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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naksh getting frustrated and talking on phone. Akshara asks him to arrange something for Vivaan. He goes. Karishma and Akshara talk that Naksh is not able to trust anyone now. Akshara says he will not believe girls after Riya cheated him. Varsha cleans Nannu’s room. She sees money bundles in drawer. Nannu comes and she asks him about money. He says my card was not working, so I thought to get cash, I may need. She says we are there to give you money. He says I did not wish to trouble you, I promise I will take money from you next time. She says fine, drink coffee, I will setup room. He says no, I m not small kid, I will clean my room, you do. Varsha goes and talks to Rajshri about Nannu’s strange behavior. Rajshri says I will talk to him, what happened now.


Vishwamber calls Rajshri and she goes.

Mishti tells Kartik that your haircut is looking cool. Doctor checks Kartik. Kartik says I got fine. Naira says you are scared of small injection. Kartik says no, I mean I have allergy from injection. Doctor says injection will relieve you. Kartik says give me medicine. Naksh says you are behaving like Mishti. Kartik holds Gayu’s hand when doctor gives him injection. Gayu smiles. Naira says its done. Doctor says you have to rest all day, you got wounded and then that drugs, you should rest. Akshara says we will make him rest well. Kartik says let me go, I will go home and rest. Akshara asks why, I will go home. Kartik says it won’t look good. Elders ask him to rest. Gayu thinks how many proof I want, Kartik held my hand infront of everyone by excuse, now I should tell him my feelings.

Vivaan walks in and surprises Gayu. Gayu gets glad and asks how did you come. Vivaan says Rama called me with love. Gayu says that’s why Rama was cooking since morning. Vivaan greets everyone. Rama introduces Naira and Kartik. Vivaan asks family secret, the ladies are very beautiful here. They all smile. Rama asks Gayu to go and talk to Vivaan. Rama sees Akshara. Naira says Gayu forgot her phone. Rama says give that to me.

Gayu makes fun of Vivaan. He congrats for getting prize in jewelry exhibition. She says Akshara gets the credit. He asks what about my credit, it means you forgot I have advises you, what about my free counseling, times are bad. She says sorry and holds ears. She says I mean credit goes to you and Akshara. He says enough, thanks, I have to tell something. They laugh.

She asks him to say. He says we know each other since long, tell me am I your best friend. She says yes. He says I have many close friends, you know you have a special place, I want to say…. He gets a call and goes. Gayu thinks to tell about Kartik, I m sure Vivaan will help me.

Nannu tells his friend that he is coming, I know everything. Varsha hears him and asks what were you saying, don’t lie. Nannu lies again and leaves. Varsha says he was lying to me, but why, what is he hiding from us, there is something.

Akshara asks Rama did Vivaan not come as friend this time. Rama says yes, Vivaan came to talk about marriage, they are good friends and they will have good future. Akshara says Gayu is young, we should wait for some years. Rama says Gayu is not 16 year old, she has everything and does not need to work. Akshara says wrong happened with Naksh, try to understand, I know Gayu, I don’t think Gayu thinks so about Vivaan. Rama says your focus got divided now, maybe you did not see, I have much work now, we will talk later .

Rajshri and Dadi talk to Jasmeet about Nannu, he is behaving strange. Jasmeet says I know, I scolded him once and he left home. Varsha says he will not listen to us, if you come here, we can solve this matter. Jasmeet says I will talk to Anshu and tell you.

Naira gives orange juice to Kartik. He teases her and asks for food, medicines and other juice. Mishti calls him smart. Naira hears them and says they are teasing me, now I will show them. She troubles him and makes him apologize. They both argue. Gayu and Vivaan come inside and say it was raining. Rama asks Vivaan to come and have food. She signs him. He nods. Akshara looks on.

Akshara says I can’t let this go ahead without asking Gayu. Rama says you are not Gayu’s mum. Akshara gets hurt.

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