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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Gayu and Naira’s success. Rama says we should open a jewelry store for Gayu. Akshara says yes, once Naitik comes, we will do that for Gayu. Rama says if that pearls did not break, Gayu would have come first. Bau ji says Gayu’s designs were good, I have seen those guys’ designs too, Gayu should work hard. Rama says luck, fate and support is also needed. Bau ji says Gayu has everything. Rama tells Gayu that they all supported Naira and made her come first. Akshara asks Ram what happened. Rama says nothing. Gayu thanks Kartik.


Akshara misses Naitik and wants to celebrate Naira and Gayu’s success. Naksh comes and congratulates her. They hug. He says once Papa comes, we will celebrate. She says I don’t know how to hold this happiness. Gayu says Naira has come back, I m glad, but I m upset as Akshara’s feelings are getting divided, whom shall I ask whats happening.

Mishti tells Naira that she has seen Kartik pulling off electricity wires to delay the round, he helped Gayu too, he is so good, you always scold him. Naira thinks to say thanks to Kartik. She calls out Kartik and asks why was he running. He asks why did she come running. She says I had to ask something, did you do anything to delay round till mum came. He says no. she asks him not to become hero, I know you did this, do you want Dharmatma title, if you scared to admit, you should not say.

He says I get scared to talk infront of you, you talk so much that even a frog will get scared. He holds her hands. Yeh rishta kya….plays……….. he says I m lucky who have a family and stay with them, one who have family and stay away are unlucky, anyways we are lucky, your family accepted me, I can do anything for this amazing family, because I love you….. all…. I really love you all, shall I go office now, I will go now, you spend time with your mum. He goes. Naksh comes and tells Naira to inform mum that he is going to Krishna, be with her. Naira says I want to be with mum. She thinks to go something special for Akshara.

Gayu tells Rama that she thought to give this pendant to Akshara, she made me realize my talent. Rama says you have many talent. Akshara comes with a gift. She congratulates Gayu. Gayu says credit goes to you, I want to………. Naira comes and asks Akshara to com. She says sorry Gayu and takes Akshara. Bhabhimaa says Naira and Akshara’s talk will not end so soon. Gayu cries.

Naksh meets that girl and says how can I see someone troubling a girl. She says I told you they are dangerous people, I will leave from this city. He asks where will stay tonight, come with me to my house. She says no, I can’t put anyone in trouble, you go. The goons come there. Naksh sees them and hides with the girl.

He asks the girl to come with her. She asks why are you doing this, whats our relation. He says humanity, come with me. They leave in his car. Kartik tells Lord that his promise is getting fulfilled, Naitik should come back, then I will tell Naira my feelings, till then I have to control my tongue, I said I love you today. Vishwamber comes and says I wanted to thank you, so I got this kheer for you. Kartik asks him to sit. He asks how did you say I love you to Rajshri for the first time. Vishwamber asks what are you saying.

Kartik says my friend was asking. Vishwamber says we did not have such things in our age. Kartik asks did you not say till now, go and tell her. Vishwamber says no, I told her I love you after some years of marriage, I got courage and then went to her. Kartik asks did you tell her. Vishwamber says no, I have run away from my room. Kartik says I visualized other things. Vishwamber says I told her after getting children. Kartik asks do I have to wait for long, I mean my friend. Vishwamber says maybe that girl will tell your friend, I will find some solution, you have kheer. He goes. Kartik says idea is good, I will not lose.

Kartik sees Nannu. Rajshri and Varsha come and say we are going to see Nannu. Nannu sits meditating. Rajshri praises him and says we will go now. Kartik says I felt Nannu is doing something else. Nannu smiles and sees them gone. He says thank God, I heard them. He takes drugs.

Naira asks Akshara to come, and switches on lights. Akshara gets surprised seeing the beautiful bedding. Naira hugs her and says your good time starts now, since I realized my mistake, I was restless to make things fine, I would have deleted all memories if I could, I was always scared of police, after Chandu’s incident, I felt I was big fool and understood you, we will not waste any moment now, we will relive all moments.

Akshara says we made such tent in your childhood, when Naitik went for office trip. Naira says we will talk like last time. Yeh panchi……plays………… Akshara and Naira see some old pics and smile. They hug. Gayu cries seeing them and goes. Akshara says we will always be united now. Naira hugs her.

Naksh says you are hurt, I will call doctor. The goons come there and beat up Naksh.

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