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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naira telling everyone to give ideas to celebrate independence day. She says Naitik and Akshara are not here, but want us to celebrate. Everyone give ideas. Rama asks Naira to invite Vivaan too. Naira agrees. Rama asks Gayu to call Vivaan. Kartik tells how he used to celebrate in school and his mumma used to…. He says sorry, I have work. Naksh says we will let you go after we celebrate independence day. Rama asks Naira not to give any work to Gayu. Naira asks why. Rama says we have to go out. Naira says we won’t enjoy without Gayu. Rama says Gayu managed everything for many years without you, now its your turn. Naira says I know why you are saying this. Rama asks her to be like kid, I have experience, we have to give them time. She goes. Naira says this is

not happening right, mumma come back soon and manage all this.

Varsha tries talking to Nannu, you were not like this before, I love you a lot, I will stand by you if you have any problem, but I will go against you if you are wrong. She goes. Rama asks Gayu to Vivaan out for sight seeing. Gayu sees Kartik. Rama says he is your good friend, you should give him time. Naira asks Gayu to go, we will manage work. Rama says drop me to market, come. Karishma helps Naira in work and they laugh talking about Rama. Karishma says Rama sent Gayu out, I don’t understand why is she hurrying, does she think Vivaan and Gayu like each other. Naira says I don’t think she likes Vivaan, she gets ready for someone, she likes someone, I mean she may like someone, I can’t share her secret, promise me even if Rama gets adamant, Gayu won’t marry if she is not happy.

Karishma says you have grown up. Naira asks her not to get senti, I will not go anywhere. Karishma says one day, you will hold a guy’s hand and tell Akshara that you will marry him. Naira says never, we will see. Gayu and Vivaan are on the way. Vivaan asks Gayu why is she upset. Gayu says nothing, I like to stay with you, I…. He looks at her and asks what. A bike rider comes infront of their car. He gets shocked and changes direction. He says we got saved, else it would have been an accident. she says its fine.

Nannu starts sweating. Varsha sees him. He smiles and rushes to his room. Varsha says wait, I need something from your cupboard. He waits for her to go. He asks what are you finding, tell me, I will give you. She says no, I m doing what I find right. He asks shall I call Rajshri. She says I will not leave you alone, mothers hear a lot for children, I will do my duty well.

Mishti says wrong lines. Kartik reminds her lines. Naira gives Kartik the script and rehearses with it. She coughs and he gives her water. They both start arguing. Gayu comes home and sees them. Bhabhimaa says they started arguing alone. Naira asks Gayu how was her day. Gayu says nothing special, I have headache, I will rest. Bhabhimaa asks her to rest, I will send coffee.

Rajshri tells elders about independence day event. Vishwamber says I can’t do anything in this age. Rajshri says you are accepting you got old. Vishwamber says you guys decide, I will do. Nannu asks what are you all thinking. Shaurya says about independence day. Nannu gives them idea. Everyone gets impressed by Nannu. Varsha says Nannu should show his smartness in other things.

Naira goes to Kartik and asks are you fine, I can see you are having pain, I will wake up Naksh. He says no, its small wound. She holds his hand and says lets play a game, think if you were Naira and I m Kartik. He asks whats this game, I won’t play. She asks him to imagine. Kartik imagines himself as Naira and Naira as him. Naira says I was Kartik, I would have respected girls. Kartik asks don’t I talk to girls with respect, you don’t know what would I do if I was Naira.

Kartik does girly things. Kartik and Naira argue. He says I have headache, thanks to you. She asks him to play game. Naira reminds him how he used to talk, he is still ill mannered. He asks what, was I such, and you… She asks am I so irritating. He says yes, more than that, anyways we both are irritating. Naira says yes, we are fine like this. He agrees and they end game. He says it was funny game and….. He looks at his hand and says my pain went, you played this game to divert my mind. She says you are not so foolish, go and sleep. She goes. He says shayari and smiles.

Naira fixes flag badge to Kartik’s shirt. He gets hurt by the pin. She says sorry. He jokes on her sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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