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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naksh dropping the girl to the hotel and saying you will be safe here. He asks her to take care and call him when she wants to go to station, he will come and drop her. She asks him to drop her to room and says he is indeed a nice guy. He drops her to room and says I will leave. She falls and screams. Naksh rushes to her and helps. He says I will call doctor. The goons come there and break his phone. Naksh stops them and gets beaten up. Naksh gets a stick and beats them. The goons run away. The girl cries and hugs Naksh. He asks her not to cry, he will call Akshara and tell her that he will get late. A man gives him an envelop. Naksh gets his pic with the girl, in the hotel room. He reads a note to think before doing anything. He says I won’t get scared and


calls home. Naira attends call and says I won’t let you talk to Akshara. Naksh says I need to talk something imp. Akshara tells him that she will talk to him once he comes home. Naksh says fine, I will get late today, I have work at Krishna. Naksh ends call and says whom should I call, I miss Papa. Naira says I m missing Papa, I wish he was with us, sorry he got annoyed with you because of me. Akshara says our relation went through ups and downs, but it did not break, its fine. Naira says I love you and hugs her. Rama asks Gayu to sleep, Akshara won’t come today, I know Akshara is happy to get Naira, but how can she forget you, this was imp day for you too. Gayu says she did not forget me, its special day for Akshara, our happiness is same. Rama says I feel bad for you, but I m glad that you are so understanding, I m proud of you, go and sleep. Rama leaves. Gayu says I forgot Akshara gave love to me and I m doubting on her love now, I m not doing right.

Naksh hides pics seeing the girl. He asks why did you come here. She says I was scared, is your mum coming. He says no, she is busy. She asks him to go home, don’t make me feel guilty, you did a lot for me, please go home. She goes. Naksh says the goons wants to defame this girl, I can’t leave this girl, she needs my help, I won’t go.

Its morning, Gayu sees Akshara and Naira sleeping. She keeps her gift beside Akshara. She thinks she could not give this yesterday, thanks so much for everything. She goes. Naira moves pillow and gift gets under it. Akshara wakes up and thinks she got late. She smiles seeing Naira and says my dream got true. She goes and does not see Gayu’s gift.

Kartik says dance competition also ended, there is no excuse to go there. Nannu comes and greets everyone. Dadi and Rajshri ask is he fine. Nannu says yes, give me anything to eat, I m very hungry. Kartik observes him. Varsha says why is he eating like this. Rajshri says let him eat. Kartik checks symptoms of drug addicts, and thinks whom should I say, I have to tell them before anything big happens.

Gayu sees Akshara not wearing her pendant and gets sad. Naira comes wearing that pendant. Naksh comes. Akshara asks what did he wanted to talk. Bau ji says I called you after shutting the door, whats the matter. Naksh says I was in Krishna, my phone fell and broke, its fine, I had to change my old phone, I m hungry, give me some food. Bhabhimaa feels the family looks complete, and misses Naitik and Naman. Naira says I m missing Papa, we can go to him and give him surprise. Gayu says it will be fun. Naira says mumma, Papa, Naksh and me, it will be family vacation. Gayu gets sad. Naira gets Naitik’s call and talks to him. Rama holds Gayu’s hand. Akshara says we all will go, I will ask Karishma if she will come, but we four will go. Naksh recalls the pics.

Nannu goes for bath. Kartik goes to Nannu’s room and checks his bag. He checks the room well. He finds some powder on the drawer. Nannu comes and asks what are you doing here. Kartik asks him to say whats this, do you take drugs, don’t fool me, answer me. Nannu scolds him. Kartik says fine, I will tell truth to everyone. Nannu says fine, I m not scared, its not drugs, its medicinal powder, see this rashes, doctor gave this antibacterial powder. Kartik checks the box.

Nannu asks him to check what he wants, just leave, else I will call everyone. Kartik says I m sorry, if your rashes is troubling, I will take you to doctor. Nannu says thanks, you can go. Kartik goes. Nannu sees drugs packet in book and says its good I got saved.

Karishma calls Naman and says Akshara and Naira have patched up, and they want to come there and surprise Naitik. He says its good, Naitik’s focus will get divided. Karishma asks what are you doing, don’t spoil things. Naman says don’t worry and ends call. Akshara catches Karishma and confronts her. She asks what is Naman doing. Karishma says don’t know, maybe accounts. Akshara scolds her and says I will tell your truth to everyone. Karishma cries and her imagination ends. She sees Akshara with Naira, and wishes Naman does not do anything wrong this time.

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