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You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 2

Hi! Maya here again! I don’t think I can upload the next update tommorow so I am uploading it today (13 aug) itself! Thank u for the response so let’s go into the story!

Abhi, I really wish to meet her again! But I don’t know where is she or who is she except for her name!


Pragya, Thank god! He didn’t get any strain of seeing me instead he was smiling all the way at me! What more can I ask for? I just want him to be with smile and happiness! That is the wish of my love.

The next day….

Abhi ” Aaliya! Have u found a model for the ad? Its actually postponed to tommorow!”

Aaliya ” Bhai! It’s very short period for me to get a new model and all are asking how much is charged for the ad!”

Abhi ” All are like us! Only after money! But we should also sometimes do certain things not for money na! Sometimes u can do anything for our closed ones like family and friends!”

Aaliya ” Bhai! Not everybody can be like u! I will still try to find someone as still there is time until tommorow!”

Abhi ” No need Aaliya! U take care of other things! I have an idea but let me think about that!”

Aaliya ” What idea Bhai?” Just then she received a call from Tanu. Aaliya ” Tanu is calling me and u tell the idea later to me! Excuse me now Bhai!”

Abhi ” Ok! You carry on!” Abhi, Actually I should thank Tanu because of her I am now having this idea!

Abhi was keep on calling Purab. Purab ” Why are u keep on calling me?” Abhi ” Important issue!” Purab ” What’s that?” Abhi ” I need a model to work with me for the ad tommorow! And I saw a girl ytd in the concert! She was so beautiful and mesmerizing!”

Purab, What is this? Now he is attracted to some other girl! Already he felt he was attracted to Tanu previously and then I made him realised that he was actually attracted to Pragya di! And now who is this new one??

Abhi ” Hey Purab! Are u on the line? Why are u silent?” Purab ” Haan Abhi! So you want her to work with u?” Abhi ” If possible…as its just one day ad! And u can say I will pay her too!” Purab ” Who is she? Do u know her name or any other details?” Abhi ” Ya I know! I know her name and also have her picture in my phone! I took it before leaving to the backstage!”

Purab, He even took photo! Oh my god! Don’t how long he would admire the the girl!

Abhi ” Again u are silent! Are u ok? Or are u having silent sickness?” Purab ” Abhi! You are in full form to tease me! Ok tell her name and send me her picture too! I will try to find her!” Abhi ” Her name is Pragya and I had whatsapp u the picture already!” Purab ” Huh? Pragya di!” Abhi “So much of respect without even seeing her?” Purab ” No…I…mean its just like that Abhi! Ok I have something on and after checking the picture and finding about her, I will get back to u!” He ended the call quickly and went to check his whatsapp to see the image…..

Below the image Abhi had written the girl in green with chasma!

Purab, Omg! I can’t believe this! So he is attracted to Pragya di again! If Pragya di hears this she would be on cloud nine! How I wish she was here too! Wait! Shall I tell this to Dadi? No! I shall not tell if not she would worry a lot with the problems that Abhi and Pragya would face if they meet each other! Ya let them meet again to understand each other and slowly to fall in love each other….I should also not let Aaliya and Tanu know about this at any cost! Ok let me call Pragya di and inform about this!

Pragya “Hello Purab! Is everything ok? Why did u call me now?” Purab ” Di! If u hear what I am gg to tell then u will surely be happy like never before!” Pragya ” Really? That much of happiness is only when it is about him!” Purab ” Yes its about Abhi only…ytd he saw u at concert right? He still remembers u frm ytd and wants to work with u!” Pragya ” Are u serious? Or just telling me to make me work with him like the last time!” Purab ” No di! He himself called me up and said all these and he also took picture of u! He said u are very mesmerizing!” Pragya ” I can’t believe this Purab! It means he thinks of me now…” Purab ” Yes di! But now I need to make sure Aaliya and Tanu doesn’t know about this! And I assume he never told abt u to them yet if not they would have brain washes him by now!” Pragya ” Yes u are right! But I have one condition to work with him!” Purab ” Condition?” Pragya ” Haan Purab! It is……” Purab ” Ok di! Its a strange condition but I will tell him about this!”
Pragya ” Thank u Purab! And take care of Dadi too!” Purab ” Yes sure and I am not telling her about this until everything goes well!” Pragya ” Ok sure and we will meet tommorw!” They ended the call and Purab went to Mehra mansiom to inform Abhi and also to manage Aaliya and Tanu from knowing about this!

Pragya, At least now he remembers me from one day….It could have been better if he remembers me from the many days that we spent together….But still at least our destiny have made in this way to make us meet again….

Purab ” Pragya di agreed to work with u but on one condition!” Abhi ” What’s the condition? Is it about money?” Purab ” No! Its actually about….”
Abhi ” I told u na she was strange and now after hearing her condition, I feel she is very different too!”

What’s the condition? Keep guessing!

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