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Yeh Vaada Raha 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
An oblivious tai confesses to everything on the phone, as she plans her conspiracies furthermore. she enumerates the various incidents, and also how survi isnt to be blamed at all, and how they both didnt know that khushi was their own child. she also talks about the murder attempts on khushi. survi turns the tv off, while pyare and tai are stunned. survi says that when tai enacted the renunciation, she decided to expose her, and hence sent to jatin to the ashram, and once it happened, she was sent home. she says that she knewe tai wouldnt sit quietly, coming back in the house, and before she came, she got cctv installed in her room. she says that she herself went to tai to instigate her, so that she gets into action mode, and blurts everything


on camera. survi says that she fathomed tai’s murder moves on khushi, and hence put jatin and kishore on tai’s tab to keep her movements. she tells everything that tai has done, and how kishore saw tai kidnapping khushi, and hence followed and saved her. she says that this promptyed her to walk in the footsteps of tai. she tells kartik that tai is to be blamed for the incident 7 years back, but she forgot that they had Ganesha’s hand on them. she says that he always misunderstood her, whereas th truth is that she herself didnt know that the girl is hers. he remembers the insults, torments and humiliation he put her through and gets emotional. she says that she didnt clarify, as he always does first, and then acts, and this is what tai too advantage of, and separated them for 7 years. she says that she has had enough, and now she wont let tai win, and this time, she shall be defeated. all are apalled. survi is in tears. lata rushes to her, and tai is about to get to kartik, when hema confronts her, and slaps her tight across her face. tai is enraged, and about to hit, when hema stops her, asking her not to call herself their mother, after committing such a heinous crime, and for what. she says that she is disgusted that she is her child. tai is surprised too. she then turns to pyare, and asks how could he support her,bad mouthing him. kartik asks them to arrest tai and pyare. they are all shocked, and tai is aghast. they are about to be handcuffed, when kartik stops them, asking them not to, as its a family matter and they shall deal with it, and no formal official complaint shall be lodged. the inspector reminds him of the law. kartik says thats valid only when there is a complaint against them. tai smirks amusedly, while survi and lata are shocked. survi protests even, as to why are they doiing this. kartik is clear that he doesnt want to take any action against them, and sends the police off. all are boggled. he then whispers something in nishant’s ears and he gets working. tai saw this and wonders whats wrong.

Later, kartik organises a hawan in the house. survi asks kartik whats the matter, and he merely asks the priests to stop and eat first. he himself comes with a box laden tray, containing goodies. survi and tai eye boggled. kartik is furious. he gets to freshen up. an enraged Kartik sits in the puja and hawan, and says that he wishes a shradh to be done, after tearing down tai’s pic from her. all watch distraught. the priest doing the havan asks whose is it. he says that its of a promise that he made 18 years back, to tai, that he would always take care of her. he then customarily, takes everyone’s blessing, and also tai’s but refrains at the last minute. he then eprforms all th rituals of the shradh, and renounces that he ever had with tai. he asks if she needed money. he geos in and gets a briefcase full of money and asks her to get lost. tai is shocked. when she doesnt respond, he takes her by the hand and drags her out of the house. she stands at the doortspe. then hema reprimands and lashes at pyare for having last done. then he venomously takes her bags and throws tai out of the house. kartik comes back, ffully broken and distraught. survi stands by kartik for support. tai fumes, while survi holds his hand, and watches her victoriously. she walks out with pyare, while survi eyes him lovingly. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Survi, all dressed up in roman tic decor, whispers, I LOVE YOU, to kartik, and promises that she shall be his, for the next 7 years. he carries her in arms, and lays her on the bed, strewn with rose petals. meanwhile, tai in her place, back in her grand form, tells pyare that survi didnt do right by messing with her, as she shall now make her realise what it is, to lose someone, who is so dear that u have clutches at it for all these years, but not anymore. she says that they might be celebrating, after what they did to her, but swears that the morning to this, shall be horrible for survi and kartik. she fumes enraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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