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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Gayu thinking my pic is not in collage. Naira asks Mishti about Kartik. Mishti says I don’t know. Naira says he is ill and so careless, I m not in tension, he is mad and can do anything, its his life, I don’t care for him. Rama asks Gayu not to get sad, I told you that blood relations…….. Gayu says don’t say this, Naira came after many years, she has more right. Rama asks what about your gift, see this gift, this does not have diamond like Naira’s gift. Gayu says maybe it fell down. Rama says why did they get careless for you, you are not needed here now. Gayu says I don’t want to talk. Rama says very soon, you will know I m not saying wrong.


Bhabhimaa asks about Kartik. Rajshri says he went to meet a friend. Gayu thinks where did he go, his phone is off. Naira lights diya. Naksh says Naira is doing Akshara’s work. Naira says yes, she called, Gayu managed everything so well.

Naksh says Gayu can get married and go, you learn all this, did you talk to Chandu. She says no, we have to get him out. He says I m trying, I hope he does not have complaint with you like you had with mum. She says we used to fight a lot before. They talk about Naitik and Akshara and miss them. Naira says its my mistake, I have given sorrow to everyone, when will we be together. He says very soon and lights diya. He hugs her. Gayu comes there and sees them. She goes.

Naksh talks to inspector to free Chandu, he is not culprit. inspector says its not proved, we did not get any info, if we leave him, the goons can do anything to him, he is not safe outside, we want to know details. Naksh wishes Chandu gets freed soon, else he will misunderstand Naira. Naira talks to Akshara and gets Kartik’s call in waiting. She asks Akshara to come soon. She says I miss you, love you, you may have to talk to Papa and ends call. She talks to Kartik. He says I was busy. She says you got scared that girls can tie rakhi to you, you got hidden.

He says no. She asks why did you call. He says Ananya is upset and Ranveer is busy is office and not able to be with her on her birthday. She says all offices keep men away from family. He says think to do something. He tells her to go on picnic to some nearby resort. She says how can we think alike, I was thinking same, you are getting affected by me. He says you are clever, it was my idea. She says I got idea first, fine take credit. She ends call and says he is so clever, I will apply this idea.

Ananya cuts the cake and feeds everyone. She looks upset. Everyone ask her not to be upset if Ranveer is not here. She says no, even Akshara and Yash are not here, we used to celebrate birthday in childhood well. Naira says we will go on picnic. Vishwamber likes Naira’s idea. Kartik coughs. Naira thanks him. Kartik thinks I will be bored at home, its okay, its their family time. Ananya asks him to come, you gave idea to Naira and not coming, do you have other plans. He smiles. Naira jokes that they will get discount if Kartik comes along. Naksh asks Kartik to come and enjoy with them. Kartik says I will my things and come. Gayu gets glad. Kartik thanks Lord.

Vivaan comes there and greets them. Gayu hugs him and asks you here. Vivaan says Rama told me to go with you. Naira thinks to do something soon.

Naira sees the black jeep and recalls Rishikesh’s moments with Kartik. Kartik smiles. Vivaan says weather is bad, I think car is better. Kartik says jeep is best to enjoy picnic. Naira asks Vivaan to come with elders. Varsha says but we have some work. Vivaan says we will come in jeep. Kartik asks Naira what will she do, arm wrestling or toss. She says I won’t like making you loss in arm wrestling, toss it. He makes her win. She says I drive really fast, will you get scared, what did you say, why did you make me win. He asks can’t I do this for you, we are Jai and Veeru, Jai used to do cheating to make Veeru win. She smiles seeing him. They all leave in the jeep.

Chandu sees them and says they are all enjoying by sending me to jail, Naira did not do this right. Bau ji tells Bhabhimaa and Devyaani that Chandu has run away from jail, we tried and could not free him, Chandu lost hope that he can get free so he took this step. Devyaani says maybe he went Rishikesh. Bau ji says I will call Negi and ask. Bhabhimaa says we can ask Naira. He says Akshara said Naira will get worried. Devyaani says they will come back tomorrow.

Kartik smiles seeing Naira, and Gayu smiles seeing Kartik. She thinks to tell Vivaan first. Vivaan thinks to express feelings to Gayu. Naksh and Kartik compliment Naira for her driving. Gayu says its pleasant weather. Vivaan says yes, its very romantic. Naksh says if Papa and Maa were here, it would be fun. Mishti says Kartik would be glad to be with Naira, work hard and don’t leave everything on Lord. Kartik agrees. He looks at Naira and smiles.

Kartik imagines Naira and his romantic moment. Sab tera…………plays………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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