u saw in your dreams?” Abhi ” U believed me right? I was just kidding! I wanted to irritate u Dadi!” Dadi ” You are still behaving like a small kid! Ok go and get ready now!”

Abhi, Luckily I managed to cover up from Dadi! I don’t want her to know that I was dreaming of Chasmish! If not she will look out for Chasmish and fix marriage with her! I want to know Chasmish well and marriage is not at all cool for a rockstar like me!

Abhi came down to the living room and he smiled and greeted his relatives there….and then he got an idea!

Abhi, I don’t know why i got this idea suddenly but in this way I can meet Chasmish!

Abhi ” Purab! Can u ask whether Chasmish is free today? As in evening after work?” Purab ” Why Abhi? Are u missing her?” Abhi ” Nothing like that I am planning on something and I need suggestions for that and that too from Chasmish!” Purab ” What is that u want to ask suggestion from her but not your best friend?” Abhi ” Hey Purab! Its suspense and she only can give suggestion to it! She is related to it! Just pls ask her is she free today and update me what she said!” Purab ” Okok! I will do that!”

Purab was now wondering what Abhi was up to…..

Pragya was informed by Purab that Abhi wants to meet her and she too agreed to that.

At the same restaurant, Abhi was waiting for Pragya’s arrival!

Pragya came there once again in his favourite color red which he can’t resist to admire……

Abhi, Again she is ravishing in red! How i wish that she is wearing this just for me to admire! But why would it be as she said we should be just friends for a short period….

He felt very bad at the thought that they will just have to be friends and nothing more than that….but at least he felt satisfied in that way as he can meet and talk to her in this way……

Pragya ” Are u like feeling happy and sad at the same time?” Abhi ” Mind reading again?” Pragya ” No yaar…You smiled at me when i walking from the entrance and when I was reaching near u, then u were keep on looking sad with no smile….” Abhi ” You notice this much ah? Is it because of the strong power of your chasma?” Pragya in childish anger tone ” Don’t tease about my chasma! My chasma is very special to me!” Abhi ” So cute! You love your chasma a lot!” Pragya, Its because u loved it more than me! U thought it is as part of me….a lovely part of your fuggy!

Abhi ” Lost in thoughts…I guess either of us are always lost in thoughts….” Pragya ” Ya and by the way Purab said you want to ask me some suggestions! And can I know what is it about?” Abhi ” Let’s have something to eat first and then I will tell u…” Pragya ” Ok sure!”

Pragya ” Are u sure? This idea of yours is so ………!” Abhi ” I am trying to expand out what I have. So I think this is a great idea!” Pragya was trying her best to control her……..but seeing that Abhi got ………..

Ok sorry for ending this update abruptly, I will be back soon as finally my exams are over! Finally the exam fever is over! I am so relieved that I now can breathe, eat and sleep peacefully without having the need to keep on check on time! Haha ok now i have to rest my brain until then try to fill in the blanks in the precap! Bye friends! Have a nice and fruitful day!

One more thing….Thank u so much for the lovely comments and support! It is really very encouraging and now I realise there is so many ffs to catch up and I am confused in which one to start first! I can’t rememeber which episode I left at too all beacuse of this exam trauma……Ok sorry for my baks baks! Bye again!

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