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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Akshara massaging Naira’s legs while Naira is sleeping. She calls Naira strong and says you will fulfill Naitik’s dreams. Gayu goes to Akshara to tell her about exhibition and sees her with Naira. She gets sad. She gets Kartik’s message and smiles reading his wishes. Rajsshri tells Kartik that Nannu is just sleeping since morning, Shaurya is not here to check him, his room is locked. Kartik says I will see and goes via window.


He asks Nannu to wake up and opens the door. They all ask Nannu to wake up and sprinkle water on him. Nannu gets up. Rajshri asks what happened, shall we call doctor, are you fine. Nannu says no, I m fine. Vishwamber asks why did he sleep much. Nannu says I have such sleeping habit, sorry to trouble. Rajshri asks him to say, if he lying, is he hiding about his health. Nannu says no, don’t worry. Kartik gets thinking.

Naira thanks Devyaani for balm. Devyaani says but…. Akshara signs her. Devyaani understands Akshara took care of Naira. Guru Maa comes and Naira greets her. Akshara says Mum does not do anything to show, mum’s heart cares for child, I will do a lot for Naira. Naira dances. Akshara says there is no one imp to me than Naira, her victory is imp. Gayu hears her and leaves. Akshara says I will see Gayu, her exhibition event is close, she is not telling me, but I m mum, I will see her.

Kartik tells everyone that exercise is good for body. He asks Nannu to catch the ball. The family plays. Nannu gets tired very soon and sits. They all ask Nannu what happened, is he fine. Nannu says I m fine. Kartik looks at him. Akshara asks Gayu about her work and gives her milk. Gayu shoes her designs. Akshara likes the designs.

Naira argues with Guru maa and Akshara goes there. Guru Maa says Naira is misbehaving, she is refusing for song I m asking her to practice. Naira says I will dance on the song which I like. Guru Maa says its your talent test. Naira asks her to trust her choice. Guru Maa says I can’t take risk, once time passes, I can’t regret. Akshara asks Naira whats her problem to listen to Guru Maa. Naira says you always do what you want, this time I will do what I want. She argues with Akshara and Guru Maa. Guru Maa says I did mistake to teach her, its enough, I can’t teach her.

Jasmeet talks to Rajshri. Rajshri says everyone is happy seeing Nannu, does she stay ill, what happened to him, he looks weak, he got tired soon. Jasmeet says I told Anshu to take Nannu to hospital, Anshu did not listen, I knew you all will take care of Nannu. Rajshri says I will take care of him, but I m annoyed that you did not take care of him, see how I change him. Jasmeet thanks her.

Akshara asks Naira to stop Guru Maa, don’t do this foolishness, you need a Guru. Naira calls out Guru Maa and says our relation of teacher and student was till here, I learnt a lot from you, thanks, you know my talent, but I know myself, I can’t perform well, if I m not happy from heart, sorry. Guru Maa leaves. Naira asks everyone not to worry, I said whats true, there is no ego in this, and about my dance, I will give my best. She goes. Akshara says what shall I do, I trust Naira, she is right, but I m worried. They hear music and Naira practicing in room.

Rajshri calls Akshara. Akshara says no, I can’t come. Rajshri says fine, Nannu is not leaving today, take care of Naira. Kartik hears this and thinks Naira is stubborn, she will do what she decided. Gayu sees Akshara’s focus distracted and asks what happened.

Kartik calls Naira and jokes. She asks him why did he call. He asks her to practice less, else house will break. She jokes and says I won’t attack on frog. He smiles. She ends call. Naira practices a lot and faints. Akshara hears ghunghroo sound and tells Gayu that she will just come. She runs to see Naira. She sees Naira fallen on ground and shouts Naira.

Doctor checks Naira and says she needs rest, she can’t dance or put pressure on her feet. Naira asks him to give her medicines, she has to dance, its imp. He says sorry. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa say its not a joke. Doctor leaves. Akshara says health is more imp than exam. Naira says I have to fulfill Papa’s dream. Akshara says even Naitik will say the same. Naira argues. She says I will get this chance after one year, don’t stop me, let me give this exam. Akshara cries.

Kartik asks Nannu why did he keep food there. Nannu says I had much food, Rajshri would have felt bad, don’t tell her. Kartik sees some marks on Nannu’s hand and wonders whats that. Nannu goes.

Naira dances. Naksh looks on. Akshara asks him to give ghungroo to Naira, this is light weight, you try, else she will get unwell. Naksh says I will try, but she is your daughter, determined, you did a lot for us, Naira is also like you.

Gayu tells Akshara that judge is coming soon. Bhabhimaa says how will we attend two functions at same time.

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