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You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 15

The next day….

Pragya, He never called me or messaged me today….May be he is sleeping…It’s ok I shall get ready for work and call him later….Yesterday was the most memorable day for me in my life….I hope everyday to be like that….

Pragya called him again but still he did not pick up the call…She was quite tensed but told herself may be he was still sleeping…

Pragya arrived at college and carried on her lectures until the lunch break….That’s when she was called to the Principal’s office. Pragya, Why did Sir called me all of  a sudden?

At Prinicpal’s office….

Pragya ” Sir! Anything important?” Principal ” Yes Mrs Pragya…I am sorry to tell this but…” Pragya looked puzzled and he handed over her a letter….Pragya read the letter and was shocked seeing that!

Pragya ” Sir! But why had u made this decision? Have I done anything wrong?” Principal revealed the details that was responsible for his decision. It made Pragya even more shocked!

Pragya ” If that is the case then I agree to this decision”. By saying that she left the room and Principal called someone which was seen by Pragya….

Pragya, How can he do this to me? Let me ask him!

Pragya ” I want to see u!” Abhi ” I also want to see u!” Pragya ” Where?” Abhi ” Wait for me at the park near your college and I will meet u there!” Pragya ” Ok!”

Abhi, I know by now she knows the truth and she is very angry with me now! Let’s see how I can calm her down….

Abhi arrived there and Pragya was already fuming with anger….Abhi went near Pragya…

Pragya ” You can’t do this to me now!” Abhi ” What did I do?” Pragya ” You want me to say right? Ok fine then let me tell u! U made me lose my job right?” Abhi ” No Pragya its not like lose your job…just for a while u have to be without a job….” Pragya ” Its the same thing! You just want me to be jobless but that’s fine but how can u make this decision without asking me?” Abhi ” I had no choice Fuggi! I am very sorry!” Pragya ” What u mean u had no choice? This was decided way before that’s what Principal told me…And yesterday u gave me so much of happiness but today u are giving me disappointment!” Abhi ” Fuggi!

Its not like that….Its….” Pragya ” Its just that u want me to see suffering right?” Abhi ” Shut your mouth! Who said that? If u are thinking that now u will not have enough money as u are jobless then u never thought of me! I am always with u to solve all your problems! I did this as part of my plan! But I couldn’t tell u as I was scared that u won’t agree to this!” Pragya ” What plan?” Abhi ” Aaliya…she got to know that u are working in the college that have our family friend as Principal….In that way she wanted to torture u by doing something to affect your reputation…And I can’t tell her no if not she would suspect me….So that’s why I had to made u lose your job all of a sudden!” Pragya ” U did this all for me?” Abhi ” Haan Fuggi…but I should have informed u earlier….”

Pragya hugged him and he was taken aback….Pragya ” I am sorry…I fail to realise that u are always there to protect and save me…” Abhi ” Look up Fuggi! I know what I have done is all of a sudden but if i never did this then Aaliya would have done something even worse…I just want to make sure u are safe and for that I have to show that I am torturing u! I also feel bad saying that I am torturing u…but at least when I am torturing I will make sure u won’t get any pain from it….”

Pragya look into his eyes with tears and wiped it with her hands….Pragya ” Why do u think its torture? Whatever u do to me is pleasure to me and I know even if there is pain from it…The pain is also a pleasure to me….” Abhi ” No! I won’t let u have any pain anymore!” Pragya ” Ok! Its not pain…And I am sorry again…” Abhi ” How many times will u say sorry? I should be the one saying sorry…” Pragya ” Arrey…Nobody need to say sorry! And let’s go from here as i am seeing people are coming around….we should leave before it gets too crowded!”

Abhi smiled and said ” So what? We can take selfies together with my fans!” Pragya ” Haan then Aaliya and Tanu know that we are together!” Abhi ” I don’t mind them knowing that!” Pragya “But I mind so I am leaving!” Abhi ” Fuggi! Wait wait I am also coming!”

In car….
Pragya ” Thank god! U didn’t took selfies with fans!” Abhi ” Why? U don’t like my fans ah?” Pragya ” Not like that…Your fans are your strength but if u take selfies when i am with u then it will only create troubles…” Abhi ” Its nothing like that…” Pragya mumbled to herself, u won’t agree but its like that…. only because of me all troubles are present in your life….

Abhi, I heard what u said Fuggi and very soon i will show u that u are not troublesome to me…U are only awesome to me with all the joy that u gave to me!

Pragya was keep on looking out of the car’s window as for Abhi, he was keep on thinking about her while driving…..

Abhi walk passed Tanu and hugged Pragya leaving Tanu to be shocked!

Happy Janmashtami! Happy Krishna Jayanthi!

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