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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rama trying to explain Akshara. Akshara tells her not to hurry up. Rama says you are Gayu’s mami, not Maa. Akshara gets shocked and thinks I won’t let this happen, it could be wrong for Gayu. Naira praises Vivaan and Kartik gets jealous. He looks at Vivaan and Gayu smiles thinking Kartik is seeing her. Vivaan tells Gayu that they are good friends, what if they want to take friendship to next level. Gayu gets shocked. Vivaan says I m sure you would have seen such cases, the couples who were best friends and then got married, I m not saying anything unusual, what do you think. Gayu says I knew this, I was waiting for you to say this, I did not know when will you say, you took much time, you did not propose Esha. Akshara looks on. Gayu says you felt I did not


know. Vivaan signs no. Gayu says you are mature and made big business empire, whats the problem now, but how did you say this. He says you are mistaken, I m not saying that. Gayu says I wish you both stay happy, I m annoyed, I will take revenge, I will also not say my secret, I will say later. She goes. Akshara says Gayu could not understand him, it means Gayu has no feelings for Vivaan.

Vivaan says Gayu did not understand what I wanted to explain and left. Naira hears them and says even I understood what Vivaan meant, how did Gayu not understand, I have to do something, mumma looks worried, I have to talk to Rama now.

Varsha asks Nannu to share things. Nannu says there is nothing to worry. She says I feel you are lying, tell me who are your friends, how did you get cash. Nannu calls Rajshri and Dadi, and say everyone is after me, why do they spy, do I have privacy or not. Dadi says we worry for you. He reacts angrily and scolds Varsha. He says I will leave from there. Rajshri says I promise we will not ask you anything. He goes.

Vivaan tells Rama that I gave many hints to Gayu, she did not understand, I don’t think she likes me. Rama says you are her best friend maybe she did not think of this. He says I m confused. Rama asks him to have patience, I will talk to Gayu. He says fine, I will leave now. He goes. Naira says I know I should not talk in between, Gayu is not ready for this, mumma also wanted to say same. Rama says Gayu will understand this gradually. Naira thinks Rama has put Gayu in problem, I can’t trouble mumma, I will try again.

Rajshri tells Varsha that Nannu can leave home angrily, what will Jasmeet and Sunaina think. Varsha says I m also worried for Nannu, I asked about cash. Rajshri says Nannu grew abroad, they are independent, so Nannu got habitual, I don’t want to regret later. Varsha says I m also scared of same thing. Naksh tells about Akshara’s sign needed, she has to go. Bau ji says I will send manager with her, and manage office. Bhabhimaa says I will scold Naitik, he is making Akshara work. Bau ji says I will get arrangements done. Gayu and Naira come and hear them. Naira gets sad. Bhabhimaa says we are here with you. Naksh says mumma will come in some days. Kartik looks on.

Naira waits for Akshara’s call. Kartik gets some call and says yes Sir, I m coming. He gets up and feels dizzy. Naira worries for him. Naksh asks are you fine. Kartik says I got dizzy. Naira asks how will you go office now. Gayu asks are you going office. Bhabhimaa asks him to take rest. Kartik says I have to meet clients. Bau ji says anyone else will go, take rest. Naksh says I will attend meeting, we can arrange conference call for you, don’t do anywhere. Mishti says even Kartik did not wish to do anywhere. Naira misses Akshara. Bhabhimaa hugs her and says Akshara will come in 2days.

Naksh tells Bhabhimaa how much Naira used to trouble Akshara. Naira hugs him and says I will always trouble you.

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