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You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 16

I am writing this but something in me tells me this is not nice as I am typing this while doing something else too….So my concentration is like divided so I am telling sorry in advance…..

Abhi went into the same restaurant that she had met Pragya for a few times but waiting for someone to arrive. Tanu saw Abhi sitting down and waved at her and she too waved back in smile. Abhi started walking towards her. Tanu, Abhi is coming towards me to hug me! That is the way he used to welcome me! I am so excited!


Abhi came near and Tanu was keep on smiling widely but then he walked passed her and hugged someone else….Tanu, What he never hugged me?? He hugged her?
Abhi “ Is she looking at us?” Pragya “ Haan but how can u hug me like this?” Abhi whispered in her ears “ Just enjoy my hug until she approaches us!” Pragya “ You will never change!” Abhi hugged her very tightly and Tanu was so irritated and walked towards them…..
Tanu “ Abhi!!” Abhi was still hugging Pragya with his eyes closed and Pragya was trying to stop her smile while seeing Tanu getting irritated. Tanu yelled “Abhi!!” Abhi “ Oh Tanu! You are here? How come I never notice you?” Tanu “ First u have to stop hugging her!!” Abhi “ Oh!” He broke the hug and Pragya was keep on smiling and was waiting to listen what explanation is he going to give…..

Tanu “What is this Abhi? And when did u know her? How can u hug her like this in a public place?” Abhi “ Tanu! Come let’s sit and talk!” Tanu “ No! I need an explanation now!” Abhi “ You are always like this! You always need me to listen to u right? Ok fine! She is my new model who worked with me! And I missed her as I am seeing her after a long time. So I couldn’t control myself and hugged her!”

Tanu “Model?” Abhi “ Aaliya never told u about this?” Tanu “ Aaliya knows about this! Why she never told me about this?” Abhi “ How would I know? You two are best friends and I thought she would have told u!” Pragya “ Excuse me…I have to leave now as I am getting late…” Abhi “ Ms Pragya! Why don’t u join us for dinner….for a while?” Pragya “ Thank u but maybe next time….” Abhi “ Ok actually I am also not that hungry! Tanu may be next time we have dinner together! I feel I am having a bit of stomach ache now!” Tanu “Huh? U said we are having dinner today and now u are cancelling it!” Abhi “Who am I?” Tanu “ Abhi the rockstar!” Abhi “ Ya so rockstar have his mood swings and now I don’t have mood to eat here!” Tanu was shocked and puzzled hearing that. Pragya “ I am leaving now….” Abhi “ Ok bye! See u soon!” Pragya left from there and was keep on smiling….Pragya, He is very well managing Tanu now….and not giving Tanu a chance to talk back!
Abhi “ Let’s go!” Tanu “ But I am hungry!” Abhi “Then u have your dinner! I am leaving! Waiter! come here! Serve her the meals that she wants and I will pay her bills when I come here next time!”

Waiter nodded and showed her the way to sit….Abhi “ Bye Tanu!” Tanu “Bye Abhi!” Tanu, he still pay for me just like before but that Pragya is so irritating and came in between to spoil his mood! Pragya again in his life! Now what will I do if he falls in love with her? What if he remembers the past again? Then I am dead! Have to get rid of this Pragya first! And this Aaliya also never told me about all this! I will call her and ask everything but before that I need to get rid of my hunger!

Abhi, This Tanu is still not thinking which means now I can play my confusion games with the two best friends!

Abhi “ Fuggi! Have u reached home?” Pragya “ No I am still in auto!” Abhi “Ok! How was it just now?” Pragya “ You are unbelievable! For this u asked me to come there! ” Abhi “Yes Fuggi! It’s so fun doing all this!” Pragya “But….when they know u are acting then….” Abhi “Then also nothing will happen! Trust me before they get to know I will make them know that it was a very big mistake playing with a rockstar and his wife!” Pragya “I feel all this is not necessary…we can just reveal everything to Dadi and Purab…Then I can also live with u…” Abhi “ How many times do I have to say? I really want to teach them a lesson! But not like u! U were just dragging last time to teach them a lesson! But I won’t drag….I have my own way and in my way I will make them confused until…..” Pragya “Until…..”

Abhi “I won’t tell u now! Just watch my games and u will understand it!” Pragya “I think u are in full form and nobody can stop u!” Abhi “ Yes Fuggi! Unstoppable rockstar! How is it? My new tagline!” Pragya “ Nice!” Abhi “Just nice?” Pragya “ Haan….” Abhi “ U reached near your home right?” Pragya “How u know that?” Abhi “ That’s why u are speaking in one word….Ok get down from auto after paying and I will talk to u later!” Pragya “ I know that! Why are u telling all this like as if I am a kid!” Abhi “Hey Fuggi! Lower down your voice if not aunty ji will hear u!” Pragya “ Okok bye!” Abhi “ Bye Fuggi!”

Abhi, Fuggi! I know u are only wishing to live with me but just wait as I have to make Aaliya and Tanu to leave from our lives!

Abhi “ Aaliya! U make sure Ms Pragya is having her meals properly! I want u to make sure she is not throwing any tantrums! I just want to work with her smoothly! Did u get that Aaliya?” Aaliya “ Ok bhai!” Aaliya, What is this? Now I need to serve this Behen ji! This is not at all fair!

And also sorry for a short update! My brain juices are drained so that’s why it’s very short!

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