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Yeh Vaada Raha 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi’s arti resonates in the house, and wakes up everyone. all come for the arti, and for the prashad. kartik is plesantly surprised. survi asks about khushi, and knows that she is still fast asleep. then she gives the arti to tai too, who eyes her fuming. survi declares in front of everyone to kartik, asking him not to interfere, that she wishes to give their relationship another chance. she says that she wishes to protect her family, and be by their side always. all are baffled. tai fumes. kartik is pleased. survi turns to others with her plan to have a puja and idol establishment. she asks them to freshen up, as she shall serve breakfast to everyone. after all disperse, survi confronts tai. survi tells tai to do whatever is within


her means, to prevent her from staying here but she shall, and rebuild whats broken, and earn her trust back, and expose her totally in front of family, and as far as khushi is concerned, she shall forever be shielded, and wont let her be near tai ever. she accepts the challenge and plans to expose her. tai pretends to be scared, and chides with her. she says that she makes her energetic, and that she knew survi wouldnt succumb, and hence her next attempt is ready, and asks her to stop if she can. tai asks her to watch out now, and asks some people to come in survi is shocked as she sees them. she wonders who tai has called. some sanysins come in, and she sheds off all of her jewellery, to give it to them, declaring that she sacrifices everything, and asks how is she silenced. survi is shocked. tai asks how would she prove now, that tai is wrong. she smirks and turns around as they perform their ritual with the sanyasins. all gather, and kartik asks whats all this. tai declares that once he was settled, she claimed that she would renounce everything. she appears in that white saree form and all are apalled, hile survi is tensed.

In his room, while kartik is getting ready, they have their little moment, as survi comes to give him his things. they both lament over what happened, what could have been avoided and what could their life had been. she talks about her tumultous life. she gives him a gift, and its a photoframe containing her, him and khushi, and he is ecstatic to have seen it, and thanks her galore. she says that their daughter suffered a lot, while he asks her to move over the past, for khushi’s sake. he then takes leave, when he turns around and finds survi standing, and asks if she said anything. she denies. but then she stops him, and comes in front of him. straightening his collar, she sends him off. she wonders how to tell him that tai is behind this, and why would he agree to it.

Later, while the children were playing, tai again comtinues to talk to pyaare, while pretending top be meditating. the kids’ ball hits her, and she fumes. khushi apologises. tai fumes within at the sight of her, thinking that she wouldnt have done it, had it not been for khushi. she is about to obliviously prick a safety pin into her arm, when survi comes and takes her out of danger area. tai calms herself down and forgives them all. then survi says that for diksha, she has made plain food for tai, that she can have in the temple. tai fumes but resignedly complies. she gets a banana leaf and makes tai sit on the floor and eat plain food. tai complies, but is enraged from within. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik says that he doesnt want her to be disturbed in her meditation, and hence thought he would send her to ashram. tai husg her. tai commends survi on her attack, but her next attack awaits. she says that neither is she finished, nor their battle. Survi asks tai in the ashram, if she feels nice now for her prayers. she reminds her how the good did win and now she would have to eat on her own and clean on her own. tai fumes, while pyare stands tensedly. survi then teases her that he is waiting for her at home, for their wedding night. tai is startled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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