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Yeh Vaada Raha 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Khsuhi wakes up to find her parents cuddled together asleep. she calls out to them, and they are too overwhelmed to see her alive. they ask her who did this, and she replies that it was a woman. they bring her down and all are happy. khushi eyes tai’s bracelet and recognises her as the culprit, while tai is aghast,. they reprimand, while she continuously vehemently tries to say that she cant have done this. she goes on an emotional rant, as to how she should have been sent to jail, he shuts her and asks why would khushi blame her. she says that she shall go with the police then. just then the police comes in with the report of fingerprint analysis, and all are shocked, that its lata, while she is herself thoroughly boggled. tai remembers


how she had tampered with the fingerprints. tai sides with lata that she couldnt have done this as why would she. Jatin and kartik go with the evidence, while tai smirks at pyaare. Lata gets emotionally distraught as to how they can believe that she did this. she tries to talk to khushi, but he asks survi to take khushi upstairs right now, as she is scared. survi is tensd but complies. tai says that this isnt right. he apologises for blaming her. tai then asks why did lata have to do this. jatin points out how she doesnt like survi and khusi being back in the house. kartik doesnt get lata arrested, and asks jatin to go and take back all claims. he complies. kartik announces that kushi is his daughter, and there shall be grave consequences, if anyone tries to do anything to his daughter. tai smiles victoriously, while she is already thinking of another move.

Later, in the night, survi comes to lata’s room to find hercrying, and emotionally consoles her, that she believes that lata couldnt have done this, as she is like a mother. lata gets emotional. survi says that they shall find out who did this. she promises lata.

In his room, kartik notices that khushi is fidgeting around, in sleep, and blames it on survi, who steppes in. she asks him to forget about their problems, right now, for khushi’s sake, who is immensely scared. Survi puts her to sleep, after he cribs that she got her sleep out. kartik eyes them both, getting emotional and overwhelmed, remembering their past times. after she is asleep, survi gets to go. but he stops her, and asks if its necessary to go. she is full of overwhelming happiness. he talks about how this culd have been their room, and even despite it, they can stil share it now, for khushi’s sake. she goes and lays out her bed on the floor, to sleep, while he watches intently. he asks if she can be sleeping on the floor. he says that its for her. as fate would have it, they collide on each other, and falls on he bed on the floor, her atop him. a romantic eyegaze and embrace follows. they remember their past moments together. they compose themselves. she points out that blaming never leads anyone anywhere, and that they must be to blame too. then she diverts the topic. she gets up to sleep beside her and he sleeps on the floor. he eyes her with their daughter. finally, their eyes meet and they continue staring at each other. on the pretext of khushi being awak and scared of the dark, he nudges survi not to close the lights. she asks him not to worry, as its his fear and not khushi’s, and that she doesnt get scared, and her mother is here with her. he says that her mother was there earlier too, but she still landed in trouble. survi is silenced. the screen freezes on their tensed faces.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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