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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shagun crying and defending herself. Shagun says Anil died writing this, how shall I prove I m right, I gave birth to your daughter and raised Pihu, why will I do this, someone does not want to see me happy. Ishita asks who will do this. Shagun says Ashok has done this, he always has to take revenge and spoil my life, he tried to influence me, I refused to him and he planned this, I love everyone. Ishita says I can see the truth clearly, sorry Mani, I ruined your life. Mani says maybe Shagun is saying truth. Raman says Ishita, you can’t blame Shagun. Ishita says I can clearly see she is lying and making stories, Anil wrote this letter before dying. Romi says Shagun is saying right, this is Ashok’s handwriting. Abhishek says we will call Ashok.

They all go to police station. Ashok comes there and asks why did they call him. Abhishek says we have proof that you are behind Ishita’s kidnapping. Ashok says what rubbish. Abhishek shows the letter and says you wrote this, check your handwriting. Ashok checks.

Shagun holds his collar and asks why do you want to blame me for Ishita’s kidnapping, tell them truth, else my marriage will break, everything will get spoiled. She signs him to lie. Ashok understands and says enough, yes I wrote this letter. Ishita gets shocked. Ashok says I did not wish you get married to Mani, I wrote this letter. Ishita says Ashok is lying, he changed his statement after Shagun spoke to him, he is trying to save Shagun. Shagun asks what, why do you want to prove that I did your kidnapping.

Ishita says we all know Ashok, he supported everyone who were against Raman, he knows you are against Raman and so he is with you. Shagun says you mean I m Raman’s enemy. Ishita says you got Priyanka and blackmailed Anil about Priyanka, why did you go and meet them alone. Shagun cries and says I know I was bad wrong, I have changed, everyone thinks I m wrong, I took care of Pihu, its because of you, you taught me to become good, I was repenting, but I feel this is not my repentance, tell me how to prove I changed, I did not do this, trust me, why will I do this.

She says sorry Mani, we can’t take this relation ahead, your best friend thinks I m bad, I ruined many lives. Mani stops her. Ishita says you feel Shagun is right. Mani says I can see she is right. Ishita says she is acting. He says enough, she is my wife, I promised her, I will protect her. Ishita asks how could you. She asks Raman can’t he see truth. Raman says I trust you, but I know Ashok is a creep. She says he is lying. Raman says Anil would have told us truth, instead writing letter, you are breaking Shagun’s heart on marriage day. She says I m sure that Shagun is wrong. He says enough of your drama, you don’t have right to break Shagun’s heart. He apologizes to Abhishek and says my wife had misunderstanding. Ashok smiles and thinks great job Shagun, her tears have melted Mani.

Raman says we should now go to do rituals. Shagun says I know I should go to Mani’s house, but I want to meet Pihu once, she did not come in marriage, can I come home. Raman says you don’t need to ask us, we all trust you. They all leave. Ishita thinks why did Shagun do this, why did Shagun play with Pihu’s heart. She cries.

Romi gets a call and asks Mrs. Bhalla to go home, he will come later. Mihika looks on and thinks I m sure its that girl’s call. Abhishek asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita says no, Shagun cheated us, I can see she is lying, my family is not able to see, I know Ashok did not do this, Shagun did this. He says I will help you. She says its my war, I m sad that I ruined Mani’s life, I can’t forgive myself, I won’t let Shagun win like this.

Everyone come home. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to check everything in aarti plate. Mrs. Bhalla says its all fine, and blesses her. Mrs. Bhalla does Shagun and Mani’s aarti. Mani asks why all this. Mrs. bhalla says she is my daughter and going to your house, its her right. Shagun says I want to meet Pihu.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Ishita says I know whats Shagun acting. Shagun looks for Pihu and smiles saying Pihu has gone there. She says real drama will start now, well done Pihu, I should have tension expressions and look convincing. She goes out and asks Neelu did Pihu go out, call her, I have to leave. Neelu says no, I gave her milkshake. Shagun says she did not touch milkshake, just go and find her, she does not go anywhere like this. Ishita worriedly rushes to see Pihu. She checks her room and calls out Pihu. She thinks where did Pihu go, Shagun… how many tricks will she play.

Ruhi comes and says Pihu is not at Iyer house. Shagun acts to faint and cry. Mani and everyone care for her. Ishita looks on. Adi, Ruhi and Mihika look for Pihu. Ishita asks Raman to come with her to room, she has to talk.

Raman asks Ishita what are you saying. Ishita says I m sure Shagun kidnapped Pihu, she did my kidnapping too. He asks have you lost it, Shagun managed me and family for seven years, why will she do this. Ishita asks him to check letter. He throws it and says shut up, enough, don’t forget you left us and she kept us united, she was consoling me when you were kidnapped, I have to find my daughter, enough of this nonsense. She goes.

Mihika comes and says I checked everywhere, she is nowhere. Ruhi and Adi come and say they also could not find Pihu. Shagun cries and Pihu is angry with me, where did she go. Mani says we will find her, don’t worry. Mani and Raman leave. Guard stops Raman and says listen to me, I need to tell about Pihu. Raman asks what, where is she. Guard says I saw her leaving in taxi. Raman asks why did you not tell this before, find out about taxi. He asks Mani to call cab offices and find out.

Aaliya tells Mani that Pihu has come to his house. Mani tells this to everyone. Shagun says thank God she is fine. Ishita says did anyone send her, else how can she go there by cab alone.

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