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Yeh Vaada Raha 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi wakes up instinctively palpitating, as a woman with, open long hair, staands demonically and death like, at the front gate. survi is tensed, and then rushes out to the balcony, and finds a faint appearance but isnt able to make out who is it. she rushes out to find the watchman asleep, and noone else at the gate. she wakes up the guard and asks if he saw anyone. he denies, even after she describes the appearance. she asks him to be awake and then steps inside the house. as survi ascends up the stairs, she is oblivious that the same shadow is following her. she opens the door to the room. she finds kartik awake, and trying to find out, where was she. he pulls her close, and says that he wont bear anyone else, as she belongs to him. they hold each other close, and then survi distracts herself and jerks herelf away. while their romantic banter continues, they are oblivious of the shadow’s lurking presence around them. in their conversation, kartik tells her about an impending deal, for which he shall have to go. she gets upset that he is telling at the last minute. he tries to convince her but she is upset. she asks him to do whatever he wishes and leaves off. Later, he tries to get her to be okay, but she is still upset at him khushi notices the tension and is amused. Meanwhile, the shadow continues to lurk around.


The next morning all are busy in arrangements, while people notice that survi is extremely tensed. lata comes and asks her whats the matter and why she looks so tensed. she changes the topics. lata comes and asks the same question. but she doesnt say anything. khushi however sees the truth, and tells that she knows that they fought. but khushi says that she didnt tell anyone . survi complies. rohit however tells her to spare kartik, and so does ria, and everyone else in the family. survi is aghast to know that everyone knows it. khushi gives her a lecture, as to how she doesnt want them to fight after they united after so many years. khushi runs after her, and survi tries to catch up. khushi takes shelter into kartik’s arms. he tries to do a romantic number, to impress survi. khushi says that she knew survi would agree if he tries to impress her. all are amused. the shadow lurks around.

Kartik take survi blindfolded in the room, while she asks if he isnt getting late. she asks whats the matter, and he takes out a bunch of bangles, and makes her hear the rining tunes. she is overwhelmed to see the bangles, while he says that these bangles shall be with her while he is gone. they both eye each other romantically, as he leans in to kiss her. their romance ensues. he asks her to be happy and smiling always, as she looks beautiful that ways. she gets upset when he casually comments about their separation. she asks him not to talk like that. he clutches at her, saying tht she wont be spared as easily, and he shall continue to irritate for years to come. he says that he has to go, but when he returns, he wishes to see his loving wife waiting for him. he hands her the vermillion, and adorns it on her forehead, while she closes her eyes overwhelmed with emotions. he teases that something is missing. she is boggled. he then takes off the Ganesha bracelet while she is tensed that this is meant for his security, but he says that nothing shall happen to him, and that this shall be his memory to her, while he is away. he makes her wear it, and then kisses her on the hand, while she is tensed. he then goes to meet khushi, and they have a heart chat, while survi, finds the cute father-daughter bonding, and clicks a pic. they all take na family selfie together. he then gets to go, citing that its too late. he bids her goodbye. he gets to go, aftr they pray at the temple, when as fate would have it, their hands get entangled. they eye each other romantically. he unties it himself, and then sets her dupatta free, remembering the million times, its happened earlier. as he leaves, the shadow calls up someone and reports that he has left the house. Kartik Barve is shown to have a life uptil 2016 only. the screen freezes on survi’s, kartik’s and the shadow’s tensed faces.

Precap: As survi goes in her room, she finds the bangles broken, and is distraught. she calls up kartik, and informs him the same, saying that she instinctively doesnt feel right, and asks him to come home straightaway. kartik is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Plzz ab survi aur karthik ko alag mat karo , it’s my humble request ? and plz karthik ka character ka end mat karna , I ❤ karthik n survi ‘s bonding…plz dnt end karthik’s role ??

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