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Yeh Vaada Raha 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence and Business Venue
Survi waits tensedly, for kartik to return, while the kids play arpound. the light of her diya flickers, and she gets distressed. she hopes kartik comes back soon, as she doesnt feel well.

Meanwhile, kartik steps out, to confront tai, while the lady sits in the car. she taunts him and asks how is he, and asks what did he think, that after the shradh, he would have her thrown out, and she wouldnt do anything to him, and asks him to see her, as she is the same old tai, and asks him to witness what she does to him and his family. he says that he is least bothered by her and her warnings, and she can try anything, but she wont be able to separate survi and him. tai is enraged. Kartik smiles as he confronts tai, oblivious,

that the girl who asked for the lift is right behind him. she hits him on the head with an iron rod, and he groans in pain. at the same time, some child collides into survi, and her puja thali, topples over, and the vermillion falls on the floor. she gets berserk and aghast, as she takes it as a bad omen. survi is extremely tensed, while the children feel sorry. lata tries to assure survi that its nothing serious and that everything shall be okay. she asks hema to clear it up, while survi asks khushi to go and try kartik’s number. she complies. survi tries to help hema, but lata stops her. lata asks her to let be, as hema is doing this. lata asks her to go and call kartik, as he needs to come home straightaway, because only then she shall feel fine. survi tensedly complies. she turns to khushi, and asks what she said. khushi says that she couldnt get through. survi gets more tensed. she prays humbly to the lord. lata and hema asks her to break the fast, as she is hungry and thirsty since morning, but survi is adamant that she shall break it with him only, as he too has kept the fast, and that they shall do the worship together, and then eat in the same plate. lata is tensed, but happily says that kartik is very lucky to find a wife like her, and teases her that she shall reprimand kartik severely for the fact that he irritated survi so much so, and that too on this day.

Meanwhile, he gets unconscous, and falls right on the ground, at tai’s feet. the other goons and pyare arrive. tai asks if the lady didnt hit him hard. she says that she hit him just as was required not to kill him. tai wrenches his hair, and asks him to get up, toppling him over with her feet. all eye him, while she sprays water on his face, to nudge him back into consciousness, while all are amused. he groggily somehow manages to get up, and finds himself surrounded by tai and her people. she holds him by the hair, saying that she wouldnt give him salvation that easily enough, as he needs to witness a lot, and she cant let him go. she asks him to not bother about survi, as she would give her to someone else. she then shows him the property papers, saying that this is the house papers, that she was thrown out, which he himself signed to her. he is shocked, as she claims that now everything he had belongs to her. she says that his time is up, and that his family shall be left unattended. she threatens him in the name of survi and khushi, the two dearest people for kartik. she teases and chides with him, about their happy family, and everything was perfect, before survi and her ruined their happiness. she says that he got her thrown out of that house, and she wont spare him for this mistake, and shall punish him severely. tai is enraged, but says that she wont leave him, and gets the khurpi, saying that she shall send his entire family with him soon. she sends survi is fasting for him, whereas he shall be killed, and his blood shall wipe survi’s vermillion. she brings the khurpi right next to his throat. she asks the goons to hold him up, and he gets up groggily. she taunts him with the khurpi, and while others watch amusedly, tai raises her hand for the fatal blow. but before she can, he thwarts the attempt with his feet. pyare tries to hit with an iron rod, and kartik reprimands him for betraying the person who fed him. he overpowers pyare and the goons and then nabs tai, with the khurpi against her throat. all are tensed. tai says that he doesnt have the heart to kill her, and if he had to, then she wouldnt be alive today. he threatens them not to move. h tells tai, that he was like that, but not anymore. he says that he cant stoop so low, and that a mother-son’s relationship ends today, and asks her to stay away from him and his family, or else the consequence shall be very bad. he retreats and drops the khurpi, and runs from there. pyare rushes after him, as tai asks him to catch kartik, as he shouldnt be spared. he runs dishevelled and distraught on the road. pyare and the goons lose him, while kartik hides behind the bushes. he throws off his jacket, in a different direction, to distract them, and once they leave there, he looks for his phone, trying to reach to survi anyhow. pyare and goons come back and tell tai that he ran away. tai reprimands and lashes at them severely, asking them to search for him before he reaches home. they comply.

Meanwhile, survi prays to the lord to keep kartik safe, and be with him wherever he is. As she changes and sits tensedly, khushi gets her food, and asks her to eat something. survi says that she shall when her father comes, and asks if she had. khushi denies, saying that kartik asked her to take care of survi, while he is away, and she wont be able to, if she eats on her own. survi says that she shall be able to take care of her, only when she takes care of herself. she asks survi not to worry, as she isnt hungry at all, and that she had other snacks. survi reprimands her for eating such chocolates. khushi rushes out, and survi rushes after her. then survi gets khushi to bed, while she asks survi to wake her up, when kartik comes, so that she can reprimand him for such an irresponsible behaviour towards his wife. survi asks her not to talk like this. she explains that he is doing what he does, for them only. she puts her to sleep. then she gets up tensedly, and feels dizzy headed, and grasps to remain conscious. she eyes the time, and then survi waits outside in the balcony, hoping to see kartik. after much frantic running, evading pyare and his goons. he arrives at the final minute inside the main gate, just at the moment, when she turns around. but she instinctively feels his presence as kartik calls out to her. The screen freezes on kartik, survi, and ganesha’s face.

Precap: In front of tai and the lady, kartik gets brutally beaten and bashed up. as he walks groggily, tai gets in the car, and hits on him straighton. he gets flown into the air, and topples down the cliff. meanwhile, survi is extremely distraught, as even after her frantic attempts, the diya douses off in the puja thali. then she falls and the mangalsutra falls out of the neck, and shatters. she is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Will ganpati bappa save karthik

  2. Kartik needs to come back…ganapati baba needs to save him and reunite him with survi

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