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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik telling Naira that he has come to help the people who would suffer seeing her dance. She asks him to get lost. He asks from where will you make me leave, I can come anywhere, no one can stop me. She says you say anything without any meaning. He says I came to cheer you up. She argues. Naksh comes and asks Kartik when did he come. Naira goes. Kartik says I just came, Gayu’s second round get delayed, aunty sent me to delay Naira’s event, aunty is feeling bad as she is not able to attend both events. Naksh says Maa messaged me, whats your plan. Kartik says I have to plan, she took my promise to not do anything wrong, I m thinking what right thing to do.

Chandu runs from police and enters the dance event hall saying Naira and aunty can save me. Police

looks for him. Chandu asks Naira to save him, he did not do any theft, he does not want to go to jail. She cries and recalls her childhood. Chandu asks her to do something.

Kartik sees list of contestants and Naira’s name first in the list. Akshara calls him and asks when will event start. Kartik says there is still time, don’t worry. She asks sure. He says yes, trust me, you manage there, I will see here. He ends call and says I have to do something. He asks man can this contestants’ order change. The man says list is made, now nothing can happen. Kartik says I fell in problem by promising Akshara. He asks Lord to help him. He steps over wires and lights go. Kartik says I did not do this intentionally and did not break promise, work is done, great. He goes. Gayu shows her designs in the second round. Everyone smile. Naira asks Chandu to hide there. She sees police and gets shocked.

Inspector asks about Chandu. Naksh and Kartik look on. Inspector says Chandu did big robbery, if you have seen him, tell us. She says I know Chandu, he is innocent. He says don’t explain us our work, tell us where is he hiding. She asks will you not beat him. He says why will we beat everyone, why does innocent person hide and not give proof of innocence, if anyone runs like this, what will we think. She recalls her time. Naksh asks Naira to tell them about Chandu. Naira says if you are saying true, I will get him to you. Chandu hears her and says you did not do this right. Naira says don’t beat him. Inspector says we will not leave him if he is wrong. She recalls Akshara’s words and says I will get him to you.

Akshara hugs Gayu and says you presented your collection well, you will get many orders, I stayed here for you, why are you not happy, are you sad for pearls breaking, its fine, judges will understand and get glad that you managed well in young age, I m saying true, I have to leave now, Naira’s performance is going to start, I will come back, its good if result is not announced till then, whatever the result, you are winner, I m proud of you. Rama says I will stay with Gayu. They all leave. Gayu cries.

Naira gets Chandu out. He calls her cheater. She says I did not cheat you, I helped you, I spoke to them, if you did not do anything, why are you hiding. He says I heard you telling them I m here, why did you tell them, you are very bad. She says try to understand me, they will not punish you, just answer them truly. Chandu says you did not do this right. Police takes him. Naira is called for performance. Naksh asks Naira to come, don’t worry, I will talk to police, please come fast, focus on performance. Kartik waits for Akshara and calls her. He wishes Akshara comes fast, I won’t let my promise break.

Naksh asks Naira to focus on dance. Naira cries. Naksh asks her to make mum and dad proud of her. He wishes her all the best. She recalls Chandu’s words and her mistake in childhood. Akshara comes there and says don’t misunderstand me, I did not do like you are thinking, I m your mum, how can I think bad for you, I love you a lot. She cries and apologizes. Naira imagines her and cries.
Everyone clap for Naira. Naira looks for Akshara. Akshara comes and wishes her all the best. Kartik thanks Lord. Naira wants to go to Akshara and music starts. Naksh asks her to start. Everyone ask her to dance. Akshara says why is Naira not dancing and prays.

The man says we are sorry, our system got corrupt, and CD is not playing. Naksh says thank God CD got stuck, else Naira would have disqualified. The man asks for other CD. Kartik says we can play online. The man says that’s not allowed, sorry technology can fail anyone. Akshara tells Naira to be ready, I will sing with musicians. Naira prays that she succeeds to fulfill Papa’s dreams, and thanks Akshara.

Naira starts dancing. Akshara sings Sur ke ghungroo bandh payr me aaj shaam mai Nachungi………… Everyone smile and clap. Akshara cries seeing Naira. Naira ends her performance and cries. Everyone clap for them.

Naira tells Akshara that she was wrong and misunderstood her. She apologizes and hugs Akshara. Naksh and Kartik look on and get emotional.

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