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Yeh Vaada Raha 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence and Business Venue
While survi is mixing with the guests, she accidentally collides into a particular girl, due to which her cell phone breaks. she turns around to apologise, but finds her mysteriously gone. she gets tensed, but then goes to her room, to collect some cash. As survi goes in her room, she finds the bangles broken, which were given by kartik, and is distraught. she wonders who did it. The same shadow meanwhile lurks in the house. she eyes the bangles and is boggled. she rushes down to find the lady, but cant trace her anywhere. she asks hema and lata about any strangers. they deny and ask whats the matter. she says that someone broke the bangles by coming in her room. kishore hears this and gets tensed too. survi says that something


isnt right, and she is tensed and restless, and leaves to talk to kartik. she calls up kartik, and informs him the same, saying that she doesnt feel everything is okay, asking her to come back home rightaway. he is surprised, and tries to tease her. she gets berserk and says that its bothering her. he tries to calm her down, pointing out that they are merely bangles, and nothing to be bothered about. he asks her to let her work. she says that they were her marital symbols, and not merely bangles. she instinctively doesnt feel right, and asks him to come home straightaway. kartik is tensed, but then complies, and adds that it shall take sometime for him to come. asking her not to be tensed, he complies. he then talks about his wife’s notions regarding omens. his business partners smirk.

Meanwhile, survi turns around and finds ria holding her ears. she asks whats the matter. ria says that she made a huge mistake, and asks if she wouldnt scold her. survi calms her and asks whats the matter. ria says that she accidentally broke the bangles. survi hugs her, and asks her not to bother, and take care next time. ria smiles evilly.

Before he can even sign the papers, after going through them, kartik again gets survi’s call, who apologises saying that she merely wanted to tell that ria broke the bangles. she says that she got scared only because of their tumultous past. he says that they surmounted all difficulties, and shall continue furthermore. she is happy, and asks him to come home earlier. he complies. then he signs the business deal, with his initials, while the partners keep looking on evilly. he then excuses himself and takes leave. they assure that they shall help him always. once he leaves, tai comes and takes the file from the partners, and guffaws loudly, as he has accidentally signed the property papers to tai herself, by deceipt. she is amused that seh finally accomplished, what she has been wanting all these years, and now their happy marital days are over. she is enraged.

Later at night, survi dresses up herself, and finds kartik in the room. she turns around and finds that she is hallucinating. she gets back to work, and continues getting distracted by her imaginations. then she finds him helping her wear the bangles and donning the vermillion on her forehead, and leans into kiss her. but finds that she was again imagining, and smiles at herself at her foolishness. she gets impatient for his return. she comes down to find all the ladies having gathered up. she starts socialising, while inwardly waiting for kartik. she calls him up, and he says that he shall come soon, but he is stuck in bad weather. she asks him not to be late. he says that he is more eager than her to reach. as she continues waiting, lata asks her not to bother, as he would return. she is made to engage in singing and dancing, with the other ladies.

Meanwhile, on the road, she finds a lonely girl, wet in the rain, asking for lift. she k nocks on the windshield, and he pulls down, and they both see each other for the first time. she begs for his help, citing a medical emergency in the family. he agrees and she sits in the car. its the same girl who has been shown to be lurking in kartik’s house recently. Meanwhile, survi finds that the other ladies are finishing up on the puja rituals one by one, and starts getting tensed, awaiting his return. his car suddenly comes to a screeching halt, as tai stands in the way, but he is unable to see her, blinded by the headlights.

Pyare finds a money laden bag, with tai, and is super ecstatic, about the money, while tai fumes. she asks him to understand that she didnt do this to get the money, but that this is his death certificate. she says that her own daughter slapped her, influenced by kartik, she felt that there was no wound more deep. she says that survi added fuel to the fire, and hence swears revenge from kartik for everything. she says that she shall trap kartik and everyone associated with him, and ruin them, and then she might feel a little better. she says that this time, noone shall defeat her. pyare eyes her tensedly.

Meanwhile on the road, Kartik asks the lady to get out of the way, and then she slowly turns around to reveal that its tai, with full hair blowing in the wind. he is surprised to see her like this. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Kartik smiles as he confronts tai, oblivious, that the girl who asked for the lift is right behind him. she hits him on the head with an iron rod, and he groans in pain. at the same time, some child collides into survi, and her puja thali, topples over, and the vermillion falls on the floor. she gets berserk and aghast, as she takes it as a bad omen. Meanwhile, he gets unconscous, and falls right on the ground, at tai’s feet.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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